48 Crescent Moon Wall Art Pieces

Moon Phase Wall Art

This piece is a beautiful addition to any space and reflects the mystical side of those who enjoy the witchy. The celestial decor that is inspired by the universe is perfect for people who enjoy spiritual, witchy room decor and wish to focus on the moon and her magnificent lunar phases.

Moon Phase Wall Art

If you’re a crystal or essential oil lover, this moon phase wall art is the gift to give! It’s made out of 100% natural wood with hand-painted moons. This artwork represents the waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent. It measures 26x25 inches and comes ready for hanging in your home!

Crescent Moon Mirror

A boho bedroom wall decoration with nine exquisite moon phase hanging decorations that will create peace and comfort in any home. The metal material makes it durable and easy to clean. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself!

Star and Moon Wall Decor

A unique way to decorate your home is with this metal sculpture. It’s made by recycling 55-gallon steel barrels into art, so it’s eco-friendly while still being incredibly beautiful.

Wine Tumbler

This tan cracked mosaic crescent moon and sun wall plaque decoration has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere. The plaque measures 8 inches in diameter and is made of polyresin, making it a perfect addition to any room in your home or office.

The Moon and Back Art Print

This is a beautiful print that celebrates motherhood. The moon represents new life and the back represents family. This would make a great addition to any space!

Outdoor Wall Art

A mystical eclipse sparks romance between the sun and the moon in this design by Mexico’s Alejandro de Esesarte. “When the feminine and masculine energies come together there is magic!” affirms Esesarte. The perfect gift to grace your home with celestial artistry.

Metal Moon and Star Wall Art

Pltz Art Metal Moon and Flower Wall Decor, Crescent Moon with Floral art, Wall Hangings, Home & Living Room decorations. Housewarming Gift,Wall Sign. 1.5 mm mild steel; Dimensions: Black 45.2 cm x 50 cm – 17.8″x19.7″; Electrostatic powder coating (Black). No assembly required - There is a hanging attachment at the back of each piece, no assembly required., 3D Shadow Effect provides a 3D view thanks to the screws on it . In this way the decor displays a beautiful appearance., Easy to hang each piece with only one nail from the hanger attached at the back of each product., Moisture and damp resistant – Provides your home or office décor an elegant boho look!, Provides indoor and outdoor decoration for different environments such as dining room , bedroom ,living room , kitchen etc…Read moreRead less" ["pltz_art-metallic-moon-and-flower_1X1"]

Shoot for the Stars Wall Art

What a sweet message! This wall art is so pretty and a great reminder to aim high and shoot for the stars. Since it comes as a set of four pieces, you can choose which prints you’d like displayed in your home or office.

Rusty Tin Moon Outhouse Decor

If you’re looking for that country primitive vibe without the rustic farmhouse look, check out this tin moon distressed to look like it’s weathered from decades of outdoor use. It can be hung in the outhouse or as a decorative piece on your porch or patio.

Crescent Moon Shelf

This unique piece is both beautiful and functional. Made from sustainable wood, it has seven shelves that can be used to display crystals, shells, stones, or anything else you’d like. Add a touch of the mystical to any space with this rustic shelf!

Moon and Star Metal Wall Art

This celestial-themed metal wall décor brings your fascination with the heavenly bodies to life. A crescent moon holds an antique star like destiny bound them together, reflecting your fascination with the solar system in a creative personal statement.

Moon Phase Wall Art

Are you looking at a full set of acrylic moon phase wall stickers for your home? These wall decor are the perfect complement to all moon lovers, has an irresistible charm for moon lovers.

Moon and Star Wall Art

This sweet wall art piece is handmade by a couple who make their living in the steel industry. The craftsmanship is amazing – it’s just like looking at the real moon up close! There are plenty of stars to fill up your wall space too, so this will be a favorite for years to come.

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Handmade with hammered metal moons and iron chains, each piece is unique and original as you are too. Easy home decor to hang as wall art or in any space with nails, pins or hooks (hardware not included). Great gift for a modern boho lover or for adding magic to your own living space.

