53 Botanical Canvas Wall Art Pieces

Botanical Art Set

Sometimes a girl just needs some artwork on her wall to make her feel like she’s not in an apartment alone. This set of three prints is from the Botany Collection by artist Tony Foti and measures 12″x16″. The collection includes more than 200 botanical images, all hand-pulled into these limited-edition prints with archival inks.

Botanical Print Wall Art

This modern take on botanical prints brings a nice touch of nature to your room. This piece depicting a green fern will provide a nice pop of soothing color while blending with your existing styles.

Botanical Prints Wall Art

These hand-cut, unframed 8×10 canvas botanical prints are printed on high-quality canvas and make the perfect addition to any home or workspace. They look great in living rooms, dens, bedrooms, kitchens, entries, dining rooms, cottages – anywhere you want to add a pop of color!

Golden Anniversary Wall Art

This beautiful set of golden anniversary wall art will instantly refresh and rejuvenate any room. It is a gorgeous abstract print that features beautiful shades of green leaves against a cream background. Each piece measures 12 x 16 inches, and there are three in the set.

Abstract Art Wall Decorations Set of 12

This set of abstract wall decor prints is a beautiful addition to any space. The vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and neutral tones will work with any style or décor. They make an ideal gift for someone looking for minimalist home decor ideas.

Watercolor Plant Leaves Wall Art

This set of three watercolor paintings makes a lovely home decor piece for your living room, bedroom, or meditation space. They are sure to be a constant reminder that the universe is on your side and always working for you!

Wall Art Set

This set of four botanical wall art prints is a great gift for any mom who loves flowers or decorates with mid-century modern style. These are the type of prints that you would find in a greenhouse at an old abandoned farm, and they will look beautiful in any room of your house!

Monkey in the Snow Wall Art

This wall art is a unique gift to give. It’s an abstract painting that shows a monkey in the snow. The canvas measures 12 x 16 inches and has three panels, so you can rotate this piece if you want to get multiple angles of your favorite TV show character!

Leaf Wall Art

This set of three canvas prints features botanical watercolor paintings that depict a variety of spring and summer-flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers. The artwork makes an ideal gift for the home decor lover who enjoys minimalistic design.

Watercolor Set of 4 Prints

These eucalyptus leaves are a perfect gift for your friend who loves minimalist design. The set includes four 8×10″ canvas prints, and the frames aren’t included.

Botanical Wall Art Canvas

This botanical art print is a great way to add more personality and life to a room that needs some extra color. Since it comes already stretched on wooden bars, all you need to do is find the best spot in your home for it and hang it up!

Seed Pod Art

If you’re looking for something to spruce up a spare room or office, this botanical canvas art is the perfect gift! Each piece is hand-stretched over wood panels and finished with UV protective coating. This means that it will last as long as your admiration does.

Modern Bathroom Decor

These modern abstract oil painting on canvas will look great in any room of your house. They are already stretched and framed, so you can just hang them up! Each piece is 12 x 16 inches, so they’ll fill a large wall space without taking much floor space.

Boho Wall Art

The third wedding anniversary is represented by the boho style, so this set of three canvas prints makes a great gift for your wife. Choose from different size options and framing styles to customize this set to fit her space and style perfectly.

Botanical Wall Art Prints Set of 6 Tropical Leaves Decor Plant Leaf Wall Art Canvas Prints for Wall Decor Green Wall Art Posters Set for Living Room Decor (8×10″ UNFRAMED)

This botanical wall art is printed on canvas, please note that it is not paper, it is a kind of better material for the poster, it is bright colors, soft texture, hight toughness, anti-wrinkle and fade-resistant feature. These tropical plants will look great in any room – especially a kitchen or bathroom!

Leaf Wall Art Prints

These botanical prints are printed on canvas, a type of material better suited for the print. The leaves are bright and crisp, and they use waterproof inks to ensure longevity and protection from fading. These would look beautiful above the bed or as part of a minimalist art display.

Botanical Prints Wall Art

This set of three botanical prints makes a great gift for that minimalist friend who loves plants! Since each print is 12×12 inches, they’re large enough to be appreciated but not so big that you have to keep them out in the open. The giclee printing process creates rich colors with depth and clarity, making these botanical wall prints look like actual paintings.

