55 Large Sunburst Wall Art Pieces

Gold Leaf Wall Art

This gold leaf wall art is a beautiful addition to your home or office. The realistic-looking resin leaves are crafted into eight different designs and will bring an elegant touch to any space.

Sunburst Wall Art

This abstract sunburst patterned resin art is a unique way to bring the outdoors in! It makes for an awesome wall decor piece and conversation starter. Whether you choose to have it above your fireplace, on your bedroom wall, or in your living room as décor this sunburst patterned art will be the talk of everyone’s mouth when they see it!

Abstract Flower Pattern Canvas Wall Art

This abstract flower pattern canvas prints is a unique piece, which makes it an ideal gift for any occasion. This simple life-themed tropical plant canvas prints are original design, and there is no difference in the product itself. Each panel size is 14x14 inches; total 4 pieces. It’s ready to hang on your wall!

Copper Sunburst Wall Art

This abstract copper wall art sculpture from Deco 79 is a great addition to any room in your home. The item comes with brown and grey iron tile pieces that make up the design, making it easy to hang on most wall types.

Sunburst Sun Wall Decor

This sunburst sun wall decor is a unique way to add color and personality to your home. The canvas measures approximately 20 inches in diameter and will make an impactful statement on your wall.

Abstract Wall Art

These minimalist poster prints have nine different designs, including nine female line art, botanical plants and landscapes. These unframed abstract painting posters are great for decorating your walls or adding a pop of color to your space! They make an excellent gift idea for that minimalist friend who has stylish taste.

Mountain Sun and Moon Art Prints

This set of four abstract sun and moon art prints will add that special touch to your space. The artistically rendered sun and moon in vibrant colors are sure to brighten up any room! Printed on premium canvas, these unframed art prints can be used indoors or out.

Rustic Sun and Moon Wall Art

This 3D metal wall sculpture makes a great decor piece for your home. The sun on one half, and the moon and stars on the other add dimension to this artful design. It measures 18 1/4″ diameter.

Sunburst Wall Art

This gorgeous wall hanging features a sunburst shape in a metallic silver color. Its bold look makes it an ideal statement piece alongside modern or contemporary decor with a geometric flair.

Metal Sunburst Wall Art

This hand-made sunburst wall art piece is great for a man cave, rec room, or bachelor pad. It features an intricate metal design that brings the outdoors in. This rust-proof wall decor can be used indoors or out and adds character to any space!

Sun and Moon Wall Art Set

This hand-painted canvas set will add a modern, boho vibe to any space. The two pieces are 11.8 x 15.7 inches, unframed, and each has a separate frame so they can be displayed individually or together if you prefer!

Sun Burst Wall Art

Add some fun to your walls with this sunburst wall art. It’s made of fabric and is sure to get everyone smiling. The vibrant colors will look great in any room!

Star Burst Wall Art

This starburst wall art has a contemporary eye-catching design. This decor features a silver finish with crystal clear acrylic accents. The starburst wall art includes hanging bracket on the back.

Seashell Wall Art

This seashell wall art is a great addition to any coastal home. The artwork includes three different shell designs and is made from real seagrass.

Star Burst Wall Art

A set of three acrylic starburst wall decor pieces that are 24 inches, 20 inches and 16 inches in diameter. The mid-century modern appeal of this design will look great in your home decor! Each star burst tip has an acrylic rhinestone-look jewel at the end for a touch of sparkle.

Sunburst Mirror

This Sunburst Mirror from Stonebriar is a unique mirror with a vintage wood look that will add charm to any room. The frame has torched wood finishes and the glass has a crystal clear reflection.

Boho Sunburst Mirror

This boho-inspired sunburst mirror is a unique addition to any space. Made from natural rattan, the frame is fitted with a glass that not only looks good but also provides some much-needed light to a room. The round wall decor comes in three designs—sun, sunburst, and circle.

Sun and Moon Metal Wall Art

Turn any space into a relaxing, rustic haven with this Collections Etc. artistic metal wall art. The eye-catching design features the sun on one half and the moon and stars on the other. Earth colors and a rustic metal finish complete the nature-inspired artwork. Use the hook on the back to easily hang it as an indoor wall ornament or as backyard art.

Sun Art Wall Hanging

This sun art piece is made from an old door and cut into the shape of a solar system. The size is perfect to hang on a wall or use as a centerpiece on a coffee table. It would make for one of the best gifts anyone could receive that has space interests, or just an appreciation for art!

Gold Metal Sunburst Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique décor piece, then this gold metal sunburst wall art is just what you need! The set includes three pieces that are plate-shaped and measure 13 inches, 11 inches, and 9 inches in diameter.

