53 Large Outdoor Sun Wall Art Pieces

Metal Wall Art Sun Wacky Teal

This beautiful metal wacky sun wall art is constructed of 16-gauge steel on a fiber laser and then powder coated to give it a one of a kind, unique finish. It’s perfect for adding some color to your walls while still being functional!

Romantic Celestial Wall Art

This celestial wall art piece by Alejandro de Esesarte is part of a collection that explores duality. The sun and moon are separated by an eclipse, symbolic of the romantic tension between a man and a woman. This artwork celebrates individuality while remaining true to nature’s balance of opposites.

3D Metal Wall Art Sun Face Blue Red

This 3D metal wall art piece is a great way to add some color and character to your home. The sun face is made of 18-gauge steel, powder coated for indoor or outdoor durability, measures 23″x23″, and has a metal bracket for easy hanging.

Hanging Metal Sun and Moon Wall Art

This metal sun and moon wall art is a beautiful way to decorate your home. It measures 22.8 x 22.8 inches, which is the perfect size for most spaces. The sculpture has gorgeous detail that will make it an heirloom piece you’ll be proud to display!

Sun, Moon and Star Metal Wall Art

This metal sun sculpture will bring the charm of the outdoors inside! It makes a great conversation piece and is sure to impress your guests. Also, it’s made from durable iron for outdoor use year-round.

Sun Wall Decor

This metal wall art in the form of a blazing sun is an excellent piece of workmanship. With the sun personified and given a human-like face, this metal wall décor is eye-catching and stands out from its surroundings. The sun wall decoration is considered to be an important feng shui symbol. It’s said to be the ultimate male energy and hence the presence of the sun metal art wall décor fills the room with positive energy thereby improving the “chi” of your home.

Sun and Moon Metal Wall Art

This piece is a great way to bring some celestial light into your life. The sunburst design features the sun on one half of the sculpture with a moon and stars on the other. Since it’s made from lightweight durable metal, you can hang it outdoors without any worries!

Metal Sun Art

This metal sun art decoration is about 12.8 inches in diameter and weighs about 6.4 ounces. Its surface has beautiful colors, and the overall style is simple, fashionable, and versatile–very suitable for outdoor or indoor decoration and make the environment full of fun!

Celestial Sun and Moon Wall Art

This celestial sun and moon wall art will make an impression on your guests. It’s a conversation starter that can add charm to any room of the house or workplace. An ideal gift for those who are into minimalism, bohemian style, modern design, or eclectic decor.

Sun Art Wall Decor

A unique gift for the home owner or someone that loves sunflowers, this sun wall decor is beautiful and will compliment any space. Hang it in your living room to brighten up a room or give it as a housewarming gift to someone who has recently moved into their first home.

Moon and Sun Metal Wall Art

This moon and sun metal wall art piece is perfect for adding some outdoor decor to your home. The item is made from a high-quality iron material with glass filled in the middle to create the illusion of the sun and moon hanging above it. It measures 16 x 16 inches, so it will look great no matter where you hang it!

Garden Art

This garden art will look stunning in any outdoor space. It features a copper, bronze, and gold finish with hammered metal sun rays, crescent moon, and stars. The textural finish gives the illusion of depth that mirrors the reflection of light from the natural world.

Wall Art

This wall art piece makes a great gift for that minimalist friend who loves the outdoors! It’s made from metal and glass, so it’s durable but still looks like artwork. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy to charge the battery, which then powers the LED lights inside. This item is officially licensed by Disney Pixar—the perfect gift to complete your Minimalist Dining Room Decor.

Solar Sun Face Wall Art

This copper solar sunface wall art will bring the warmth of the outdoors inside. Rechargeable via sunlight, this wall decor makes a great gift for those who love to entertain and need somewhere to put their drink. And with its LED lights, you can keep the party going even after sunset!

Sun Face Garden Statue

This 3D sun wall art decor vividly colorful sun wall décor gives life to any wall! The flesh color face and orange shine decorations with soft edge non-toxic odorless paint are easy to clean. Just align the edge of the sun with the small hole and tighten the screw with the supplied small wrench. The hooks on the back for easy hanging and can be arranged however you please.

Sun Sculpture

A traditional style metal sun sculpture is a beautiful addition to your home decor. This 36″ x 4″ x 4″ sculpture features hand-painted details and would be an excellent gift for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

Sun and Moon Wall Art

The Sun and the Moon are two of the most important symbols in Aztec culture. This wall decor is hand-painted with five different paints to give it depth and detail. It’s great for bringing life to a room or outdoor space.

