46 Box Wall Art Pieces

Indie Tapestry

This boho tapestry is a great gift for any indie lover. It makes the perfect addition to a minimalist or trippy room and adds instant character to a space. Use it as a wall hanging, bedspread, lightweight curtain, or beach throw.

One Small Positive Thought in the Morning Can Change Your Whole Day Sign

This beautiful sign is made from a wooden box and has a special saying on it that will make anyone smile! The primitive country style of this piece makes it perfect for adding some farmhouse decor to your home or office.

You Can’t Start The Next Chapter If You Keep Re-reading The Last Box Wall Art Sign

Decorate your home or office with this box sign decor with a motivational quote. A great reminder that will inspire you. Add character and charm to your living space with this decorative wall art. Made from sturdy wood, it makes a nice gift for anyone who loves reading!

One Small Thought Motivational Poster

This inspirational poster features a set of motivational sayings, each written on an individual wooden board. Choose which one inspires you the most and pin it up near your desk to read every morning before you start your day!

Good Friends Are Like Stars Sign

A saying on a sign can make all the difference when it comes to getting along. This rustic-looking sign is made of wood and has a beautiful saying on it about how important good friends are. It makes an excellent Christmas gift for your best friend or family member who’s having a tough year.

Wall Art Quote

This rustic wooden sign with a saying is perfect for a library, reading nook, home office, or study. It will add a quaint touch to any space!

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated Sign

This is a super cute sign that can be used as a coffee/end table or on the wall. It’s made from recycled wood and has a rustic look to it. The sign measures 12 inches by 5 inches, so it will fit right in with any farmhouse decor!

Wooden Art Boxes

These display boxes make a great home decor gift. Choose from four designs and frame them together to create one unique piece. The art will fit in any room of the house, especially a teenage girl’s bedroom or bathroom!

Box Sign

This rustic wooden sign includes a quote and is the perfect size to display in your farmhouse kitchen or anywhere else you want to add country charm. Made from eco-friendly wood, it’s also lightweight and easy to hang on a wall or free-stand alone on a tabletop.

Gold Leaf Wall Art

This set of three gold palm leaf shadow box framed wall art pieces make a great addition to any room. Each piece is 48 inches high and made from MDF wood with a plastic frame. The original painting measures 14 by 48 inches under glass and is hung on the wall using command strips (included).

Best Friends Are The People in Life That Make You Laugh Sign

This best friends are the people in life that make you laugh sign is a great gift for your favorite farm girl! This sign will look beautiful on her walls and it’s sure to bring a smile each time she sees it.

Retro Wall Art

This set of vintage retro wall art prints are perfect for adding an artistic vibe to a room. The four canvases depict different themes such as music, flowers, and nature. They come unframed but you can purchase a frame separately if desired.

Coastal Nautical Starfish Shadow Boxes

These shadow boxes make a great addition to any coastal-themed room. Packaged individually in clear packaging, each frame measures 5.5x5.5x1 inches and comes with four starfish.

Please Seat Yourself Bathroom Sign

This cute and clever bathroom sign is sure to bring a smile! It says, “Please seat yourself” and “Have a nice poop.” This would be fun to give as a housewarming gift or for anyone who uses the restroom. The sign measures 5 x 5 inches and is made of paulownia wood with a vintage textured finish.

No Coffee, No Workee Sign

It’s a hard life being a coffee lover. You have to get up and make the coffee before you can fully appreciate it. This sign makes the perfect gift for that caffeine-driven loved one in your life who could use some motivation to stop drinking all those cups of joe and start brewing some tea!

In This House We Are Real Sign

This sign is made of wood and measures 13×8-inches. It says, “In this house we are real. We make mistakes, we say I’m sorry, we forgive, we have fun, we are really loud – we give hugs.”

You Got This T-Shirt

If there’s one thing that 40-year-old women are good at, it’s knowing how to throw shade. This t-shirt comes in black and white so you can show off your sass while still maintaining a tasteful look.

I Love You Mom and Dad Sign

A cute wooden sign that your parents will love to have on display. The sign features a black and white photo of the two of you, a message to remind them how much they mean to you, and is laser cut out so it can be hung up immediately.

Box Wall Art

This sign, designed to look like a rustic wooden box, can be hung on the wall or free-standing. The sign can accommodate up to two 8″ x 10″ prints and one 4″ x 6″ photo.

Lovin’ Life at the Lake Sign

This sign is made from a wooden box and has a hanging loop so it can be displayed on the wall or hung on the wall. The sign says, “Life is Good at the Lake!” This would make a great gift for that lake house in your family.

Art Moving Boxes

Picture or mirror boxes make perfect packing and moving supplies for artworks, mirrors, pictures, collectibles and more. Use these boxes to pack artwork, mirrors (with glass), framed pictures, knickknacks—whatever you want to protect! These are the ideal box for up to 40” TVs. Wrapping items with packing paper or bubble wrap will help cushion them during transit and hinder movement. Also reusable and recyclable!

Rustic Wall Art

This rustic wall art piece is made from hand-cut rice paper and a wooden frame. The glass inlaid artwork enhances the 3D effect giving it an extra special touch! This makes a great gift for that artsy friend who loves to combine different styles and also needs some farmhouse decor.

