40 Hieroglyphics Wall Art Pieces

Hanging Wall Art

This beautiful wall art piece is an ideal gift for the artsy type who appreciates something unique. It can be easily hung with decorative tacks or push pins and makes a great addition to any room in your home! This print measures 40″x60″ and would look stunning on a bedroom wall, as well as adding that special touch to any space.

Retro Wall Art

Bring a little retro fun into your home with this awesome vintage looking wall art! This piece is perfect for adding that touch of nostalgia to any space while also being modern and chic.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Wall Art

This Egyptian hieroglyphics wall art set is a fun and unique gift that can be placed in any room of the home to up the aesthetic. The pieces are ready to hang, so all you have to do is remove them from the packaging and display them on your walls!

Egyptian Canvas Wall Art

The style of ancient Egyptian art is represented by the hieroglyphs, or sacred writing that was used to represent people, places, events, and ideas. This wall hanging depicts an architectural scene from a tomb in Theban Necropolis. It’s made of canvas and measures 24 x 32 inches.

Hieroglyphics Wall Decor

The ancient Egyptians were great at writing, art, architecture, and engineering. This hieroglyphic tapestry makes a great addition to any room that has an Egyptian influence or is just plain fun! The colors are vibrant and the image on this tapestry is printed with high-definition technology.

Hieroglyphics Wall Art

This Egyptian Hieroglyphics art piece is a unique and meaningful gift that can add personality and style to any room in the house. The size makes it suitable for almost any wall, including hallways or as a main piece.

Ankh Cross

The ankh is one of the best-known symbols of ancient Egypt. The name comes from the Egyptian word “ankh” which means “life” or “to live.” An ankh was often associated with the goddess Maat, who represented truth, justice, and balance in Egyptian society. An ankh was also given to a couple as a wedding gift to represent their bond and everlasting loyalty to each other.

Hieroglyphics Wall Art

This vintage-inspired Egyptian tapestry is a fun and trendy way to spruce up a room or give as a gift! Featuring bright colors and intricate designs, it’s sure to be the talk of any room. It makes an excellent addition to any space that needs a splash of color or some extra warmth.

Ankh Cross

This ankh cross is beautiful and unique. The pendant part of the necklace has a large, flat plate at the top with an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph on it that means “key of life” or “cross of life”. The key fits into a hole in the middle to make this religious symbol a necklace.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Wall Art

This is a great gift for the art lovers and history buffs. The print was printed on high-quality lithograph art paper and then framed in a black frame with glass. It makes for an awesome addition to any room of the house!

Hanging Wall Art

A beautiful tapestry can add the perfect touch of style to any room without taking up much space. This one is made from waterproof material, making it a great beach or poolside accessory. It’s also very lightweight, so you can hang it up with ease.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

This beautiful tapestry is made of 100% lightweight polyester, measures 59″x78″, and has vibrant colors that make it perfect for a wall in any room of the home. This makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in decor or history who has an Egyptian theme!

Eiffel Tower Wall Art

This Eiffel Tower wall art is a fun addition to any space. Choose from several sizes and the option of having it personalized. It’s available in pink and gray for a pop of color or you can choose neutral colors to fit with any decor.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Wall Art Tapestry

This beautiful wall tapestry is made from 100% polyester fabric, and measures approximately 71″x60″. It’s a fun way to add a little art to your walls while also serving as a functional room divider.

Psychedelic Tapestry

This psychedelic tapestry is made of 100% lightweight polyester flannel, and it’s finished with a smooth, soft feel for maximum comfort. Since there are no hanging threads or back reinforcement needed, the Psychedelic Nature Art Tapestry can be easily folded and shipped in a small box making it perfect for gifting to your loved one.


This 60×78 inch tapestry features an amazing unifying design. It brings together ancient egyptian imagery with modern printing technology to create a look that’s both old and new at the same time. This makes for one of the coolest tapestries you’ll ever see!


This tapestry is made from 100% polyester fiber, measures 70″x63″ and makes a great addition to your apartment, house, or dorm room. The stunning tapestry displays beautifully on a wall in your home with its vibrant colors and design.

Abstract Gold Buttermilk Blue Art Print

This abstract gold buttermilk blue butterfly wall art print will look amazing in any room of the house. The high-quality canvas ensures that it lasts for years to come and won’t fade or peel like cheaper prints can.

Ankh Key of Life Statue

The ankh, or key of life, is a powerful ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life. This wall sculpture makes a great décor piece to compliment any space and can be used as an altar or shelf decor. The detailed statue measures 8 1/2″ wide by 1″ tall and 16″ long.

Sunset Sun Tote Bag

This boho tapestry is a great addition to any room and will be there constant companion for years to come. The tapestry measures 59 inches by 51 inches and comes with all the hardware you need to hang it up.

Egyptian Tapestry Wall Hanging

This Egyptian tapestry wall hanging is made from 100% polyester and has a sturdy wooden frame, it’s available in several sizes and can be hung horizontally or vertically. This would look great in any room of the house!

Egyptian Tapestry Wall Hanging

This Egyptian tapestry will look beautiful in any home and give an exotic vibe. It’s made from 100% polyester, measures 27 x 39 inches (70 x 100 cm), and has five different size options to choose from.

