57 Moon Wall Art Pieces

Moon Phase Wall Stickers

Invoke a feeling of nostalgia with these moon phase wall stickers. These are the perfect complement to all moon lovers, has an irresistible charm for moon lovers. Also, these make for a great conversation piece and add some much-needed aesthetic beauty to any space.

Moon Phase Tapestry

This moon phase tapestry from BohoMinerals makes for a great conversation piece when you need to add some color into a room that is all white or black. Choose between classic black and holy white, and they even offer it as an instant download which means no waiting for the print to be shipped!

Moon and Star Prints

This set of prints includes five different sizes, all featuring a mountain landscape with the stars in the night sky. The prints are made from polyester, which is environment-protect, fadeless and light weight. It’s super soft and durable.

Moon and Star Prints

This set of five black and white fresco painting prints is made from high-quality, durable polyester. They are lightweight, so they won’t damage your walls when you remove them from the frame. This set of moon star wall art prints makes a great gift for anyone who loves astronomy or just needs a little extra light in their life!

Scandinavian Moon Phase Mirror Set

The five pieces Scandinavian moon phase mirror set is a great way to add some personality and charm to your home decor. These mirrors are made of wood, not fragile like regular mirrors, and they have an elegant bohemian look that is sure to impress!

Moon Phase Shelf

This beautiful moon phase shelf is made from the highest quality pine wood and measures 14 inches by 14 inches. It has 7 classification spaces to meet different types of items you want to display, including essential oils and crystals.

Watercolor Moon Phase Wall Art

This is just a canvas print without the frame, you can use the frame to fixed it, or you can directly use double-sided tape to stick it on the wall. Although it is made of waterproof and moisture-proof material, do not wash it directly with water. For daily cleaning, you can gently wipe it with a towel.

Frameless Wall Art

This framed art is a beautiful representation of the moon in all its phases. Also, it’s a great conversation piece and will be admired by everyone who sees it. The glass is ultra-white, frameless, and free-floating for easy installation.

Moon Phases Wall Decor

This moon phases wall art set of three is a beautiful and elegant way to decorate your home. It’s also a really unique gift idea that can add some artistic flair to a room!

Copper Sun and Moon Wall Art

This beautiful wall art piece is made of copper, has a rustic look, and the sun and moon are separate pieces that can be hung individually or together. You could hang it as indoor decor or outdoors if you had someplace to place it on your patio.

Wall Hanging for a Boho Baby Nursery

This boho wall hanging is made of 100% pure cotton cord, without artificial ingredients or chemicals. The moon design is printed using eco-friendly water-based inks and the macrame knot pattern adds an artistic touch while still being simple enough for anyone to make.

Commuter Beer Mug Set

These canvas prints make the perfect gift for that beer enthusiast in your life! Choose from several sizes so they can have a piece of wall art that fits their space and personality.

Moon Shelf

A cat shelf is a great addition to the home of any feline lover. This one features a carved wooden cat design that’s as beautiful as it is unique. The shelves are made from pine plywood, and there are two hooks for displaying crystals or essential oils above the shelves.

Moon and Stars Wall Art

This set of wall art features a moon, stars, and ocean scene. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, making it ready to hang on your wall once it arrives at your home.

Moon Phase Wall Art

If you’re a moon, or a night person, then this moon phase wall art is the perfect gift for you! Moon phases are an astronomical phenomenon that happen because of the rotation of the earth. This allows us to view different aspects of our natural satellite as it passes in front of the sun and its surrounding celestial bodies.

Ocean Waves Wall Art

This set of ocean waves canvas prints makes a great gift for anyone who loves the beach or surfing. The five pieces are all different sizes so you can mix and match to fit any wall space. They come ready to hang with black hooks already attached.

Abstract Wall Art

“You are the universe unfolding before you.” These inspiring words by poet Walt Whitman express the truth that we are everything that has ever happened to us – good and bad, happy and sad, beautiful and ugly. This canvas print set of four panels is a great way to remind yourself of this fact every day. The phrase ‘you are the universe unfolding’ is written on each panel in white text against a black background, accompanied by beautiful blue starsbursting out of the cosmos. Artistically applied gold foil accents add extra pizzazz to these already meaningful words!

Moon Phases Wall Art

This is a moon phase wall art that displays the various phases of the moon as they occur over the course of a month. The four panels show each phase in black and white, so you can easily identify which one you are looking at. Since these are all hand-painted, no two are ever alike, making it one of the more unique items on this list!

Mountain Moon Phase Wall Art

This abstract moon phase artwork will look great in any space. It’s a perfect way to usher in the New Year! This print is a high-quality reproduction of an original oil painting that hangs on the wall of Phases Of The Moon studio, located in Park City, Utah.

Moon Phase Metal Art Decor

This metal moon phase hanging decor is a space-age modern twist on the traditional full moon. This piece is sure to add the perfect amount of boho glamour to any wall – or doorway, for that matter!