Set of Six Boho Mid Century Modern Wall Art Prints

These boho mid-century modern prints will add the perfect amount of color to your home decor. The prints are on a neutral background, so they will look great in any room. If you’re looking for wall art that is both beautiful and affordable, then these prints are a must-have!

Wall Art Metal Wall Decorations

This set of three metal circles can be hung individually or together to create a beautiful farmhouse-inspired look. The perfect mix of rustic and modern, this piece will add the finishing touches to your space!

Decorative Star Burst Wall Hanging

Everyone could use a little sparkle in their life, and these uniquely beautiful accent pieces will look wonderful hanging in your home no matter the style. Reminiscent of floating dandelion flowers or bursting stars but with a sparkling twist, these sculptures are eye-catching with their jeweled points exploding outward from the center. Each piece consists of a sphere of metal rods, bursting outward from the center like the rays of a star or fireworks.

Sun Metal Wall Art

This metal wall art in the form of a blazing sun is an excellent piece of workmanship. With the sun personified and given a human-like face, this metal wall décor is eye-catching and stands out from its surroundings. The sun wall decoration is considered to be an important Feng Shui symbol. It is said to be the ultimate male energy and hence the presence of the sun metal art decor fills the room with positive energy thereby improving the “chi” of your room. When used as outdoor décor, this grey sun decor with its copper hues reflects sunlight thereby enhancing its beauty. Seeing the smiling face of the sunny day with its radiant halo also removes all negativity from your life!

Gold Spiked Metal Puff Wall Decorations

This set of three gold-finished metal wall decor features assorted sizes and shapes of decorative pom-poms. Use them to dress up a plain wall or add some flair to your room’s décor. They make the perfect gift for those who have just moved into an apartment, are going on vacation, or even hosting a housewarming party!

Decorative Wall Mirror Set

There’s a very good chance you haven’t spent much time looking in the mirror lately. What you see there is probably what most people would see, too. But mirrors tell only one side of our stories, and they don’t show all the flaws we may be trying to hide. A few well-chosen accessories can change that, giving your room some extra personality while adding style and function at the same time. This decorative wall mirror set is just what it sounds like—two 10-inch mirrors and one 14-inch mirror mounted on a beige double chain for an elegant look that will match any decor.

Moon and Sun Wall Art Set

If you’re looking for a set of wall art that will add some boho style to your home then this moon and sun wall art set is just the thing! This pack of three mid-century modern prints are made from museum quality canvas, hand-stretched over quality wood frames, with secure hanging hardware included. They make an ideal gift for those who love minimalist design and want to up their boho style game.

Three Piece Modern Canvas Wall Art Set

This three-piece modern canvas set makes a great addition to any space. The pieces are 16 x 16 inches and come in a pack so they’re super easy to hang.

Sun Face Wall Clock

This gorgeous 11-inch Polyresin Yellow mosaic face sun wall plaque decoration has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere. It’s truly remarkable. This item measures H:11inches, making it a great addition to any space.

Boho Wall Art Prints

Bring a bit of the boho vibe into your home with this 8×10” set of four neutral bohemian geometric prints. Printed on textured archival paper, these warm, neutral, earthly and unapologetically geometric prints will liven up your space and add that fun bohemian vibe to your rooms.

Spiked Sea Urchin Wall Art

A uniquely beautiful statement piece for your living room, dining room or kitchen is a spikey sea urchin in gold finish. These sculptures are handmade from metal rods that burst outwards from the center like the rays of a star. They add an elegant yet modern accent to any space and can be used as a centerpiece on your coffee table or displayed individually as art.

Gold Leaf Wall Hanging

The third wedding anniversary is represented by gold, so this metal wall art makes a nice gift. The centerpiece of the design features three layers of curving, gold-brushed iron petals arranged in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower. It’s easy to hang and adds elegance to your house without breaking the bank!

Star Burst Wall Hanging Set

This set of tweezed starburst metal wall decor art is sure to up the cool factor in any room. Three different sizes available–large, medium, and small–and all three are distressed for a vintage feel.

Wall Art Set of 4 Botanical Prints

A stunning set of botanical wall art prints to decorate your space. Our minimalist botany prints provide a unique and intriguing beauty by bringing the joy and calming effects of nature into any home or office. The perfect gift for those who appreciate minimalism in interior design.

Hanging Celestial Metal Star Wall Decor

This celestial-themed metal wall decor brings the stars down to Earth with an intricate iron design that will make any space feel like a universe. The piece is hand-painted in the colors of the galaxy and comes with hooks for easy indoor or outdoor mounting.

