53 Celtic Knot Wall Art Pieces

Trinity Knot Resin Art

The triquetra, or Trinity knot, is an ancient symbol representing the Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. This resin art piece represents this religious belief in a unique way by displaying it as a wall hanging on its own with no other objects around it to distract from the meaning of the three interlocking circles.

Trinity Knot Wall Art

Religious symbolism of the Celtic trinity knot made of solid cast polystone with a wood grain look 12 inch is great home decoration gifts looks great anywhere trinity easy on wall. Trinity knot wall art has a metal hook attached to the back for easy hanging. The perfect gift for that special person who loves their home décor and religious items.

Trinity Knot Wall Hanging

This 12 x 11-inch resin Trinity knot wall hanging makes a great gift for that special Catholic in your life. Styrofoam is packed in a white corrugated box, and an included gift card explains the Christian symbolism of the Celtic Trinity Knot.

Celtic Tree of Life Tapestry

This beautiful tapestry is made from 100% cotton and measures 11.5x17 inches. It’s available in several colors and makes a great addition to any room.

Haiti Recycled Steel Art Tree

This artfully crafted garden sculpture is made from recycled steel barrels. The artist who created this piece, Olya Puzyna, was born in Haiti and moved to the United States at the age of ten. She now lives in Florida and continues to create beautiful sculptures out of discarded materials such as this one.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wall Art

This 12″ x 12″ framed wall art piece is made from birch plywood and has a 1/8″ thickness. It comes in multiple finishes and can be personalized for any occasion. The perfect way to display your faith while adding an artistic touch to your home!

Celtic Love Knot Tapestry

This stunning tapestry is made from a loop of colorful threads lovingly called a “love knot”. It features intertwining circles that represent the bond between two people and the infinite love that exists between all humanity. Hang it in your living room to help you embrace change and live more joyfully, or give it as a gift to share with someone who could use some optimism and smiles!

Celtic Trinity Knot Wall Decor

The triquetra symbol, also known as the trinity knot, is a Celtic Christian symbol representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s often stylized as three interlaced fish to represent the Holy Trinity. This beautiful wall decor makes a great addition to your home whether you’re looking for wedding gifts for her or your wife or just looking for something unique to add some character!

Handy Resin Trinity Knot Art

This hand-made resin art piece is a unique way to celebrate the beauty of diversity. The trinity knot, a Christian symbol representing the father, son, and holy ghost can be found on many religious items as well as being used by pagans in modern times. This wall decor would look great in any home!

Abbey Silver Cross

The silver cross pendant is a beautiful piece that can be worn on a daily basis to remind them of you. It will also make an exquisite keepsake for the wedding day or your anniversary. If they are having a difficult time with faith, this may bring comfort as it comes from the Abbe Museum in Belgium and has been blessed by Pope Benedict XVI himself!

Celtic Stencils

Stencils are a quick and easy way to transform a space without having to paint the whole room. The stencils can be removed and moved around any time you’d like, or you can choose to leave them in place for an entire year and keep the design as is. These stencils would make a great addition to anyone’s craft supplies!

Copper and Verdigris Tree of Life Sculpture

This stunning copper sculpture is the perfect addition to your home. It’s hand-painted, high quality polyresin, and it won’t fade or peel like real copper will. The unique detail includes rusticles on the leaves as well as a piece that looks like bark falling off!

Triskelion Wall Art

The Triskelion represents healing, craft, and poetry for Paganism, and the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) for Christianity. Decorate your walls with this intricate geometric pattern that’s also a religious symbol. It makes an excellent gift any time of year but especially meaningful during the holiday season.

Trinity Knot Bronze Wall Plaque

“Bring a touch of rustic, old-world Ireland into your home with this bronze-played Trinity knot wall plaque. The Trinity knot is one of the most recognizable forms of the Celtic knot, easily distinguished by its three distinct points. In Christian tradition, these points have been linked to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; among pagans they are thought to represent the forces of water, earth and air. Irish symbols are known to be fantastic talking points…and this beautiful wall plaque is no exception! Grab your guests’ attention with this impressive piece THE MOMENT THEY WALK IN THE DOOR AND LET THE COMPLIMENTS BEGIN!” This unique design from Celtic Shadows will make an elegant statement on your walls – it would also make a thoughtful gift for that special couple celebrating an anniversary or wedding day in Ireland!

Tribal Shower Curtain

This is a great shower curtain for those who love the unique and artsy. Made from polyester, the pattern is printed with state-of-the-art digital printing technology that ensures vivid colors and an extra clear image.

Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is perfect for the Irish-themed home. The poem “May the Road Rise” is displayed on this wooden plaque and illustrated with a lovely Celtic knot tree with birds. It measures 12.75 x 10 x 1.75 inches and can be hung outdoors or indoors, depending on your decorating preference!

