55 Ceiling Tile Wall Art Pieces

Mug Shot Signs

This is a fun way to liven up a room without having to resort to funny t-shirts. You can create the illusion of more space with these tiles while still keeping within the confines of a ceiling grid. The tiles are lightweight and strong, so they won’t sag or break before you’re ready to replace them.

3D Wall Decals

Transform a boring wall into a realistic 3D spacescape with these removable, reusable 3D space wall decals. These are the coolest decor for any science-fiction or astronomy fan! Use them to transform your child’s playroom, man cave, or anywhere in need of an epic sci-fi vibe.

Stained Glass Tiles

These 3D wall panels are made from PVC and can be used as a wainscot or feature wall in your home. They come in a box of 12, which covers 32 square feet.

Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers

These adhesive mirrors are non-toxic, non-friable, and environmental protection and anti-corrosion. It is as clear and reflective as a class mirror but not sharp and fragile without any damaging. These mirror tiles can be applied in various occasions like the sofa wall, bathroom, bedroom, office, nursery, etc., very easy to paste them on almost every flat surface (walls or floors).

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This 3D faux brick wall decor is very easy to install. No holes need to be drilled which makes it safe for little fingers to install. The peel and stick design allows you to easily transform a room with a few simple steps. This set includes 10 sheets that are 5.69 square feet each, making it 56.9 square feet in total, or 10 packs that make up 571 square feet of wall decor all together!

3D Wall Stickers

A three dimensional wall sticker can really make a room pop! These are removable, waterproof, and come in a pack of ten so they’ll cover an entire wall.

Transparent Wall Hooks

These wall hooks are transparent, so they won’t interrupt the décor of your home or office. The adhesive is wider and stronger than most other brands, making them a great value.

Faux Ceiling Tiles

They’re not real tiles, but they sure look the part. These are made from foam board and let you customize your ceiling to match any decor. Since they come in 8-packs, you can cover a lot of wall space with them.

Holy Decoration Tin Wall Tiles

Holy Decoration makes these beautiful tin wall tiles that are perfect for adding a touch of the old world to your home. Made from authentic tin-plated metal, these tiles come 24 inches by 24 inches and have an antique white finish.

Popcorn Ceiling Tiles

A la Maison’s PopCeiling® is the world’s first and only ceiling tile designed specifically for covering old or ugly popcorn ceilings. The simple, affordable solution to a dated look that you just can’t live without!

Interlocked Circles 3D Wall Decor

This interlocking circles design is stunning and eye-catching. It’s a great alternative to traditional flat wall décor, transforming a space in minutes. The set comes with 12 tiles measuring 500mm x 500mm that cover 32 square feet when installed together.

Mosaic Mirror tiles

Get creative with these mosaic mirror tiles. They are a fun addition to any room and will be sure to impress anyone who sees them. Use the mirrors for decorating your walls, or as a floor mirror for your bathroom.

Diamond Wall Decorations

These 3D wall decorations are a fun way to liven up a space and make it feel more like home. They’re lightweight, so you can hang them with ease. Just be sure not to place them on high-traffic areas of the room!

Easy Peel and Stick Wall Panels

No glue, no mess, easy cleanup. Each 3D panel is 19.69″x19.69″ so you get a total of 12 panels that cover 32.3 square feet when applied to a wall. The panels are lightweight, durable, and flexible which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can handle sound-insulation without wearing out fast like paper products would.

3D Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wall Decals

These 3D self-adhesive vinyl wall decals are removable, washable, and perfect for adding a fun touch to any space. Whether you’re decorating a nursery or bathroom or want to spruce up your teenage daughter’s room these 3D vinyl wall stickers will be an instant hit!

Self Adhesive Mirror Sheets

This is a pack of 24 self-adhesive mirror sheets. They can be stuck to any smooth, flat surface to create a reflective wall! Since they’re self-adhesive, you don’t need nails or glue to put them up. The tiles come in packs of 24 and are 6 inches by 6 inches each.

Textured Wall Panels

These 3D plant fiber wall panels are a great way to bring some green decor into your home. They’re made out of 100% plant fiber, so they’re soft to the touch and virtually indestructible! The paintable texture makes them easy to install with just a little bit of glue.

Heart Mirror Stickers

These heart-shaped mirror stickers will add the perfect amount of romance to your home without being overkill. Your house will look like a romantic movie set! Put them on your bathroom or bedroom wall, and watch as his eyes light up every time he sees you.

Wave Board Wall Art

They will absolutely love you for this gift. This is a great way to incorporate some art into your home decor and make your space more unique and beautiful. The 3D wall panels are made from bamboo fiber, which makes them 100% recycled.

White Diamond Wall Art

This pack of 12 white diamond wall art tiles covers 32 square feet and is made from premium PVC. You can use them for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall decor, or anywhere else you want to add some bling!