Copper and Iron Sun Art Wall Decor

This set of suns is hand-painted in cute patterns and gorgeous colors, crafted with cut and bent sheet metal give them a wonderful three-dimensional look. The set includes two large and six small hanging sculptures that will complement any modern or rustic area, whether you use them as bathroom decor, bedroom decor, or patio/garden accessories.

Sun Face Metal Wall Art

This unique piece is both beautiful and functional. The sun face metal wall art has been hand-painted with a gorgeous metallic sheen that makes it look like the sun itself is shining through! No two are ever alike due to the one-of-a-kind nature of this work of art, making it extra special.

Moon and Sun Wall Sculpture

The sun and the moon hang in balance in this peaceful wall sculpture by artist Evelyn Myers Hartley. The artist has created a striking sculpt and finished it in antiqued faux gold and ivory to add an otherworldly quality.

Celestial Wall Sculpture

This celestial wall sculpture is a beautiful addition to your garden or outdoor living space. Cast in designer resin and hand-painted with faux gold, it represents the sun and the moon locked in eternal cycle. The perfect gift for astronomy fans!

Sunburst Wall Art

This sunburst metal wall art will make a beautiful addition to your home decor! The piece comes in three different finishes, which gives it a nice touch. It is made of durable metal with a copper face and surrounded by a silver beaded ring with straight and wavy gold rays extending out.

Sun and Moon Wall Art

This celestial wall art will bring the stars to your night. The sun is in a circle of stars and the moon is above it, both are surrounded by a halo of smaller stars. It’s an artistic way to light up your room and make people stop and take notice.

Whiskey Glass Coasters

This sun wall art makes a great gift for that patio. It’s made of iron and has acrylic paint on it to give it that 3D look. The piece is surrounded by colorful rays and pretty gems, making it an amazing decorative addition to any space or room in your home.

Metal Bumblebee Wall Art Set of 4

These metal garden bees have vivid shapes, exquisite details, and bright colors. Especially in the sun, they are very cute and eye-catching. They can be used indoors or outdoors. This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to decorate a garden, yard, house terrace, backyard or sidewalk entrance.

Sun and Moon Wall Art

This sun and moon wall art makes a great addition to a space that enjoys the outdoors. The sculpture is made from metal, glass, and wood so it’s sturdy but not too heavy. It measures 16 x 16 inches which works perfectly for outdoor or indoor decor like a patio, deck, or garden fence.

Sun Wall Art

This handmade sun wall art decoration is a unique, eye-catching color, bright and cheerful style. The perfect gift for the garden lover or anyone who wants to bring some sunshine into their space!

Sun and Moon Wall Art

This piece is made from resin, painted copper, and features a hook for easy hanging. It’s perfect as a sun and moon wall art to remind you where the day goes!

Sun Face Wall Art

This sun face wall art makes a great addition to your man cave, home theater, or anywhere you want to add some bright color and warmth. It’s made of metal with green patina rays. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for men this is one of the best!

Sun Wall Decor

This sun wall decor is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. The beautiful orange hues and distressed finish warm up any space. Hang it on the wall as art for a pop of color or as a functional piece for your patio that doubles as an extra room in your house.

Rust-Proof Sun Sculpture

This handcrafted sun sculpture is made by welding and painting real metal. The process creates a unique piece that’s rust-proof, making it suitable for outdoors or indoors. It makes a great addition to any garden or patio.

Star and Moon Wall Art

A celestial gift for the home or office, this metal sun and moon wall art adds instant charm to any space. Mounting screws are not included.

Tree of Life Wall Art

A symbol of longevity, wisdom, and strength. This tree of life design adds such a nice accent to your hallway, garden, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, dining room, and anywhere you like.

Sun Face Wall Art

This sunburst wall decor makes a great addition to any room of the house. It is made from durable canvas, yet it’s also lightweight and easy to hang with a goldenrod hanger included. This sun face wall decor measures 27 inches in height and makes for an artistic accent that will brighten up your space!

Hornbill Wall Decor

This metal hornbill wall decor is handmade with a focus on quality and attention to detail. The bright colors make it stand out in your garden, porch, or indoors!

Metal Sun and Moon Wall Art

Sun and Moon Metal Wall Art is a unique piece that will add charm to any room. This iron sculpture features the sun on one half, and the moon and stars on the other. Made from metal with a rustic finish, this piece measures 18-inches in diameter.