Wall Art

The tree reflects natural lighting, and the color variations vary from medium to dark silver. This metal wall art is handmade by the artist partners at Home Decor Farm in Haiti, a company that sources recycled steel drums to create unique home decor for living spaces around the world.

Anam Cara Wall Art

This unique piece of wall art is a beautiful way to display your love for each other. The words are written in ogham, the ancient alphabet of Ireland. This gift would be perfect for anyone who is into history and architecture as this building style dates back to 400 A.D.

Haiti Iron Wall Art

The tree reflects natural lighting, color variation varies from medium to dark silver. Handmade from recycled steel drum oil barrels—NO MACHINES USED. The artist will sign each piece if requested and a Certificate of Authenticity is issued as well.

Dragon Sculpture

This bold and majestic dragon is a statement piece in the fullest sense of the word. Wonderful as an accent to Asian decor indoors or out. Though fearsome in appearance, the dragons of Chinese legend were benevolent, powerful, and wise, able to summon the rain as well as bear good fortune. This sculpture might bring you good luck too!

20 Pack of Celtic Knot Charms

The celtic knot is a powerful protective symbol, and these pendants are made to last. They come in a mix of metals so you can choose the one that matches your style best.

Handmade Wooden Boxes

Celtic art is very popular right now, and so are wooden gift boxes. This handmade box features 38 different pieces of wood art that have been laser cut and then joined with a high-quality adhesive to form the design. The box measures 4 x 5 x 1.5 inches, which makes it a great fit for rings or other jewelry items.

Hanging Wall Art

This rustic wall art is made from eco-friendly wood and crafted in India. It makes a great gift for that home decorator. Since it’s lightweight, you can easily move the piece if you change your mind or decide to redecorate down the road.

The Tree of Life Silver Abstract Wall Art

This minimalist 3D metal wall decor piece from Pure Art will add an abstract art element to your home. An elegant and timeless design, it has a tree-like structure with branches reaching out in all directions. The artist’s vision is captured perfectly in this minimalist sculpture that evokes the feeling of movement and depth.

Cute Metal Peacock Wall Decorations

These metal wall decorations are perfect for a more modern home. The piece is made of cut and bent pieces of metal that give the peacocks a natural three-dimensional shape, breaking the monotony and tedium of the wall. They also add beautiful color to your space!

Vintage Witch Tin Sign

This witchy vintage tin sign will add a little flair to your favorite nook or cranny. It’s made from 100% rust-free aluminum and pre-drilled so you can easily hang it up.

Family Tree Wall Art

This family tree wall art makes a great gift for anyone in the family. The size is 24 inches and made of metal. It is very modern looking yet it includes all five generations of your family to create a realistic looking photo that will be a treasured addition to your home décor.

Heart Wall Art

This copper and verdigris metal wall art sculpture makes a great gift for anyone that is into rustic, outdoorsy decor. The plaque features gorgeous detail and would look amazing in any room of the home including a bedroom or man cave.

Tree of Life Wall Hanging

The Norse tradition of decorating to mark special occasions is represented in this wall hanging. The tree of life represents the connection between all things and all people; it’s a universal theme that fits any space. This piece is crafted from solid mango wood, and it measures 12 inches by 12 inches.

Silhouette Tree of Life Wall Art

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that represents the cyclical nature of life, this tree silhouette is an excellent option. The gold foil print gives it an old world feel and the black outline accentuates the form so it stands out. Also, since it’s laser cut from high-quality wood, there are no unsightly blemishes or voids.

Metal Tree of Life Wall Art

Decorate your favorite wall, fence or other structure with this beautifully detailed all-metal Tree of Life plaque from Top Brass. Perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. Features a rustic faux tarnished brass finish and is easily hung on a small nail or screw.

Vintage Bigfoot Metal Sign

Bigfoot is real, ladies and gents. This vintage-style metal sign makes a bold statement about the existence of Sasquatch while also functioning as a decoration for your man cave or garage. Featuring an iconic image of the elusive cryptid in its natural habitat, this 22" x 14" aluminum tin sign makes a great addition to any home decor!

Irish Wall Cross with Traditional Irish Blessing

This beautiful wall cross is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and all that it represents! Featuring an 18k gold plated cross, a beautiful green stone, and a unique claddagh design at its center, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Metal Wall Art

This metal art piece is a unique way to decorate your space and represents the cycle of life. It’s made from plasma cut steel, then finished with a durable clear coat for protection. The large size makes it an impressive home decor accent that anyone would be lucky to have in their home.

Celtic Tapestry

This gorgeous tapestry makes the perfect addition to that rustic woodland retreat you’ve been dreaming of. Featuring a beautiful forest scene with Celtic style designs, this tapestry is sure to be a showstopper!