Mermaid Wall Art

These mermaid wall art stickers are so easy to install and look fantastic. They come in a pack of 6, each measuring 30x30cm. The protect film has to be removed before applying the sticker. This is a must-have for any self-proclaimed mermaid fanatic!

Coat Hooks

These waterproof and oil-resistant hooks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They won’t fall off even it is under the bathroom shower, no affecting its adhesive power. 180 degree rotated hook to save more space in your kitchen or bathroom.

3D Wallpaper

This geometric pattern pack of 12 tiles covers 32 square feet and can be easily applied to any wall or feature piece with an adhesive backing. The pattern is repeated automatically, creating a modern rhythmic and geometric pattern on a feature wall or art piece.

Wall Mirror Stickers

These are adhesive mirrors that can be stuck to any smooth, clean surface. They come in a pack of fifteen and each measures 17 x 6.7 centimeters. The stickers are removable so they can be removed from the wall if you decide to change your decorating style.

Backsplash Tiles

These peel and stick ceramic tiles make a quick DIY backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. They are easy to install (just peel and stick), leave no sticky residue, and won’t damage your walls. Plus they look great!

Diamond Patterned 3D PVC Wall Panels

These diamond patterned 3D PVC wall panels are an elegant addition to any space. The walls will instantly change the vibe of a room with their modern and unique design. They’re also waterproof, so no need to worry about water marks or spills ruining them!

Sea World Wall Art

This large creative wall decal include 1 sheet of 38.5″x26.7″ and the finished size is approximately 36.6″x25.6″.The decoration is easy to paste and remove without harming the surface of the wall, it will not leave any sticky residue when you take it off! This sticker can last for long times without peeling, wrinkling or fading., 【PERFECT GIFT】: This sea world broken wall art would be a perfect gift for your kids who love animals and nature,or as a funny room decor., 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE】: You can also use this 3D Underwater world Sticker on your home interior such as bedroom ceiling, living room walls or kitchen walls etc., 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL & PERFORMANCE】: The quality of this 3D underwater world stickers are superior than other similar products in market because we use premium waterproof vinyl with excellent adhesive properties which ensures that our products won't hurt your skin if you happen to touch them accidentally while they are still wet from printing process .We have passed ISO9001/ISO14001 certification so all our materials strictly meet industry standards and are safe to be used indoors or outdoors (where applicable). If there's any problem about our product please feel free to contact us through Amazon website by clicking "Contact Seller" button at left bottom corner of each page before purchasing!, [READY STOCK] : We ship our orders within 24 hours after placing order so that you could receive your package before Christmas day! All items will be shipped via standard airmail unless otherwise

Reusable Stencils

If you’re looking for a craft to do with the kids that can be done both inside and outside these reusable stencils are perfect. They work great on walls, floors, furniture, or just about any other hard surface.

Diy Foam Seamless Wall Panels

It is very difficult to find a house that doesn’t have some wall decorations. These are the best option for you if you want to decorate your walls with something other than paintings or photos. The panels can be painted any color and will create the illusion of a seamless 3-dimensional wall.

Peel and Stick Wall Decor

The 3D diamond-shaped wall art panels are waterproof, fire-resistant, and don’t bend. The set comes with 12 sheets measuring 19.7x19.7 inches each; it’s a great way to spruce up a room without spending a lot of money on decorations!

Removable Wall Mirror Sticker

This removable wall mirror sticker will jazz up any room and make your life a little easier. Instead of looking for the light switch, you’ll have your reflection to check your appearance. This cute mirror is made from removable stickers, so when you want to change up the décor, just peel and stick another mirror on another wall!

3D Wavy Wall Panels

These 3D wavy wall panels are a fun way to add some visual interest to your space. Made from natural plant fiber (bamboo fiber), these 100% recycled panels are durable and easy to clean.

Wall Art

This pack of 12 decorative 3D wall panels is the perfect addition to your home decor. Made from 100% natural plant fiber, they are eco-friendly and will not damage walls when removed.

Boho Chic Wall Decals

Looking for something to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom? These boho chic wall decals are just what you need! Grab a bottle of wine (or two) and some friends to help you transform an entire room with these peel and stick vinyl wall decor.

Sunflower Wall Art

The bright, natural colors and delicate designs of our wall art add a touch of nature to any room. This set features several sunflowers and butterflies as well as the words “Be Well” in script lettering. The vinyl decals are removable, so you can choose which areas you’d like to apply them to before installing them on your walls.

Golden Hexagon Wall Decor

This pack of 20 golden hexagon wall decor is the perfect way to bring a little luxury into your home. You can use them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or as a TV background. They are made from faux leather and foam so they are very durable while still being soft to the touch making them comfortable for long-term display.

