47 Ceramic Wall Art For Bathroom Pieces

Dolphin Wall Art Set of 2

A dolphin symbolizes wisdom, and these sculptures are a beautiful way to express your love for dolphins. This set of two sculptures is crafted from ceramic with a high-temperature ice-cracking process.

Dream Catcher Wall Art

This dream catcher wall art is handmade from high-quality, lead-free ceramic. The piece comes in six different colors and several sizes to choose from. Each hanging ornament measures approximately 3 feet in diameter and has a 6.5 inch drop for easy placement on any wall or ceiling surface.

Wall Art

This ceramic flower wall art is made by hand and painted each petal separately for an artistic look. The flowers are 3D, not just pressed paper, so they will last much longer than ordinary wall decorations. It’s perfect as a gift for anniversaries and birthdays or to decorate your home!

3D Flowers Wall Decor

It’s easy to forget what flowers are in season when you’re surrounded by snow all winter long, so this 3D flower wall art is the perfect reminder. This high-quality piece will quickly brighten up a room and make it feel like spring again!

Skipping Rocks Labels

The 5.1-inch ceramic flower is handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. The bright colors and unique natural shape make this a great conversation piece that will be the center of attention wherever it’s placed.

Peony Ceramic Flower Wall Art

This peony ceramic flower is hand-made and fired at high temperature, so the colors will never fade. The back of the flower has a hook for easy wall mounting. This would look great in a dining room or kitchen.

Metal Flower Wall Art

This metal flower wall art is a great décor piece for your home. It can be used as a decorative item or to help someone with limited mobility to get around. Since it is made of lightweight material, you can easily hang it using nails or screws that are included in the package.

Peony Flower Wall Hanging

This beautiful set of 5 handmade ceramic peonies is a traditional Chinese gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. The flowers are 3D and hand-painted to create an incredibly lifelike appearance while maintaining the delicate nature of porcelain.

Bird Bath Spoons

Birds of a feather flock together, and that goes for these ceramic bird spoons too. These little birds make the perfect gift for your favorite couple celebrating their 1st year together! Use them as a table centerpiece or to hold sugar or honey when you’re cooking up some tea.

Flower Wall Art

This canvas print makes the perfect addition to any room in your home! The vibrant colors and design will brighten up any space. This is a high-quality canvas that is ready for wall mounting or can be easily hung on a wall with the supplied hardware.

Succulents Wall Art

This metal wall art is made from real succulents and makes a subtle but cool statement in any room of the house. It’s also biodegradable so no landfill when you’re done with it!

Abstract Art Prints

This is a great gift for any wall space and comes in four different colors. It’s made to last and will not fade or peel like some prints can do. The shadow box frame is already mounted, so all you have to do is find the perfect spot for it and hang it up!

Toilet Paper Coasters

These cute toilet paper coasters will add a little humor to your home and office. The set of four comes in a pack, ready to be hung on the wall or placed on a table. These make great housewarming gifts!

Metal Wall Art

These beautiful hummingbirds are hand-painted and cast from life, so they’ll look even better in person! This wall art is made of metal, which means it will last for many years to come. The easy installation instructions make this the perfect addition to any home or office.

Vivegate Rusted Iron Metal Wall Art

This beautiful metal wall art is sure to be the talk of the party. The rustic charm will add character and life to any room in your home.

Butterfly Wall Art

This set of six hand-crafted ceramic butterflies is a beautiful and realistic accent to any room. They are perfect for adding some color to your home or office. This set will add charm and character to your living space while also adorning the wall.

Succulent Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give your mom this Mother’s Day then this succulent wall art is just the thing! Your mom will love that it’s handmade and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Since metal plants are kind of trendy right now, she won’t want to hang it up in her home but instead take it around the house so everyone can enjoy its charm!

Metal Gecko Wall Art

This 3D metal wall art features a lively lizard with colorful glass eyes. The design is unique and eye-catching that will make any room stand out! This piece would look great in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to hang it!

Curved Metal Wall Art

This metal wall art piece is very unique and will add a lot of character to your home decor. Featuring layered petals that have been curved, it creates depth and dimension, which draws the eye in. The matte gold finish layers beautifully against any color wall.

Bird in a Flower Wall Art

This gorgeous bird is perched in a flower, ready to take flight! It’s surrounded by greenery and will look beautiful above your bed. This canvas print makes for an excellent addition to your home decor.

Hummingbird Wall Art

These beautiful hummingbirds are hand-painted metal and measure about 9 x 9 inches. They come in three different colors so you can display them together or separately. These make a perfect addition to a kitchen or living room where they can be displayed on a wall or door.

Succulents Wall Art

This is a set of two framed succulent paintings. One painting features the leaves of a Crassula Ovata, also known as Money Tree, while the other has the pads of a Aloe Vera plant. The pictures are printed on high-quality canvas and come already in frames.

Metal Sunflower Wall Decor

These metal sunflowers are a unique and beautiful accent to any space. With their dimensional blooming flower design, they will add the perfect pop of color to your room or garden.

Canvas Wall Art

This set of four unique canvas prints are high-definition and printed on premium canvas. You can choose the size that best fits your wall, from 12×8 to 20×16 inches. Individually wrapped with hooks and wire for easy hanging, these make a great home decor gift!

Flowers Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful wall art piece is a unique way to decorate your home. It features an elegant bouquet of fresh-looking blue flowers.