Uplifting Cactus Wall Art

This set of watercolor cacti prints is a fun way to bring some life and color to a room while inspiring the mind and soul. These bright, beautiful watercolors will instantly add charm to any space with their unique style and vibrancy. This set of four prints is offered at an amazing price in this high resolution digital print format that offers stunning detail!

Wall Art Signs

These signs are made from eco-friendly pine and measure 7.25 x 5.5 inches, making them the perfect size to display on a bookshelf or as a nightstand decoration. The sign has several different designs available, including this one which is just listed above!

Cream and Taupe Paper Canvas Wall Decor

The paper canvas is the star of this wall décor set. The set comes on cream and taupe colored, geometric-patterned paper canvas with intricate paper cutouts that are framed in weathered finished wood. This abstract art looks great as a single piece or you can arrange the canvases together to create an interesting triptych.

Like a Book Wall Art

This is a unique wall art that can be displayed in many places throughout the home including the living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway. The 11.5″ x 15″ canvas measures up to gallery quality and is printed on both sides.

Abstract Art Prints

This is a great wall art for your home or office that can be customized by adding the couple’s names at a later date.

Love Wall Art Box Sign

This is a super cute sign to express your love for each other. This wooden box sign can be displayed on the countertop or hung up on the wall depending on your preference.

Toilet Paper Sign

This cute wooden sign is the perfect home decor to remind your friends and family that you love them. The saying on this sign says, “You will receive 1 piece wooden bathroom sign, which is printed with a motivational saying, you never know what you have until it’s gone – toilet paper for instance, funny quote to remind people to cherish the important things and person in life.”

Box of Bees Home Decor Idea

This rustic wooden box sign is the perfect gift for any bee lover. Hang it in your kitchen, dining room, or playroom to brighten up the place and remind everyone that home is where the honey is!

Keeps Me Going Until It’s Acceptable to Drink Coffee Wine Tumbler Mug

If you and your best friend share a love of coffee, wine, and witty sayings on t-shirts, then this coffee wine sign makes an excellent gift! The coffee wine box sign measures 12″x7″and is made with eco-friendly natural wood.

I Believe In You 6x4 Wall Decor

This cute little sign will inspire and motivate any mental health warrior to keep going. The inspirational sign is made from real wood and measures approximately 6 x 4 inches, making it the perfect size for a bedside table or desk.

Natural Stone Wall Art

This unique wall art piece is handcrafted by an artisan and made from natural stone. The glass front and back are clear, while the gold edge is made from agate, which makes each item different than the next.

3D Flower Wall Decor

This 3D shadow box home decor will perfectly match any interior design. It is made of premium durable plastic and plexiglass so it will last for years to come. The back of the frame is black flocking fabric which makes it easy to hang on your wall. This artwork provides a stylish, outstanding appearance, give your home a fresh and natural feel!


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Watercolor Wooden Box Sign

This watercolor wooden box sign is the perfect addition to any space. The inspirational saying on the sign, “Say Yes To New Adventures” will help you to embrace change and live life to the fullest!

Leather Wrapped Water Bottle

This is a fine reproduction of an extremely rare California Citrus Crate Label originally printed in the early 1900’s. The labels were used to identify crates of citrus fruit as they traveled from orchards to processing facilities. These days, these crates are filled with everything from lemons and limes to grapefruits and oranges.

Abstract Wall Art Set of 5 Pieces

A set of abstract wall art that can be arranged in a variety of ways to create an eye-catching display on your wall. The pieces are finished with a bronze frame for a clean edge and gallery-ready look.

Every Love Story Is Beautiful Box Wall Art

This sweet wooden wall art is the perfect gift for that newlywed couple who love to collect barnwood plaques. It’s from Barnyard Balloons and will look adorable in their home! This would also make a great wedding gift, housewarming gift, or just a thank-you gift after the happy event.

A Smile Costs Nothing But Gives a Lot Sign

This farmhouse-inspired sign is the perfect gift to give your favorite country girl. Made from wood and covered in paint, this sign reads “A smile costs nothing but gives a lot” which could be customized with any saying of your choosing.

Magnetic Dryer Sheet Dispenser Box

Who needs a tissue box when you’ve got a magnetic dryer sheet dispenser? This wooden box is designed to hold your dryer sheets so they’re ready and waiting for you next time you head to the laundry room. It makes for an excellent farmhouse laundry room wall decor, especially if it has those cute barn animals on it!

Intersecting Wall Shelves

These shelves are made from durable MDF laminate and measure 25.5″ high by 17.75″ wide by 4″ deep. You can mount them on the wall or set them on a tabletop, desk, dresser, or shelf—it’s up to you!

Coffee Quotes Wall Art

This coffee wall decor makes the perfect gift for a caffeine-loving friend or family member. This rustic wood sign with various funny coffee sayings will surely bring a smile to their face every time they see it hanging up!

Our Children Teach Us What Life Is All About Wooden Sign

This cute sign is the perfect piece of primitive country decor for your farmhouse. It’s made from sturdy maple wood and features a signed quote about life lessons learned through parenting. It makes a wonderful addition to any room in your home or barn!

Seascape Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift that will be enjoyed year-round, then these canvas prints are the perfect item to include on your list! Each print is printed with high-definition inks that will not fade over time, making it an ideal wall decor piece.