Green Tapestry

This beautiful tapestry is made from 100% cotton and measures 98×70 inches. The trinity knot, also called a triquetra, holds meaning for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Christians believe that the three points represents the three elements of the holy trinity while Pagans see it as a representation of the natural forces or earth, air, and water.

Wall Art Heart Sculpture

This metal wall art sculpture is a unique piece and will instantly add charm to any space. The artwork is made from 1.2mm lightweight steel, which makes it durable but not too heavy. It’s easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the finish on your walls if you accidentally get some cream on it or something similar happens.

Celtic Love Knot Bed Set

Elegantly designed to create the perfect romantic atmosphere, this set is a wonderful gift for your loved one. The duvet cover and two pillowcases feature an intricate Celtic design that’s both stylish and stunning. Also, since the material used is microfiber it’s super soft and comfortable to sleep on while remaining durable enough to last for years of use!

Tree of Life Tapestry

This beautiful tapestry is made from 100% polyester, has a black backing, and measures 51 x 59 inches. The design is clear and easy to read making it an ideal gift no matter your spiritual inclination.

Vintage Style Wall Art

This vinyl cut decal is a unique way to decorate your truck, RV, camper, boat, garage or studio. It’s easy to apply and will last for years.

Wall Art

This wall art is a great way to add character and charm to your home. It has intricate detail that will remind you of the love you have for your family. You can display it in any room of your house, even the kitchen or bathroom!

Haitian Artisan Wall Hanging

This handmade sculpture is a beautiful representation of the bond between mother and child. Cast from recycled steel, it can be used as a wall hanging or table centerpiece. The artist who made this sculpture taught art at an orphanage in Haiti before founding his own studio where he designs unique sculptures to give as gifts for all occasions.

Metal Tree of Life Sculpture

This metal tree sculpture is made from cast-off 55 gallon steel drums, and each one represents four generations of tradition. The artist follows the cycle of life represented by the 12 symbols on each drum to craft an intricate 3 dimensional sculpture that is truly breathtaking. These are handcrafted in Haiti, so they’re a fair-trade product.

Metal Flower Wall Art

Add some zing to a room with this metal flower wall art. A unique piece that is sure to get lots of compliments from your guests.

Cactus Dragon Metal Wall Art

It’s easy to hang your sculpture with just a few nails. Place the first nail within two design elements that are touching or notched. Then use a second and possibly a third nail, if the sculpture is large, to straighten and secure the piece against the wall. Just make sure that you don’t place a nail in an eye or a mouth. A viewer’s attention will go there quite naturally and therefore, directly to the nail. You don’t want that! This metal wall art makes for an excellent conversation starter—the perfect addition to any room where good things happen.

Celtic Wall Cross

This beautiful wall cross is made from stone resin and painted green. The center of the cross features the Claddagh symbol, representing love, loyalty, and friendship. Also engraved on the cross is a blessing in Irish Gaelic that reads “May your home be filled with laughter, May your pockets be filled with gold. And may you have all the happiness your Irish heart can hold”. This makes an excellent gift for anyone having a devotion to St. Patrick or of Irish descent!

Viking Ship Wall Art

This gorgeous wall art print is a great addition to any room in your home. It’s a high-definition giclee modern art work, picture photo printing on high quality canvas. Vivid colors of arts would brighten your walls and make this artwork more exciting! This wonderful piece measures 12x26 inches and comes in three sizes.

Celtic Cross Wall Hanging

This cross is made of resin and bronze, so it will not corrode or tarnish. It comes with a pre-drilled hole for easy mounting on the wall. The perfect gift for that Irish Catholic in your life!

Sri Yantra Wall Art

This Sri Yantra wall art is from the fourth-level mFG mind map collection. This sacred geometry artwork represents the vital force that is at the center of the universe – a constant force for change, a creative source of order and balance in our lives. The power of this 8th level thinking can help you overcome emotions, reach your goals, and tap into your latent potential to create more balance in your life!

Celtic Cross

This wall cross features Celtic knot work in a brushed metal finish for a Medieval look. The hand-cast aluminum cross measures 12″ tall x 8″ wide and hangs from a triangle hook hanger.

Hammered Iron Wall Art

The tree of life is a powerful symbol representing the connection between heaven and earth and eternal life. It also represents a family tree and the continuation of that family. The branch represents family members, reunion, and happiness.

Turtle Wall Art

This beautiful wall art piece is handmade in the USA using eco-friendly materials. The frame is made from recycled iron, and the glass is etched with an ocean scene. It measures 13x12 inches, so it will look great on a dorm room or kitchen wall or outside by the pool.

Tree of Life Metal Wall Art

This metal wall art is a great modern piece to hang in a minimalist space. The piece itself is simple, but the shadows and highlights that are created by the black background give it an extra dimension that’s really eye-catching. Since it comes with everything you need to install it, this can be up in no time at all!