49 Black And White Music Wall Art Pieces

Guitar Wall Art

This is a canvas print of an artwork done by contemporary artists in the US. The colors are bright and lively, perfect for a living space. Also, it has a cool dual-view feature–you can see both sides of the canvas at once!

Classic Rock Poster

This set of four musical notes wall decor is a great way to jazz up your home bar or music room. The black and white design offers a subtle yet sophisticated style that will fit in any décor. This framed print makes the perfect gift for any music lover.

Wall Art

These motivational posters are a great way to inspire someone. They offer positive affirmations and can be placed anywhere in the home for anyone to see each day. These make a great gift for that college student moving into their first apartment or house, or even better as a Christmas gift so they have them ready for when they move into their first place together!

Abstract Black and White Guitar Wall Art

This abstract black and white guitar wall art will look amazing in your man cave, teenage boy’s room, or anywhere that needs a little extra style! This high-definition giclee picture printed on high-quality canvas makes for an eye-catching piece of art. Each panel is wrapped around the sides to create a three dimensional illusion.

Musical Notes Wall Art

This musical notecard print will look great in any music-loving home. Whether it’s a teenager’s room or an adult’s studio, this unique wall art piece is sure to impress!

Stretched Canvas Prints – Gallery Wrapped

This print is a fun addition to any music fan’s home. The high-definition picture printing on water-proof polyester canvas (280 GSM) makes for a gorgeous piece that can be displayed anywhere in the home or office.

Jazz Music Wall Art

This print was created by AtoZStudio with love and is looking for a nice place on your wall. Bright colors and high-quality performance will definitely bring you much joy and give your home plenty of sunshine even on the greyest day! Please, don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding the product or your order – we’ll gladly respond within 24 hours.

Smiley Face Poster

Who doesn’t like a good smile? This poster features a wavy black and white smiling face against a colorful background. It makes the perfect addition to your wall decor for that funky, vintage aesthetic.

Drum Set Wall Art

This set of 4 drum pieces is a fun addition to any space. It’s canvas so it can be wiped down easily if the kids get messy and it has built-in UV coating which also makes it moisture resistant, so no need to put covers on their drums!

Music Wall Art

This set of music wall art prints is a great gift for any music lover. It features five different musical notes to represent each key on the piano. These are sure to add some life and style to your living room or bedroom!

Music Photo Wall Art

This is a set of three 16×32 inch music-themed photo canvases that you can hang together or individually. The images are printed on high-quality canvas, then stretched by our skilled team to fit the frame perfectly.

Black and White Music Tapestry

This vibrant tapestry features a black background with white musical notes arranged in an abstract pattern. It makes for one of the best trends in wall decor to jazz up a room that could use some color. Hang it on your bedroom’s ceiling or as a curtain to separate your sleeping space from the living room.

Landscape Prints

Colorful art is always a nice addition to any space, and these landscape canvas prints will add some life to your walls! The artistically arranged trees frame the beautiful blue sky above. These are perfect as gifts for that friend who loves spending time in nature or has a home decor style that matches this listing.

Flower Wall Art

This unique flower wall art is sure to brighten up any space. Choose from various designs and colors so you can fully customize it for your home or office.

Motivational Wall Art

This set of three prints is a great gift idea for someone who could use some motivation to get them through the day! Printed on uncoated heavyweight matte paper, these prints are suitable for framing and make an impressive addition to any interior.

Piano Wall Art

It’s fun to play the piano, but it’s even more fun to look at a piano. This set of four black and white photographs features a grand piano against a brick wall—a great way to add some depth and dimension to your living room or dining room.

Hip Hop Wall Art

These vintage-inspired wall art pieces are printed on heavy weight cardstock and unframed. They make great gifts for any occasion, especially a high school or college graduation gift. You can choose from several designs including “It Was All A Dream” and “Keep Ya Head Up.”

J Cole Poster

This J. Cole poster is not only a cool piece of art but is also an amazing gift idea for any fan of J. Cole or hip-hop in general! The canvas painting size is 40x60cm and will look perfect on any wall in your house or apartment!

Vintage Rock Poster Bundle

What’s a rock star to do when they go away for the weekend? Why, take selfies with fans of course! This bundle includes six 8×10″ glossy photos taken at various concerts over the years. You get David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and more all in one convenient package.

Motivational Quote Wall Art

Looking for unique gifts for women that are inspirational? These wall art posters are a fun, functional way to brighten up her workspace or home office. Choose from four designs and frame them together or separately for an inspiring display in her home or workplace.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract painting would look great in a room with a neutral color palette and simple design elements. The artist’s unique style is easily seen in this work, which can be hung on the wall as is or transferred to canvas for an even more dramatic effect.

Art Prints

These printables will add a touch of home decor to your walls that can be used for both an affirmation poster and as inspirational quotes. The material is durable, the print quality is fantastic, and there are several different designs to choose from.

Neon Note Night Light

This musical neon night light is not only unique, it’s also pretty amazing. Not only will it give off a soft, warm glow but five different colors to choose from! It makes for an excellent gift idea for that special little girl in your life who needs a little extra light.

Set of 4 Wall Art Prints

This set of four prints makes a great gift for the home chef. Each print measures 8 x 10 inches and is printed on heavyweight matte paper, making it durable and suitable for hanging.

Vintage Wine Wall Art

If you’re looking for wine gifts for women, this is a great option. The vintage design of stacked wine barrels adds an artsy vibe to any room. It comes in three different sizes and can be hung on the wall or displayed on a table.

Black Queen Wall Art

This beautiful wall art is a great gift idea for that queen in your life! Whether you’re buying this as a Christmas present or an anniversary gift, she’s sure to love it. The art features the outline of a black woman wearing gold crowns with the words “Black Queen” beneath her. This would look stunning above your bed or in any room of the home.