Landscape Print

This is a great print for the home decor lover. It features an ancient Egyptian secret – a real, live sphinx! The print is on high-quality canvas and measures 12 x 16 inches. The wooden frame fits it perfectly, so it’s ready to hang right out of the box.


This 80×60 inch Egyptian tapestry makes a great addition to any room of the house. It’s made from soft, lightweight material that is durable and wrinkle-free. Also, it doesn’t have that “old person smell” most materials have.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

The beauty of abstract art is that it can fit into any room and style. This set of five abstract canvas prints will add the perfect amount of sophistication to your home decor.

Feather Wall Art

This large-scale giclee print measures 24×48 inches and is ready to hang. The frame is made of wood with black hooks and white nails, making it easy to install. This piece would look great in a living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want to add some fun art!

Starry Night Sky Wall Art

Product Features : 5 Piece Starry Night Sky Wall Art – The canvas wall art is printed on both sides, which brings a sense of depth and realism to the painting. It makes for an excellent conversation piece that will be enjoyed by you and your guests for years to come.

Egyptian Tapestry

This Egyptian-themed tapestry is made of 100% polyester, measures 70x63 inches, and comes with a set of clips to allow it to be easily hung on the wall.

Abstract Art Prints

Bring a little abstract art into your home with these high-quality canvas prints. Each print is hand-painted and then giclee printed to create an ultra-vivid, gallery-quality reproduction. Since there are multiple sizes available, you can find one that best suits your room whether it’s for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Horus Thoth Anubis Mural Art Print

This is a high-quality reproduction art print. The image has been cleaned, digitally enhanced and restored where necessary. We use superior grade materials and the latest printing technology to create our product. The size of each print is 30 x 41 cm (12 x 16 inches). Each print is individually printed onto high quality market leading paper to create a deluxe finish.

Horus Eye of Horus Statue

The son of Isis and Osiris, Horus, one of the most significant Egyptian deities, is the god of the sky, war, and hunting. He is depicted as a man with the head of a falcon and the Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities such as Ra. This 12″ statue makes a great addition to any collection.

Ramesses I between Horus and Anubis Wall Frieze

A replica of an ancient Egyptian burial wall, this amazingly detailed frieze depicts Rameses I between the falcon-headed God Horus and the jackal-headed God Anubis. Cast in quality designer resin to capture the rich symbolism of hieroglyphs, it is painstakingly hand-painted in faux ebony, gold, & the rich colors of the Egyptian palette.

Abstract Wall Art

This contemporary abstract canvas is a great addition to any space. It’s finished with frame and ready to hang on your wall. This piece will make a bold statement as it accents the room while still being subtle and elegant.

Couple Wall Art

This high-quality canvas is stapled and stretched with durable shrink-resistant frames. It also features 1.50 inches thick stretcher bars that will offer gallery quality profile. Most emphatically, it is lightweight to easily hang on the walls. These canvases are hand stretched and printed by professionals with many years of experience.[[“💥 Absolutely First-class Hand Quality — This High quality printed canvas is stapled and stretched with durable shrink resistant frames. It also features 1.50 inches thick stretcher bars that will offer gallery quality profile.,” “⚡ Painted On Ultra HD Canvas Prints – this Canvas Wall Art will compliment your home décor style.,” “🎉 Earn You More Praise – This canvas art will definitely create the best accent to brightening up your space that will impress your guests.,” “💥 Absolutely First-class Hand Quality - This High quality printed canvas is stapled & stretched with durable shrink resistant frames.,” “⭐️ Easy To Install And Remove Hooks - Hang it on the wall or simply remove hooks from back for easy storage in a small place anytime you want!,”]

Egyptian Ankh Cross

The ankh, or key of life, is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads “life.” It represents the concept of eternal life. The cross measures 7 inches tall and 3-and-a-half inches wide.

Papyrus Wall Hanging

This papyrus wall hanging makes a wonderful home decor addition to your living space. Featuring vibrant colors and an intricate design, it’s sure to be the focus of anyone who enters your home. The material is polyester, which means it’s both durable and wrinkle-free; there are no hard edges or corners, so you never have to worry about snagging or pulling on the tapestry when trying to remove it from the frame.

Ocean Wave Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift that can be used as both décor and functional, this ocean wave wall art is the one! This set of four canvas prints is hand-stretched on wood frames and measures 30x60 centimeters. The perfect piece to accentuate your living room or kitchen.

Mermaid Wall Art

The sea is full of mystery and wonder, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a mermaid decorating your home. This high-definition tapestry brings the ocean to life with vivid colors, realistic details, and an artistic flair that will amaze you! Bring the beach inside your home with this fun wall hanging.


This high-quality tapestry is printed in vivid colors with crisp lines, and has a lightweight material that’s both durable and comfortable to touch. The edges are hemmed beautifully so there are no fraying problems like you might see with less expensive versions.

Egyptian Tapestry

Decorate your home with this vibrant and colorful Egyptian tapestry. Made from silky-soft polyester, it’s durable and easy to clean. It makes a great addition to any room in the house– especially the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom!