40 Fence Wall Art Pieces

Large Metal Hornbill Wall Decor

The adroiteet large metal hornbill wall decor is made of durable metal and high-grade coating, the special process makes the bright colors not easily fade. It’s perfect for adding some bold color to your space while still paying homage to Mother Nature.

Lizard Metal Wall Art

This metal lizard wall decor is far beyond the other traditional wall art. The intricate detailing and lifelike pose make it more charming and personality-filled than your typical boring piece of artwork.

Eagle Wall Art

This 3D metal wall art is a great way to add a little patriotism and style to your home. Made in the USA, it measures 18 x 23 inches and is made from laser-cut steel with a beautiful finish.

Rustic Dragonfly Wall Art

This beautiful rustic wall art piece will add the perfect touch of farmhouse décor to any room! These adorable dragonflies are handcrafted from durable iron and then finished with a vibrant painting. The set includes three pieces, each measures 15.5″x9.8″, and they come ready to hang on your fence, shed or porch.

Dragonfly Wall Art

Bring life to your space with this set of wall art. It’s made from metal, so it’s durable and realistic looking. With four different designs, there is sure to be one that inspires you.

Sunflower Wall Decor

Although this item is from 2016, the design remained the same and it’s still just as beautiful as ever! The piece can be used indoors or outdoors and comes already assembled.

Garden Dragonfly Art

Bring a touch of the outdoors in with this set of metal garden dragonflies. Easy to hang on a wall or door, they look beautiful and will be a nice accent piece for your home décor!

Metal Garden Decorative Wall Art

These metal wasps are perfect for adding a little insect charm to your garden, porch, or home decor. The wasps measure about 4 inches from wingtip to wingtip and the height is about 6 inches.

Coastal Nautical Wall Art Set

This coastal nautical wall art set makes the perfect housewarming gift for that beach lover or retiree who loves to decorate their home with pretty things. It’s a great way to bring in some nautical décor without spending lots of money on seashell mobiles, wooden ship models, and other typical coastal decorations. This metal wall art set includes metal sea turtle decor, metal fish wall decor, crab wall decor, and more!

Metal Hummingbird Wall Art

This metal hummingbird wall art is a fun piece to add some zing to your home decor! The piece measures 15.4″x11.4″ and has black beaks, yellow bodies, and red flowers on a wooden background.

Metal Dragonfly Wall Art

A pretty metal wall decor for your outdoor space. The details on this piece are exquisite, from the detail in the dragonfly’s wings to its detailed rusty finish. And it makes a great conversation starter!

Gecko Art Sculpture

A unique, modern sculpture for any interior. This metal lizard wall art makes a great conversation piece and a wonder addition to your home or office! The abstract design is an artistic interpretation of the real thing—a large realistic metal gecko that won’t be fading anytime soon!

Butterfly Wall Art Set

Add vibrance to your wall with this butterfly wall art set! Arrange them any way you please and watch them breathe new life into your backyard or home interior! These decorative pieces make excellent metal wall hangings for bedroom or living room spaces. They add a lovely farmhouse or rustic style to your home design. Timeless house wall decor Exquisitely crafted, each small metal wall art will last your household a long time. Their charming design adds warmth to any space, getting better as the years go by. Effortless installation – these small wall decor accents are each fitted with triangle hooks for hanging. Just drill screws into your wall and mount the metal decorative wall art with great ease.

Metal Gecko Wall Decor

This cute metal gecko wall decor is just the thing to spruce up your garden, patio, or even a room in your house! It’s made of iron and glass and hand-painted.

Butterfly Wall Art

This beautiful butterfly is made of premium iron and glass and handcrafted body structure that no matter the metal wings frame or blue glass artistic pattern are all exquisite. Measures 12 x 9.45 x 0.59 inch, weight 0.75 lbs which is perfect for outdoor or indoor decoration like patio, fence, porch, garden wall, door or window. Gorgeous wall art with high quality packaging this sculpture could as a good gift for your butterfly loving friends or family.

Metal Gecko Wall Decor

This rustic metal wall art is absolutely beautiful and will look great in your home or office. It is made of durable metal with vibrant colorful backs for a cute decor accent. The set of five geckos measures approximately 12x7 inches each, making it the perfect size to display on a table top or as part of an art gallery wall.

Hanging Planter

Add a pop of color to the dull areas of your home using our Sunflower Metal Flower Decor! It’s a great burst of sunshine that you can easily hang for an indoor or outdoor decoration.

Butterfly Wall Art Set

If you’re looking for wall decor that is both beautiful and functional, then this butterfly wall art set is perfect. This set of five butterflies are made with lightweight material, so they’ll be easy to install and won’t damage your walls.

Sunflower Wall Art

This sunflower metal wall art is a unique piece that will add charm to any room of the home. The vibrant yellow flowers are an update on the traditional vase and make for a beautiful focal point in any space.

Handmade Hummingbird Wall Decorations

These beautiful handmade hummingbirds are sure to add a touch of elegance and life to any space. The perfect gift for that friend who loves redecorating their home!

Sun Art Wall Hanging Decor Metal Sun Sculpture

This metal sun art sculpture is a beautiful piece of outdoor decor that will bring the outdoors in! It’s made of iron, measures about 12.8 inches in diameter, and weighs about 6 ounces. Its surface has beautiful colors, and the overall style is simple, fashionable, and versatile—very suitable for outdoor or indoor decoration and make the environment full of fun!

Beach Wall Art

These beach-themed metal wall sculptures are not only beautiful, but they’re also the perfect way to bring a little color to your home this summer. Whether you hang them up indoors or out, these sculptures will make for one of the best decor additions you could ever hope for!

Ladybug Wall Art

Bring some sunshine and ladybugs to your space with this metal ladybug wall art. It makes a great conversation piece and is sure to brighten up any room!

Metal Sun and Moon Wall Art

This 3D metal wall art piece is a artistic representation of the sun and moon. The raised small circles on the surface of the moon’s face echo with impact craters on celestial bodies, while the red wavy lines make for a more vibrant appearance for the sun.

Panda Family Metal Wall Art

This adorable set of two panda parents and baby will be a favorite in any home. These are made of metal, so no need to worry about them getting damaged if they fall. The wall art measures 13 x 7 inches and comes with everything you see pictured.

Wall Art

This stunning canvas print is a great addition to any room in the home. It’s made from high-quality material, measures 30x40 inches, and comes ready to be mounted on your favorite wall. This item makes for an excellent gift idea for new parents or someone who has recently taken their vows!

Butterfly Wall Art

This butterfly wall art is made from steel that has been laser-cut and powder coated. It measures 22 x 22 inches, so it’s the perfect size to decorate a kitchen or bathroom.

Bird Wall Art

The artistically designed bird sculpture will make a great addition to your garden, patio or anywhere else you’d like to hang it! The high-quality iron and handcrafted body structure of this piece is sturdy. Meanwhile, the parrot is made up of nice head details, lively mouth, awesome painted glass pattern and exquisite branch.

Hanging Metal Bee Wall Art

This high-quality honey bee decor is a gorgeous gift for any lover of bees! Each piece is handcrafted from stainless steel and cast in durable, white resin. The set contains two metal bees (13″x7″) and includes screws to hang them on a wall.

Coastal Decor Metal Fish Wall Art

This metal fish art is perfect for any nautical lover or fan of the coastal life. The artwork features a beautiful painting of several colorful fish swimming above an underwater scene. These unique wall decor pieces are sure to add some charm to your home or office!

Butterfly Wall Art

This butterfly wall art is made of high-quality iron and handcrafted in a body structure that the frame is hard. Perfect for adding an artistic touch to your garden or patio, this sculpture could also be used as a good gift idea for birthdays or other special occasions.

Surfboard Wall Art

This high-quality, digitally printed art makes a great addition to any space. Choose from different sizes and frames to make the perfect gift for that surfer or beach lover in your life!

Dragonfly Outdoor Wall Art

This dragonfly outdoor wall decor includes 3 different colors, peacock green, purple and orange. The size of each dragonfly outdoor wall decor in 15.7x11 inches (40×28cm), each dragonfly outdoor wall decor looks lifelike.

Butterfly Wall Art

A set of three butterflies painted in bright colors will make a beautiful addition to your home decor. They are made out of iron, so they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Reusable Snuggle Sack

This metal sea turtle is unique in terms of color and pattern, and is more eye-catching than other metal decorations. The size of each turtle is 11.8 inches long x 11.2 inches wide.

Gardening Shears

If your dad loves gardening he’ll love these shears. They come in a beautiful wooden gift box and are engraved with the words, “I may not be able to grow you a rose garden but I can prune your roses to make them even more beautiful.”

Hanging Wall Art

This metal wall art is far beyond the other traditional wall art. Unique shaking head design makes it more charm and personality but still look real! The exquisite cutting technology of this metal wall decor makes the gecko look lifelike.

GecKO Metal Garden Wall Art

This 2-pack of metal gecko wall decor is made of high-quality iron, rustproof and anti-fading, hand-painted with cute flower patterns and gorgeous colors. It’s an excellent way to bring life to a room while protecting walls from damage!

Gecko Wall Art

This metal wall art set of 6 is great for adding a unique touch to your space. It’s easy to hang and can be combined with other gecko decorations.

Sunflower Wall Art

This sunflower wall art brings a refreshing feeling to your space. The color of the double-layered flower decor is closer to the color of real sunflowers so it looks more realistic and natural than most flowers sold in stores. This hanging metal floral decoration adds bright vibrant color for bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, garden, and more.