Space Wall Art

This set of space wall art prints will look great in your man cave or anywhere else you’d like to put them! The images are printed on canvas and the frame is black.

Moonlight-1907 Wall Art

This piece is sure to be a favorite in your home. High quality ink and professional grade canvas ensure that you will be impressed by the final product.

Moon Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful piece of wall art will look great in any space. The artwork is printed on canvas, then stretched over a wooden frame. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed to have it installed. It’s ready to hang once it arrives at your house!

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This moon phase wall hanging makes the perfect addition to any space that needs a little extra light. The piece is made from metal and paper, inspired by the changing phases of the moon. Also, it comes with two hooks and expansion tubes, so you can easily install it on any wall or hanger into place.

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This handmade hammered gold metal 7 moons 34″ banner is a beautiful representation of the moon’s cycle and makes for an excellent addition to any space. Easy home decor to hang as wall art or in any space with nails, pins, or hooks (hardware not included). Great gift for a modern boho lover or adding magic to your own living space.

Magical Winter Reflection Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful print makes the perfect addition to any room of your home or office. It is a unique way to bring holiday cheer into your space all year long! This wall art offers vibrant colors, which are sure to add some life and character to your walls!

Watercolor Prints

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, consider one of these beautiful watercolor prints. The 16 x 24-inch canvas print comes unframed and is ready to hang with nails or wall hooks (both included).

Moon Phase Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift that will be used every day, this moon phase wall art is it! Made of environmentally friendly inks on canvas, the print measures 40x60 centimeters (16x24 inches) and comes ready to hang.

Tarot Card Tapestry

The symbolism of the tarot card tapestries is very rich. The illustrations on these are so detailed and beautiful that they could be used as wall art in a living room or bedroom, but their true power lies within the meditation and reflection that they prompt. This is especially true for those who have an affinity with or use the tarot cards. If you’re looking for unique gifts for women, then this may be one of the best she gets!

Fantasy Artwork Wall Art

Make your home stand out from the crowd with this amazing canvas print artwork. This modern giclee canvas print is made to last, and it’s perfect for adding a splash of color to any room of your house! It makes a great gift idea that will be used everyday, so buy now before they sell out!

Blue Moon Wall Art

This canvas wall art is sure to impress your guests, and it’s also very easy on the eyes. The modern blue moon landscape painting makes a great gift for that special mother in your life who loves coastal scenery!

Abstract Moon Wall Art Prints

These are one-of-a-kind high quality handcrafted original abstract moon paintings created by graphic artist Susan Shafer using nothing but brushes and color pencils! They make wonderful modern pieces of artwork that can be used as a feature piece or applied as decals to mirrors or glass doors.

Abstract Canvas Prints

Stretched and framed canvas art prints ready to hang for home decorations. Each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging out of the box. Authentic Wieco Art home art are packed in carton box with Wieco Art logo printed on each box. A perfect wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar etc.. Due to different brand of monitors, actual wall art colors may be slightly different from the product image.[‘High-Definition modern giclee canvas print artwork picture photo printed on high quality canvas. A great gift idea for your relatives and friends’; ‘Stretched and Framed canvas art prints ready to hang for home decorations wall decor. Each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging out of the box’; ‘Canvas prints set size: 12x16inchx4pcs (30×40cm). Real oil painting is not stretched when printing so you can't see any wrinkle or crack after unframing it', 'Authentic Wieco Art home oil paintings are packed in protective packing material with delicate care to protect original texture and color., 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting With Quality Guarantee - The most realistic HD oil painting created by professional artist using only authentic pigments & oils., Premium Quality Canvas - All our high-definition modern giclee canvases use top grade materials(100% cotton) which creates a smooth velvety surface without cracking or peeling off even after years . High-quality non-w

Moon Phase Wall Art

This moon phase wall art is a beautiful and subtle way to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. This unique item makes the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or just because.

Moon Phase Wall Decorations

This set of wall decor consists of four moon phase acrylic mirror stickers and one round wooden plaque. Add a touch of the lunar cycle wherever you want with this unique decorative item. These mirrors are not like ordinary mirrors, they won’t shatter easily! Bright and spacious? They can easily reflect the surrounding light and make your home feel brighter and more spacious. You can also make the satellite both outward and inward by switching the order around the crescent moon.

Haus and Hues Moon Phases Prints

This set of five prints displays the progression of the moon through five different phases. The large, dark spots and greyish moonshine light are emphasized by the solar white background. Add some space art to your home decor with these lovely pieces!

Black and White Moon Phase Wall Art

This high-quality canvas print makes a great addition to your home décor. The artwork shows the phases of the moon as seen from Earth, with each phase represented by a different image. This is a 20”x55” giclee print on waterproof canvas that measures 24×36 inches when unframed. It also comes with everything needed to hang it up, including nails and levelers.

