52 Astrology Wall Art Pieces

Sun and Moon Tapestry

This zodiac-inspired wall tapestry is a trippy piece of art that will instantly add character to a space and make it feel like a universe away. Using advanced HD printing technology, the sun, moon, stars, skull, mountain pattern feature vivid colors and crisp lines to create a psychedelic atmosphere in your room within minutes! The perfect gift for stargazers or people who love their home decor to be on the wild side.

Wiccan Astrology Wall Art Set

This celestial set of prints makes a great addition to any space, witchy or not! Featuring The Sun, Moon, and several stars from our solar system (as well as the Big Dipper), this celestial art is sure to bring in some extra positive energy into your home.

Occult Wall Art

This set of six glossy prints is sure to be a showstopper! The images are printed on high-quality photo paper and come in at 8 x 10 inches. These make the perfect gifts for those who love decor that screams “I’m a witchy type of gal!”

Moon Phase Wall Hanging Boho Decor

A boho chic decoration for a moon lover. The wall hanging is made from gorgeous glittering metal and measures 34 inches in length. Hang it up with the included hooks over a shelf or as boho bedroom decor to unwind and feel less stressed. Made of gorgeous glittering metal, it’s sure to add some glamour to any room!

Sun, Moon and Star Tarot Wall Hanging

This wall hanging tapestry is inspired by a deck of vintage tarot cards. The beautiful tapestry features intricate designs perfect for enlightening your space with bohemian energy. Also comes with metal grommets at the corners for hanging.


Who doesn’t love a good tarot spread? These beautiful astrological tapestries are the perfect way to incorporate your interests into your home decor. The four tapestries included in this set, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun, The Moon, and The Star represent various aspects of astrology but can be combined in different ways to get a more specific reading!

Occult Palm Reading Prints

This set of prints makes the perfect gift for that palm reader in your life! Each print is 8 x 10 inches and made with high-quality inks on 100-year archival paper. The prints are ready to frame, or you can opt to have them matted if you prefer a more finished look.

Moon and Star Wall Art

This celestial tapestry makes the perfect addition to that space, and it’s on sale for a limited time. Featuring a full moon above two stars, it reminds us to shine bright like the starry night sky!

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This moon phase wall hanging is handmade with hammered metal moons and iron chains. Each piece is unique and original as you are. The piece can be hung vertically or horizontally and measures 36 inches.

Outer Space Wall Art

This set of canvas prints makes a great gift for that space lover. Each print is 30 x 40 centimeters and comes in three panels that are ready to be mounted on the wall.

Alchemy Wall Art Poster Set

If you’re looking for unique gifts for your favorite witch (or yourself), then this set of 6 alchemy wall art prints makes a great gift! Each print is 8 x 10 inches and comes unframed.

Capricorn Astrological Sign Prints

These prints will look beautiful in any room of the house and make for a great gift to welcome a new little goat into the world! Made with high-quality materials, these matte black 8×10 inch prints are printed on premium glossy photo paper.

Tarot Card Prints

How to Set the Tone of Your Room? How About from the Walls Out with This Unframed Boho Set of 3 Tarot Themed Art Print. This Astrology Themed Indie Wall Art Series Will Be the Focal Point of Your Space, Inspire Conversation When Friends Visit Your Home and Bring a Lot of Compliments to You.

Tarot Wall Art Set

This boho-vintage wall art set makes the perfect gift for that witchy teenage daughter or niece. The zodiac and tarot-themed prints make a great addition to any room and are sure to be adored!

Hanging Wall Art

If you’re looking for a gift that will truly wow them, then this is it! This set of three boho wall art prints are so unique and beautiful. Each one features a different zodiac sign in the corner with astrological symbols.

Long Moon Phase Poster

This beautiful 40×16 inches moon phase poster will be the highlight of any room. It’s a replica of one featured in the exhibit Saturn exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in NYC, which is only available there during certain exhibits. This is an edition of 100 pieces and each comes individually rolled up and packed in pvc pipes for safe shipping.

Sun and Moon Tapestry

Whether you want to decorate a room or just have something to lounge on the couch with, this sun and moon tapestry makes for an excellent addition. It’s available in four sizes and thirteen color options so you can be sure to find one that will fit your space perfectly.