Flower Wall Art

This 3-pack of handmade ceramic flowers is a beautiful way to decorate for any special occasion. The set includes two small and one large flower, making it easy to create a look that complements your décor. These flowers are entirely handcrafted with premium quality materials and feature an intricate peony design.

Hydrangea Flower Wall Art

This Hydrangea flower wall art is a great way to add some greenery and spring color to your space. It’s made from ceramic, so it’s strong and durable while still being light enough to move if you want to change up the decor.

Turtle Canvas Prints

This sea turtle canvas print is an easy wall decor idea that works for a variety of rooms. Hang it in your beach themed bathroom to fill the space with coastal charm, or pair it with other prints for a gallery wall in your living room or dining room. It makes the perfect gift for someone who is interested in unique home decor ideas!

80×60 Inch Wall Tapestry

This vibrant tapestry is sure to make a statement in your home. Featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, this gorgeous artwork can be great for a dorm room, apartment, bedroom, living room, outdoor and more.

Dolphin Wall Art

This dolphin wall art is made from high-quality metal and glass. The piece has been hand-painted with a gradient blue color to give it depth and detail. The accent feature of the tail showing through the water adds interest and is painted blue as well. It measures 15.35″ wide by 7.28″ tall and comes in multiple colors.[via]

Large Wall Art Set

This blue and white canvas print set makes a great addition to that boho space. The art features navy, pink, and other pastel colors in an elegant style. This is not a photo, but rather the artist’s interpretation of what these subjects might look like in real life!

Skulls Wall Art

If you’re looking for unique decor that will up the creepy factor in a room, then skulls are the way to go! This set of three canvas wall art prints includes two skull designs and one featuring bones. Each piece is hand-stretched on 1.2″ thick wood bars and ready to be mounted on your favorite surface using screws included (the screw holes are pre-drilled).

Wall Hanging Ceramic Flower

This handmade ceramic flower is manually measured by us, and there will be an error of 1-2cm. It’s made with natural materials, so the color may vary from piece to piece. The flowers are glazed on both sides for a finished look that won’t show finger prints or scratches.

Ocean Sea Turtle Octopus Canvas Art Prints

These ocean sea turtle octopus canvas prints are a fun and unique addition to any home decor. These high-quality giclee prints measure 12 x 12 inches and are made to last for years without fading or peeling. The artist hand painted each work of art so that each octopus is uniquely different from the next. Available in four different species, these prints make an ideal gift for that special someone who loves the ocean!

Flower Wall Art

This beautiful flower wall art is the perfect addition to your home decor. Since it’s already framed, you can simply hang it on your walls and admire its beauty. The high-quality canvas material makes this flower print look realistic and vibrant!

Ceramic Lotus Flower Wall Art Set of 3

The luscious thing about wall art is that it can be placed anywhere in the home. It’s a great piece to add some character and life to a room that needs extra inspiration or color. These three flowers are handmade from ceramic and glazed, so they won’t fade or crack like other decorations you might have out.

Flower Wall Art

This metal wall art piece is handcrafted in the USA and measures 11.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide. The piece features a realistic watercolor flower painting on sturdy black-anodized aluminum that will last outdoors as well as indoors without fading or tarnishing.

Peony Flower Wall Art

This beautiful peony wall art is a great addition to your home decor. The detail on this piece is amazing and the colors are vibrant. This flower will look lovely on any wall in your house.

Wall Flower Vase

This peony ceramic flower is hand-made and painted by expert craftsmen. Since each piece is made-to-order, the paint job on our flowers can vary from piece to piece. The flowers are then fired at high temperature, which causes the paint to become set and not fade over time. Be sure to check out the other patterns as well!

Peony Wall Decor

A cute little peony flower adds a special touch to any space. This wall décor item is handmade from porcelain and measures 3.54-inches across. A matte finish gives it that aged look, but it’s not actually damaged or old – just very real flowers painted on top of the porcelain!

Peony Flower Wall Decor

This porcelain flower wall decoration is perfect as a decorative piece or as a tasteful gift. The natural and artistic design, perfect as a decorative piece or as a tasteful gift. The glazing surface, colors unfadable and last forever. Traceless nails included, with an easy hook style hanging feature these decorative pieces can also hide any unwanted marks, dents or scratches on the wall.

Relax Life’s Good Beach Plaque

A unique wall hanging sign that is both beautiful and meaningful! This beach metal sign measures 12 x 4 inches. It features the words “Relax Lifes Good” in a script font, along with seashells, starfish, and more. The perfect gift for any fan of the beach or those who are going through a hard time.

Wall Decorations

This ceramic flower is not only beautiful but it’s also functional. The back of the flower has a hook so that you can easily hang it on the wall. It makes an excellent art piece for any room in your home as well as being functional and decorative.

Hanging Wall Art

This metal wall art is a dimensional blooming flower with a bright and vibrant blue. The metal flower wall art will add a splash of color to your bathroom, patio, or garden fence. Also works great as an entry decor piece!

Botanical Plant Wall Art

This botanical wall art set is a fun addition to a home decor gift basket filled with housewarming decorations. You can use these Botany wall prints in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom!

Ceramic Flowers Wall Art

This is a beautiful wall art for someone that loves flowers. The piece is handcrafted by artists in China and painted with a high-quality acrylic paint. It’s made of ceramic, measures about 12x12 inches, and weighs about a pound.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser and Vase

Set of two mason jar soaps dispensers. Holds 2 oz of liquid soap, which is the equivalent to about a dollar-sized bar of soap. Attach a cute ribbon to the top for a special touch!