Collage Poster Kit

This poster kit includes 60 collage pieces, so you can fill your entire room with bohemian décor! Create a DIY wall art look for your bedroom or boho living room. This poster comes with clips that allow you to display vertically or horizontally on the grid. Put together an eclectic mix of images and quotes that represent who you are as a person.

80s Music T-Shirt Set

Turn up the volume and crank up the nostalgia on these 80s music t-shirts. These vintage t-shirts will have your loved one singing, “We are the Champions” by Queen, “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys, or any of their other favorites!

Retro 80s Music Wall Art Set

This 4-piece wall art set comes in several colors, including red, black, gray, and white. It’s perfect for any retro fan of the 1980s! Each print measures 8″x10″ and has a unique design/abstract artwork.

Wine Decor Wall Art

This wine-themed wall art piece makes a great addition to the home of anyone who loves to drink. This canvas print measures 30x40 centimeters and is ready for framing, so it’s perfect as a gift!

Gibson Les Paul Guitar Art Print

This framed print is a great wall decor for any music lover. It features an awesome Gibson Les Paul guitar, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves to play guitars! This is also a really cool gift idea if you’re getting someone into heavy metal or just want to add some rock ‘n roll style to your man cave.

Guitar Wall Art

This is a great gift for any music lover. These pieces are 5×7 inches, and all together there are 10 pieces. Some of the paintings feature guitars, so this would be a perfect addition to a teenage boys room.

Abstract Art Prints

The best gift for minimalists is more minimalism. These black and white line art prints adopt classic black-and-white designs as a background, then add colorful women figures in minimalist style to create artwork that is both beautiful and functional. They make great gifts for minimalists who love to decorate because they are so easy to use! Simply choose which one you’d like, order it, and then pop it into a frame of your choice.

Unframed Art Prints

These retro baking art prints are a unique and thoughtful gift for that home baker! They’re available in several colors, so you can be sure to find one that fits with any kitchen decor. Each print features an inspirational saying along with a punny quote about baking. A great addition to your kitchen or dining room!

Black Queen Wall Art

This canvas print makes a great addition to your home or office. It is not only beautiful but also represents the queen bee in you! You can customize this piece by having it printed with any image or saying of your choosing.

Guitar Wall Art

This is a great gift for any music lover or guitar enthusiast that has space to hang it up. The print is high-quality and the canvas will not fade over time like posters can. It makes a great addition to their man cave, bedroom, baby nursery, playroom, teenage boy’s room, teenage girl’s room…the list goes on!

Vintage Style Wall Art Set

Love + House = Home is a family-run company with over ten years of experience in the home decor industry. We believe that all families are unique and deserve to be celebrated! Our wall art for your home will make you and your loved ones feel happy, think deeper, or just look cooler than before!

Abstract Minimalist Women Poster

This poster features an elegant abstract line drawing of a woman. She is posed in several positions, with flowers behind her and the city lights flowing in front of her. This makes for an interesting art piece that can be displayed anywhere in the home or office.

Wine and Wine Tumbler Set

A set of two wine glasses makes a wonderful gift. Choose from different colors for the glass and the stem. Include a note saying which wine they prefer to drink so they can pair their glasses with their favorite bottles.

Photo Wall Art Set

This set of 60 beige aesthetic picture posters is the perfect way to add color and life to a blank room or hallway. They are easy to make decorations, giving your walls a lovely finish with this beautiful wall decorating kit. Attach these beautiful pictures to your walls to add depth and personality to your space.

Wall Art Sugar Skulls

This set of 5 canvas prints is a unique gift idea for that skulls lover. The high-resolution giclee print on thick, high-quality canvas gives the appearance of a real painting. Makes an excellent addition to any home or office!

Moon Wall Hanging

This minimalist moon wall decor is a beautiful, on-trend addition to your home decor. It’s made from Paulownia wood and measures 12 x 11 inches. The crescent moon pattern represents fertility, creativity, growth and manifestation.

Red and White Rose Canvas Prints

This set of three red and white roses is a romantic gift for your wife or husband. Also, this anniversary gift can be hung on the wall to display as décor. This design comes already framed and ready to hang. Each panel has a wide hook already attached for easy hanging out of the box.[‘REGISTERED BRAND: NAN Wind', ‘SIZE: 12X12inchX3pcs., Stretched and framed,ready to hang. A strong hook is already fixed on each wooden inner frame for easy hanging out of box’]

Beating Music Posters

A set of three colorful posters that will bring a little beat to your day! The artwork features different styles of music and includes instruments like the bassoon, piano, drums, guitar, trumpet, flute and more. A great gift for any wall decor lover who likes listening to music.

Abstract Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift that will be sure to impress, then this abstract wall art is the perfect item. This high-quality canvas print measures 30cm x 40cm and comes in three parts which can be easily hung on your walls with included hooks.

Lounge Chair Wall Hanging

This beautiful painting is printed on canvas and has several holes in the corners for easy hanging. It’s a perfect wall hanging to accentuate any room of your home or office.

Music Notes Wall Art

This is a unique gift that can be displayed in many ways. It could be hung on the wall like a picture frame, or it could be used as a trivet for your favorite beverage. Also, you could write notes to each other using the musical notations so it adds an extra special touch!

Wall Art

This set of five modern canvas prints is a great addition to that minimalist’s home. Each measures 24 x 40 inches, making them perfect for filling an entire wall in the living room or dining room. The wall art is ready to hang, with nails already applied.

Music Wall Art

This set of three music wall art is made from high-quality canvas material and comes with a hook to make it easy to display. It’s perfect for adding some color and life into a room without taking over the whole wall.