Succulents Wall Art

This set of four hand-drawn succulent plants wall decor canvas prints is the perfect gift for that friend who has a nursery or small garden. Each plant measures 12 x 12 inches and are printed on high-quality canvas with vibrant inks. The hooks are already attached, and they ship ready to hang!

Plant Prints

This set of watercolor botanical prints is extra special because the artist painted each one individually. The size is 8×10 inches, unframed, and the whole set comes in a decorative packaging that makes for a great gift idea.

Botanical Prints Wall Art

These unique prints feature various botanical illustrations that are sure to impress and delight. They make wonderful gifts for any friend or family member who is into decorating their home or workspace with artful pieces.

Botanical Prints

This botanical print set makes a great gift for anyone that loves plants or minimalistic decor. The 8×10-inch frames are easy to buy here on Amazon or at any department store. Choose the frame color, width & mat sizes that work with your decor for the perfect look in your home!

Wall Art Set

This set of botanical wall art prints is a beautiful addition to any home. The 8 x 10 inch size makes them perfect for framing, and they come in several different colors. They make great gifts for graduation, housewarming, or as a host/hostess gift.

Botanical Prints

Rustic botanical prints add charm and character to a space, making it feel more lived-in. This set of three is made from high-quality canvas and measures 8 x 10 inches.

Botanical Prints Wall Art Set of 6

This set of six botanical wall art prints is an awesome home decor addition. Printed on canvas, it’s a kind of better material for the art prints poster, it is bright colors, soft texture, hight toughness, anti-wrinkle and fade resistant feature and use waterproof inks. It is ideal for home décor, office décor or gift!

Botanical Prints Wall Art

This set of 6 green pictures prints features fresh green leaf art to make your room look quiet, pure and beautiful. Hanging greenery decoration plant wall art leaf print canvas in your office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, teen girls room and kids room will make a great addition to inspire you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Hanging Art

This unique wall art piece is a great way to add personality and color to your space. Made of durable canvas, it’s sure to weather any storm that comes your way. This item makes the perfect gift for friends who have just moved into a new home or apartment!

Spiked Cactus Wall Art

Nothing says “Arizona” to us Arizonans than a cactus. This wall art is an instant conversation starter and will be the envy of all your friends. It makes an awesome housewarming gift or birthday gift for that friend who has a cool enough room to warrant decorating it with a badass plant as wall art.

Blue Flower Painting Canvas Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of art is a simple and elegant way to add some color and character to a room. The painting measures 16 x 16 inches, making it the perfect size to fit in almost any space.

Abstract Flower Canvas Painting Wall Art

This beautiful flower wall art of hand-painted contemporary artwork was made using oil paints on canvas. Canvas art for wall is perfect for your living room, dining room, or even your office space.

Botanical Prints Wall Art

This botany wall art set of 8 x 10 inch prints will look amazing above your bed. The botanical prints are a best seller and make for a nice minimalist decor addition to your home or office. This is the perfect gift for those who love minimalism, boho style, rustic interiors, and greenery!

Copper Wire Wall Art

This copper wire wall art will look beautiful in your home décor. These pieces are hand-crafted and artistically designed, making them a unique addition to any room of the house. The set includes three pieces that measure 12 x 16 inches.

Retro Poster Prints

This is a set of two vintage-inspired art prints, printed on high-quality canvas fabric and mounted on wood bars with solid backings. The size of each piece is 19″x26″and the set comes in several colors.

Boho Wall Art

This set of 6 floral prints (unframed) are 8″x10″ and create a meaningful statement in every room. Printed on high-quality 350gsm art paper, our boho prints will match any of your existing minimalist wall decor and fit most standard frames.

Botanical Prints

These prints are unframed. They do not come with a frame. The designs are printed on acid-free 80 lb paper, and each is 8 x 10 inches.

Vintage Wall Art

This vintage-inspired wall art is a great way to add some charm to your home decor. The poster features different types of succulents and cacti, which are sure to impress any guest who sees it.