Landscape Wall Art

Inspired by the clean minimalist lines and bright colors of mid-century decor, this mountain wall decor set from Haus and Hues has a timeless appeal that blends well with most home decor. Each mountain painting brings out a strong connection to nature with its varying shades of blue, yellow, and orange, creating an effortlessly fresh and vintage mix.

Haitian Vibes Metal Wall Art

This hand-painted metal wall art piece is from the Fair Trade Collection and made by Haitian artisans. Since it’s a recycled steel sculpture, it will develop a unique rustic finish that can be maintained or toned down with an annual spray of clear enamel to keep it looking good for years to come.

Sunburst Mirror

This unique sunburst mirror is made out of acrylic and metal beads. The beads have a unique design that makes it stand out from the crowd! Add a little glamour to your home with this sunburst mirror.

Sun and Moon Face Art

This sun and moon face art piece is a part of the Comfy Hour family. The faces are hand-crafted from iron and painted with vibrant colors that will make any space more cheerful. This piece is perfect for adding character to a child’s bedroom, or as an addition to your home bar or man cave.

Minimalist Wall Art

This sun wall decor print makes the perfect minimalist Christmas gift. It’s a high-quality piece that will look great on any wall and bring a pop of color to your abode.

Sun Sculpture

This metal sun sculpture will make a great addition to your garden or patio and is sure to get plenty of compliments. Also, it makes a beautiful table centerpiece for those who appreciate fine art.

Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture

This abstract wall art sculpture is sure to add a modern touch to any room of the house. Made from metal, it comes semi-hidden so you can easily mount it on the wall without any damage to the artwork itself. This piece measures 35x19.5 inches and has a thickness of 0.5 inches, so it’s perfect for filling that empty spot in your home decor!

Wall Art

Bring style to your wall space with this lovely wall decor featuring metal and acrylic in hand-painted bronze and faux crystal. Its design goes beautifully alongside modern and contemporary decor. Place it in any room for instant personality and charm.

Coffee Table Book

The sun comes out every day so why not have a spot for it to shine? This metal sculpture will make that wish come true. The piece is made of aluminum and weighs about two pounds.

Small Sun Faces Metal Art

This handcrafted art piece is made from recycled oil drums and is a unique addition to any room. The faces are painted in tones of brown, bronze, silver, and black. This artwork makes a great conversation starter and will be a welcomed addition to any home décor.

Gold Metal Starburst Wall Decorations

This abstract gold metal starburst wall decor will make your space look lively and trendy. The pieces are also versatile that they can be used for a variety of home decor themes such as modern, contemporary, industrial, eclectic, and Christmas. These tin stars measure 12″, 9″, and 6″ wide respectively and have flat backs allowing you to easily mount them on any wall type.

Radiant Shine Sun Face Wall Art

This metal sunburst wall decor will add the perfect touch of southwestern style to your home. The piece is made with a copper face that emits rays, surrounded by a silver beaded ring with straight and wavy gold rays extending out. This beautiful piece would look great in any room in your home!

Gold and Rust Wall Art

This celestial wall art will make a great addition to your home décor. It is easy to hang, made of metal, and comes in several finishes.

Sunset Boho Wall Art Prints

The sun and moon are a constant theme in boho design, so these gorgeous prints make for a great addition to any room of the home. Made from high-quality paper, unframed, and shipped flat in reinforced packaging.

Abstract Wall Art

This beautiful abstract painting is an excellent way to add a splash of color and creativity to a room that could use it! It’s made from imported fine acrylic, which can keep the colors vivid without fading.

Wall Art

This sculpture is perfect in a modern abode. Made from iron, the frame offers a pleasing modern luxury and noble look. It will take you to experience a happy life. The 34″x12″ piece fits almost any room of your home nicely and adds a great aristocratic atmosphere.

Leiluo Starburst Metal Wall Clock

This mid-century modern metal wall clock is a beautiful piece that will fit into any home decor. The base has geometric lines with a starburst design in the middle. The hands are black and the numbers are silver, adding to its high-end look. This clock measures 25.5″ in diameter, making it large enough to be seen from across the room yet not overpowering your space.

Lily Prints

Wall art is an often-forgotten design element in a room, but it can make a big impact. It’s especially important to have artwork that inspires you and brings you joy. This modern lily print will do just that! The high-resolution giclee print is on museum-quality canvas, so the colors are vivid and true to life.

Wall Mirror

No matter if you’re looking for a minimalist home decor item or just something to jazz up your bedroom, this wall mirror is sure to be a showstopper! The mirror is made of metal and has an intricate geometric pattern that will add a touch of class wherever it’s placed.

Monarch Wall Décor

If you’re looking for monarch butterfly wall decor, this set of five will make the perfect addition to your home. The butterflies are made from lightweight metal and come in a rainbow of colors.