Sunflower Wall Hanging

The sun is a symbol of warmth, radiance, and good health. It’s also a powerful reminder to get outside and soak up some vitamin D–the “sunshine Vitamin.” This unique piece of art will help you feel the warmth on that winter day while reminding you to get outside and enjoy it!

Sun and Moon Sculpture

This wall sculpture is made to look like the sun and moon are actually hanging in the sky. The metal sculpture is covered with clear acrylic so that you can see through to the sun’s surface and the crescent moon beneath it. It makes for a very cool home decor piece!

Seed of Life Metal Art

This Seed of Life metal wall art is a minimalist design that will fit right into any rustic or farmhouse decor. The artwork is made from lightweight, durable steel and measures 24 x 24 inches. The piece comes already mounted on a board making it ready to be displayed on your wall.

Metal Moon and Sun Sculpture

This metal sculpture will make a great addition to your sunroom or man cave! Showcase the beauty of the sun and moon with this modern take on an old-fashioned tin barn ornament. The two pieces are joined by a hook at the back that allows them to be hung together.

Sun and Moon Star Wall Art

This celestial-themed wall art sculpture is available in several sizes and colors. The metal sculpture measures 17 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 1 pound.

Metal Wall Art Sun Decorations

They will love this sun wall decor sculpture hanging in their garden, on the patio, or inside the house. It’s a great conversation piece and provides some much-needed color to an indoor space. The metal rays shimmer with crystal clear acrylic gemstones that create an absolutely breathtaking sunburst when the sunlight hits it at just the right angle.

Sun Face Wall Art

This celestial-inspired piece is both beautiful and inspirational. The sun face wall decor features a bronze metal sculpture of the sun with glass beads for an ethereal glow. This would look stunning in your garden or office!

Celestial Wall Art

This celestial wall art is a beautiful representation of the stars and constellations as they were meant to be seen from Earth. The piece includes a crescent moon, antique star, and planet that are all bound by iron lines. Add some variety to your walls with this unique metal artwork!

Wacky Sun Metal Wall Art

What a cute decor for your patio or sunroom! This metal wacky sun wall art is constructed of 16-gauge steel on a fiber laser and then powder coated to give it an ultra-vintage look. It’s perfect as part of your funky outdoor furniture collection!

Sculpted Metal Wall Art

The popularity of mermaids is at an all-time high right now, and who can blame us? They’re magical creatures that are both beautiful and regal. This wall art will remind you of just how regal they are every time you look at it! The piece is laser cut from 18 gauge steel; powder coated for rust resistance and durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Each piece is handcrafted with a grind pattern that creates a dimension to the piece that is impossible to capture in photos.

Sun Face Wind Chime

This sun face wind chime will add the perfect amount of bold color to any room. It’s a great conversation piece, but more than that, it adds movement and life to a space. Hang this sun face wind chime in an outdoor space or on your screened-in patio to bring some warmth and happiness when you enter the house.

Coastal Ocean Sea Turtle Wall Art Set

This coastal decor set includes 3 sea turtles, which can be hung together to make a larger wall art piece or displayed separately. The sculptures are made of sheet metal and glass, and each measures approximately 8 inches long.

Wacky Sun Metal Wall Art

This is a fun way to bring some color and personality to your space while still keeping it neutral. It looks great above a bed or sofa, or anywhere you want to add some extra punch. And since the piece is metal, it can stand up to whatever the kids are doing in that room!

Wacky Sun Metal Wall Art

Remember that time we had to buy a metal sun sculpture for the front yard but then you got distracted by all those other fun things and never got around to buying it? Yeah, us too. This is our gift to you—a wacky metal sun sculpture that’s sure to get everyone’s attention! It makes the perfect addition to your outdoor decor or an indoor/outdoor wall hanging.

Wacky Sun Metal Wall Art

What a great way to jazz up your home décor! This metal wall art is sure to get some attention where ever you place it. The unique pattern is sure to get lots of attention and compliments.

Gothic King Statue

If you’re looking for a unique gift, then this gothic statue makes a great addition to your home. It’s hand-finished by artisans and made with real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin.

Haitian Metal Wall Art

This Haitian metal art piece is a beautiful reminder of the sun, warmth, and beauty of Haiti. The artist hand-carves each one using traditional lost wax casting techniques. Each item is an original and unique treasure from the artisan’s studio in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This metal wall art will look good in any room of your home or office.