Popcorn Ceiling Tiles

Did you know that popcorn ceilings look dated? They are, so make a change and update your home with some modern day ceiling tiles. These high-quality tiles come in a variety of colors to suit any room or style. The peel-and-stick design makes the installation process quick and easy for anyone – even DIY’ers!

Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles

Did you know that 40% more area can be covered with a 12″ x 12″ peel and stick tile than a 10″ x 10″ wall tile? That’s the size of these Art3d tiles, which are also eco-friendly and resistant to heat and moisture. Just press the tile onto the wall, let it sit for five minutes, then pull off the protective liner, position it on the wall where you want it, and then gently push it into place. It’s that easy!

Ceiling Tiles

These are perfect for a minimalist or modern style home. They will add the perfect pop of color to your room and make it seem more spacious without taking up too much room. The best part is they come in 24 different colors so you can mix and match!

Acoustic Diffusion Panels

These acoustic diffusion panels use sound to diffuse the room’s sound, making it more comfortable for listening to music or watching a movie with friends and family. You can lay them on top of carpeting or hardwood floors if you want to create a different look in your room.

Wallpaper Remover Kit

This wallpaper removal kit is a great addition to any home decor lover’s gift box. The kit contains three essential items needed for removing wallpaper safely and effectively: a red squeegee, blue medium-hardness squeegee, and a craft knife with four replacement blades. Suitable for application of all types of wallpaper or stick on vinyl backsplash tile, trimming ceiling, woodwork or baseboard projects, vinyl wrap, window tint or glass film.

Command Picture Hanging Strips

Hang pictures without nails or a hammer with these damage-free picture hanging strips. These strips come in a set of four and each strip holds up to 16 pounds. The larger frame size means they will work on even large wall surfaces like the kitchen or dining room walls.

Hanging Wall Mirror

This is a great way to add some fun and color to a room that needs a little something extra. Also, these are super easy to install so you can spend more time looking fabulous and less time worrying about your reflection!

3D Wall Panels

These 3D wall panels are perfect for adding an artistic touch to a child’s room or playroom. They come in 12 pieces, each measuring 19.7 x 19.7 inches and have matte white finish with a thickness of 0.05 inches (1.2mm).

Wall Panels

These 3D wall panels are designed to look like real, peeled and stuck brick walls. They’re sound-insulating, anti-collision, and environmentally friendly. And the best part is that they come in 10 different colors so you can match your home decor no matter what color wall paint you have!

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen with a beautiful DIY backsplash tile design. Made from durable aluminum, these tiles come in 11.81 x 11.81 square inches and have an adhesive backing so they can be easily applied to any clean, dry surface.

3D Mirror Buttersflies

This set of 48 3D mirror butterflies is made from high-quality, lightweight plastic and can be easily applied to most flat surfaces with the included removable protective film. The butterflies are packaged in a sealed bag to keep them safe during shipping and storage.

PVC Ceiling Tiles

These antique bronze tiles are offered in a pack of 24 and come with nails, so they can be easily attached to the ceiling. The tiles have a tin-like finish due to their metal like composition.

3D Wall Panels

These 3D wall panels are durable and easy to install. They come in different colors, so you can change up the look of your room without having to paint the entire wall.

Vamos Peel and Stick Tiles

This pack of tiles comes with ten 11 x 11 inch tiles that are self-adhesive and can be stuck on the backsplash of a kitchen or bathroom without any damage to your walls. The tiles have a 2-3 mm thickness which makes them stronger than regular peel and stick vinyl tile.

Leather Tiles

These are not your grandmother’s leather wall décor tiles! These hexagonal tiles are made from real, high-quality faux leather. The durable design is perfect for a minimalist home that values modern style and texture. The set comes with 20 pieces and covers 7.4 square feet—a great value at under $200.

Brick Wallpaper

This faux brick wallpaper gives a cool modern vibe to any room of the house. The 3D embossed design is durable and sticks well to smooth or textured walls. It’s perfect for teenage boys who love being in the middle of action!

3D Wallpaper Stickers

This 3D wall wallpaper has a peel and stick backing so you can easily paste it on your walls and then remove it if you change your mind. This is the perfect quirky gift for that friend who has no idea what they want to do with their spare room!

3D Wall Panels

These 3D wall panels look great and are easy to install. Each panel is made of durable plastic with an open texture that makes them acoustically efficient. The matte white design blends well with most interior designs, but will also look good against a black wall.

Ceiling Tiles

These decorative tiles are made of lightweight PVC, flexible and will not crack, water and corrosion resistant for exceptional durability. They are perfect for covering walls or ceilings that need a subtle pattern to fill in some space or as an accent wall on the far side of a room from window to wall.