Wall Art Succulents

If you’re looking for a unique gift that will add life to a room without taking over the decor, succulents are the way to go! These are real plants with thick, healthy roots and no dead leaves. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit your space perfectly.

Botanical Art

A set of four botanical art prints, depicting leaves and flowers from the chrysanthemum, geranium, eucalyptus, and lavender families. Choose to print them in color or in black and white for a subtle yet stylish effect. The perfect gift for that minimalist friend who loves natural decor!

Botanical Prints

This set of four botanical prints is a great way to add some art to a room with little wall space. The size is perfect for fitting onto a standard-sized wall, making it an ideal gift idea for that minimalist friend who could use some help decorating.

Tropical Palm Leaf Wall Art

This gorgeous wall art piece will look great in any room of the home. It’s made from two 12×18 inch sheets of high-quality canvas that are sure to impress with their detail and vibrant colors. The pieces are joined at the top by a wire frame, which not only adds stability but also frames the picture for an elegant look.

Watercolor Minimalist Leaves Wall Art Print

This set of watercolor minimalist leaves wall art prints is a unique and modern gift sure to be enjoyed by the plant lover! The high-quality canvas makes this piece durable while maintaining its delicate qualities. This would look great in a nursery or guest room!

Tulip Wall Art

The phrase “the early bird catches the worm” doesn’t apply to tulips. This 4-panel canvas measures 30 x 30 inches and depicts a vibrant red tulip with a green leaf, yellow center, and blue sky. Since this item is shipped rolled up in a box it makes an excellent DIY project for those of you who are fans of painting with minimal tools required.

Leaf Wall Art

This set of three abstract leaf wall art prints comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose which will look best in your space. The medium-sized leaves measure approximately 16 inches by 24 inches and the large leaves are approximately 20 inches by 32 inches. These prints make a great addition to a living room, dining room, kitchen, or home office to add some greenery into the décor.

Watercolor Succulents

It’s hard to believe that these little succulents are real! They almost look 3D. These would make a great addition to a modern botanical print in any room of the house and especially in a home office. Also, this is one of the few sizes where you can get two 12×12 prints on one canvas.

Succulents Wall Art

Bring the joy of nature into your home with botanical prints and greenery wall art from Haus & Hues. Our minimalist wall art designs bring a sense of calm to any space while our boho floral prints make an excellent addition to a nursery or child’s room for a touch of sophistication.

Abstract Wall Art

This unique abstract painting will add a pop of color to any room of your home. Since it is canvas, you can move it around as needed to fit into the decor of your space. It makes a great gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day!

Botanical Art Prints

Add a little nature to your home with these beautiful botanical art prints. Printed on high-quality canvas, our artwork brings the outdoors in. Framed and ready to hang, each print measures 16 x 16 inches and comes with hanging accessories.

Watercolor Set of 3 Botanical Prints

This set of watercolor botanical prints is the perfect way to add some greenery and liveliness to a room. The images are green, olive branch-themed designs with gold leaves. These make great gifts for those folks moving into a new place who love plants or minimalism!

Botanical Prints Wall Art

The canvas is digitally printed using the latest printing equipments for fine art reproductions. Our product’s quality is high, the materials used are environmentally friendly and each product is made by hand.

Coffee Table Book

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Cool Art Prints

This set of lemon fruit art prints comes with three 8×10 prints that you can put together in a collage to make one larger picture. Each print is printed on canvas and unframed, which makes them great for DIY wall decor or gifts!

Monet Haystack Sunlight Waterlilies Canvas Print

This gorgeous canvas print measures 60″x16″ and makes the perfect addition to any room in your home. It is a reproduction of an oil painting by Claude Monet and it’s absolutely breathtaking! This piece would look stunning above your bed or in your living room as an art accent.

Fallen Leaves Wall Art

This hand-painted abstract canvas is a unique piece of art. It’s an original artwork and not a print. The artist, Susan Stinson, spent many hours on this one piece to bring you a breathtaking painting. This would look great in your living room or bedroom!

Monkey in the Snow Wall Art

This set of three prints features a variety of botanical subjects including a monkey jumping through snow, a sunrise over palm trees, and an orchid. Since each print is measures 30x40cm it’s perfect for displaying as a set on a 40-inch wall.