Moon Phrase Wall Decals

These moon phrase wall decals are made from self-adhesive eco-friendly material, and will stick to any smooth surface. Removable without damaging the paint on your walls or leaving behind a sticky residue. They come in 4 different phrases – crescent moon, full moon, half-moon, and no moon.

Copper and Wood Moon Phase Hanging Wall Decor

The different shapes of moons bring more possibilities to your home decoration; The fascinating moon hanging garland will never go out of style, it’s what the art and warmth are about. This bohemian moon wall decor will bring you a romantic boho style.

Triple Moon Goddess Dream Catcher

This sweet dream catcher will add the perfect touch to your space with its natural colors, making your home feel even homier. Hang it over your bed or couch, or above a crib or changing table in a nursery. The triple moon is a goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery, and psychic abilities.

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This handmade hammered gold metal 7 moons 34″ banner makes the perfect boho home decor to have a peaceful connection with the moon. It’s easy to hang as wall art or in any space with nails, pins or hooks (hardware not included).

Moon and Star Wall Art

This is a beautiful wall art piece that represents the beauty of the full moon. Each item is handmade with love in San Diego, California. The artist spent hours on each design making sure it was just right.

Dream Catcher

The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s believed to protect you from nightmares and bad dreams, as well as capturing any bad spirits that may be floating around your room. Hang it in your office or bedroom to bring good luck and protection.

Decorative Wall Art

Imagine you’re living in a treehouse. This set of three moon phases wall decor will make your treehouse dreams come true! Made from premium canvas, these are sure to impress your guests and add that special touch to any room.

Haitian Oil Drum Sculpture

This recycled steel oil drum sculpture is hand-chiseled from a single barrel and finished with varnish. It makes an eye-catching statement piece for your patio or garden, indoors or out!

Crescent Moon Wall Art

This metal wall art features a moon with a golden sun dangler that brings celestial charm to any space. The piece is made of oxidized verdigris green finish metal and measures 24 x 24 inches.

Moon Wall Decor

Rustic tin Moon wall decor with a distressed black finish. Each measures 8″ in diameter and comes with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. A cute housewarming gift or any occasion when you’re feeling out of the ordinary!

Wood Moon Phase Hanging Decor

This wooden moon phase hanging decor is a beautiful addition to any space. The piece comes with a 30-inch teal chain, four wood pieces (moon pieces), and a tassel.

The Moonphase Wall Clock

This is a beautiful wall clock that represents the changing appearance of the moon, from new to full and back to new again. You can display two different images if you want to mark the time in both English and Metric.

Moon and Star Wall Art

This rustic metal wall art piece will fit right into your country decor. The sun is on one half of the sculpture while the moon and stars are on the other. Since it’s iron, you can hang it as an indoor wall ornament or outside on your patio.

Hammered Metal Moon Phase Wall Art

This beautiful hammered metal moon phase wall art makes a great addition to your living space. The piece is handcrafted in India and represents the phases of the moon as it relates to Earth’s cycle.

Moon Phase Wall Art

This moon phases wall art set of five prints is a beautiful addition to any space. The artwork depicts the progress of the moon as it goes through five different phases, which are represented by the large dark spots and greyish moonshine light are emphasized by the solar white background.

Hanging Moon Phase Wall Decor

The moon has played an important part in human culture for centuries. It reminds us to be together and celebrate our special moments as a family. This hanging moon phase wall decor is made of metal with glittering stars that will illuminate your room at night and bring out the starry-eyed hippie in you!

Framed Canvas Prints

It’s stretched and framed wall art ready to hang for home decorations – a great gift idea for your relatives and friends. Each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging. Space canvas wall art is a great gift idea for your loved ones who love the sea, beach, or modern design!

Sun Face Metal Wall Art

This handcrafted metal wall art piece is a great addition to any home decor or outdoor yard decor. It measures 23″x23″ and comes with a metal bracket for easy hanging. The sun face piece is powder coated for rust resistance, which allows you to hang indoors or outdoors.