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Dream Catcher

This is a beautiful dreamcatcher made out of cotton and filled with wool. The three crescent moons represent the stages of life – maiden, mother, and crone. This would make an excellent gift for someone who practices Wicca or is simply interested in the occult!

Canvas Wall Art Set

The canvas wall art set is the perfect gift for your loved one who has a passion for trees. This tree of life print makes an ideal addition to any room in the house. It’s high-quality, framed canvas will last forever and it comes with everything you need to hang it – nails and level are included!

Watercolor Moon Phases Wall Art

A set of four 8″ x 10″ unframed prints, made with high-quality laser printing. The print sets are packaged in an archival sleeve and include a thick backing board for display.

Abstract Sun and Moon Canvas Painting

This abstract canvas print depicts the sun and moon with a rainbow as an Abstract Mid-Century Modern Art Poster. The original is 21 x 29 inches, unframed, and it’s available in two sizes.

Decorative Wall Mirror

This piece is a beautiful decorative piece that also reflects the beauty of the moon. The mirror has thirteen moons etched into it, and the lunar cycle is reflected in the changing reflection of each moon. This wall decor will make a stunning addition to any room in your home!

Starry Night Wall Art

This pretty piece of wall art is a unique way to share your love for astronomy. The canvas measures 20″x48″ and each square contains an image from the Hubble Space Telescope’s archive, revealing how the stars changed over time.

Clouds and Moon Over Teal, Brown & Blue Desert Abstract Wall Art

This print is a great home decor piece to fill an empty wall in your child’s room. It makes for a nice gift idea to give your teenager their own cloudless night sky. Also, this canvas print comes with hanging hardware which you can use to easily display the art on your wall!

Moon Phase Print

This print is a great addition to any space. The black background and stars are used as embellishments. Roses surround the moon, and a few butterflies in the flowers form an vintage decor. It can be hung on every wall and is suitable for room decor, home decor,bathroom, bedroom, Living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, office, corridor or hotel.[‘MOON DECOR SIZE:12x16inch(30x40cm)', ‘MOON FLOWER ART: The black background and stars are used as embellishments. Roses surround the moon, and a few butterflies in the flowers form an vintage decor., 'BATHROOM WALL DECOR : This mysterious boho wall art is a vintage decor. It will give people a quiet hint and remind us that we should maintain a peaceful attitude towards life .If you give this beautiful color canvas art to your family members ,relatives ,friends ,elders or someone you like this would be a perfect gift.']

Celestial Wall Art

This celestial wall art will remind them that, above and beyond, the stars. It is a nice home decor gift for those who love the stars or anyone who wants to see more beauty in their lives.

Full Moon Over The Forest Art Prints

This canvas art print of a full moon shining over the trees is the perfect piece to add to your space. Hang it on a wall or use as a coffee table centerpiece. Either way, this print makes for an artistic addition to any room in your home!

Moon and Star Metal Wall Art

This celestial metal wall art is the perfect way to spruce up your space with a bit of interplanetary flair. The piece features an antique-looking metal starburst patterned against the backdrop of the night sky, with a crescent moon emerging from behind it. If you’re looking for more terrestrial decor, check out this gorgeous set of vintage postcards or these retro coasters .

Sun and Moon Wall Art

A beautiful moon and sun wall art piece that represents the cycle of life. The plaque is made from resin, measures 8″ in diameter, and comes ready for hanging with screws if desired.

Moon Phase Wall Art

The third phase is the full moon, and it represents the peak of a relationship. This piece makes a great addition to any room that needs some extra light and personality!

Moon and Stars Wall Art

This watercolor painting is created by hand-pumping ink through a stencil to create the raised moon and stars. The canvas measures 24 x 36 inches, it’s gallery-wrapped with a sturdy black frame, and arrives ready to hang.

Moon Phase Wall Art

This minimalist moon phase wall art piece is made from birch wood and has a subtle sheen to it. It’s very similar to the one pictured above, but this one includes five pieces so you can create a full set.

Moon Wall Art

A unique design by NewspaperParc, the swinging spaceman on moon wall art is a fun decorative item that gives your home more charm and interest. High-definition giclee modern canvas printing artwork, picture photo printed by fade-resistant archival inks makes this space art perfect for your home decor!

Sunset Beach Art Print

This high-resolution canvas print is an excellent addition to any home decor. It measures 12 x 16 inches and is printed on a thick, artist’s canvas. The frame is sturdy but not bulky, so it won’t take away from the beauty of the piece.

Bathroom Wall Art

This unique canvas painting is the modern way to brighten up a room while you’re relaxing in there. This high-definition material print features a vibrant color palette and soft textures that will make this piece pop on your walls!

Watercolor Moon Phase Wall Art

The moon has a powerful influence on us as spiritual bodies. The full moon offers the most profound energies that we can absorb, while the new moon is the next most powerful energy. These prints show you exactly when each phase will occur, from New to Full and back to New again.