Abstract Mountain Watercolor Art

This abstract mountain painting is the perfect artwork to hang in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. The vibrant colors and beautiful pattern will make this piece stand out no matter where you display it!

Moon Phase Wall Art

For those who believe in the power of the moon, this hammered silver metal 7 moons 34″ banner is a boho home decor modern celestial phases decoration. Easy home decor to hang as wall art or in any space with nails, pins or hooks (hardware not included). Great gift for that modern boho lover or adding magic to your own living space!

Rustic Moon Wall Decor

A rustic touch to any room is a nice way to go. These tin moons are a great addition to outhouses and other primitive country decor. They look amazing hanging next to barn stars!

Moon Phase Wall Art

This moon phase tapestry makes for a great wall decor to add that artistic touch to your space. The tapestry includes 15.7-inch long wooden hanging lever, thick cotton hanging roping and wall nails. This design is the perfect way to accentuate your living or dining room, bedroom, hotel room, apartment or dormitory walls!

Gold and Rust Sun and Moon Wall Art

The metal sun and moon wall decor is a great way to add some celestial beauty to your home. This beautiful piece is constructed out of metal, which provides a robust structure as well as durability. Enameled in the shiny hues of bronze gold and rust red, it makes a great accent piece to be mounted on any wall as perfectly complementing various decor styles.

Bohemian Moon Phase Wall Art

This set of moon phase wall art is just what a space lover needs to liven up their walls. The prints are made from durable, natural wood and come in five different phases so you can display them all together for the full beauty effect or mix and match as desired.

Garden Solar Moon Globe Lights

These garden solar moon lights have photosensitive components inside and controlled by the brightness. The garden solar lights can light up automatically at night for 8 hours when fully charged, turn off automatically when sunrise, and charge from the sunlight during the day. They make a great addition to your outdoor space and are sure to impress your guests.

Wall Art

This impressive wall sculpture features the sun on one half, and the moon and stars on the other. The dimensional metal design features a rustic finish and measures 18 1/4″ wide x 6 1/2″ tall. A hook on the back makes hanging easy.

Macrame Dream Catchers

This handcrafted dream catcher is made from natural cotton rope, metal circles, and elegant pearls. Made in India by artisans who have been making these for centuries using lost-wax casting technology that was developed during the Italian Renaissance. These make a beautiful housewarming gift as they will be used every day!

Moon Phase Wall Art

This beautiful half-moon wall art piece not only displays the lunar cycle but also makes a great decorative element in any home or workspace. Featuring an easy to read scale design that can be reversed for use as a mirror, this minimalist moon phase decor item is sure to impress!

Moon Phase Wall Hanging Shelf

This unique Moon Phase Wall Hanging Shelf makes a great gift for that bookworm in your life! Made of solid wood and hand-finished, it displays four shelves for displaying all their favorite books.

Decorative Moon Phase Mirror Set

This set of five moon phase mirrors is a fun and decorative addition to any room. Hang them in your living room, dining room, playroom, or bathroom for a unique decor piece that reflects the current phase of the moon. This mirror set makes a great gift idea for those who are obsessed with minimalism and boho chic design!

Magical Moon Wall Hanging

This handcrafted macrame wall hanging art consists of 100% environmental natural cotton yarn and New Zealand pine wood, renewable and biodegradable. The unique moon phases designed and handmade with tassel details. This boho-inspired piece is a stunning conversation starter that can be used in any room of the home – above the sofa, fireplace, desk or on the top of your bed.

Moon Phase Wall Decorations

The spiritual moon phase decoration is inspired by the change of the moon phase. It also shows that from the new moon to the full moon, we all hope that the moon can provide us with energy. Elegant and beautiful, these decorative wall sculptures are a must-have in any space!

Landscape Print

This beautiful wilderness wall art is printed using some of the finest inks and includes the following colors: Dark Brown, Dark Red, Reddish Orange, and White. It is printed on 80# coated paper and has a matte finish. The actual paper size has dimensions of 18″ x 24″. This colorful landscape is a great gift for all nature lovers – men or women! Comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve and then shipped using a rigid cardboard tube to ensure safe travels during transit.