Galaxy Constellation Wall Art

This beautifully illustrated constellation map print makes the perfect gift for that astronomer in your life! The high-quality canvas material and expertly printed constellations make this an outstanding piece of home decor.

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

The moon is the most familiar celestial object to humans, and it plays an important role in our lives. This tapestry shows a black-and-white version of the moon as it moves through its various phases, which are visible from Earth only during a lunar cycle (about 29 days). The tapestry’s size makes it suitable not just for hanging on a wall but also for covering a bed or carpet.

Moon Phase Wall Art

This moon phase wall art set of 5 is the perfect way to decorate your space and express your love for the moon. Each piece is handmade from sustainable wood, measures 18 inches by 12 inches, and comes fully assembled.

Full Moon and the Universe Wall Art

The beauty of our universe is truly amazing. This canvas print highlights different celestial bodies, from asteroids to galaxies and more. It makes a great addition to any space themed room or home decor.

Moon Phase Tapestry

This moon phase tapestry is a modern artwork composed of the moon and stars. It adopts HD printing technology, so the image will be clear and vibrant whether it’s printed on a t-shirt or a curtain.

Retro Tin Sign

These metal signs are a great gift for anyone that’s into vintage decor. They bring personality and style into your home while looking amazing. These signs are durable but look like they’d be easy to hang on the wall.

Moon Phases Canvas Print

This 16” x 24” canvas print features a detailed view of the moon as it cycles through each phase, including the new crescent moon, full moon, half moons, and so on. Since this is a canvas print you can mount it however you choose and even hang it up if desired.

Family Rules Wall Art

A family motto is a great gift to give that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. This sign features a fun saying along with some beautiful wood grain design and will look amazing in your home! It makes the perfect addition to your family room, kitchen, living room, or anywhere else you’d like to add some style and substance.


This tapestry is a great way to add some color and texture to a room without adding clutter. Also, it changes phases of the moon which adds interest for those who are into astronomy.

Hand-Painted Elephant Wall Art

This hand-painted elephant canvas will make the perfect addition to any room in your home! This gorgeous piece is sure to impress anyone that sees it. You can also check out these adorable elephants from our sister site, Two Little Monkeys’ Nursery.

Moon Phase Totebag

What a wonderful tapestry! This moon phase tapestry inspired by the whole changing process of “phase of the moon.” With hanging lever and hanging ropes, elegant tassels at the bottom, easy to hang.

Aries Zodiac Constellation Prints

These printable wall art prints make a great addition to any room of the home or office with their minimalist look and beautiful grey colors. A unique way to show off who you are, or a great warning to others!

Leo Horoscope Prints

These printable horoscope zodiac signs are an easy way to decorate your home or office for the astrology lover in your life, or even a baby gift for a friend who is expecting. These high-quality prints make great wall art and can be easily framed.

How to Set the Tone of Your Room Artwork

This minimal abstract wall art makes a great addition no matter your style. It’s perfect for a minimalist or boho home, adding color and art to your gallery wall while focusing on the design of each room. Pair it with these items here.

Sun Prints Canvas Art

This abstract artwork piece is a great addition to any space. The vibrant colors and minimalist style will make it easy to incorporate into your home decor. Pair it with other pieces from this collection for a cohesive look or add some artistry of your own.

Hipster Wall Art Pack

If you’re looking for unique art that is a little off the beaten path, then this spiritual prints pack might be just what you need. This set of six unframed 8×10 inch glossy photo prints are made with the finest quality inks and papers and come ready to frame.

The Sun and Moon Tapestry

This psychedelic abstract tapestry is sure to up the space art game. Featuring tie-dye moons and suns, this tapestry looks more vivid, realistic, and colorful in person. It will bring a fun pop of color to your room!

Taurus Constellation Prints

Looking for the perfect gift for the astrology lover in your life? Or even a baby shower gift to predict the temperament of the baby. These prints make a great addition to any room with their minimalist look and beautiful grey colors. A great way to really show off who you are, or a great warning to others!

Astrology Prints

“Celestial Modern Art Prints – Set of 3 (8x10) Inches Glossy Trendy Boho Chic Terra Cotta Minimalist Contemporary Abstract Hipster Wall Art Decor – Faces Hands Moon Stars Sun Planets” is a pack of 3 unframed 8×10 prints on glossy photo paper. These prints are a beautiful way to add a modern touch with cosmic energy to your space. With terra cotta colors and a minimalist look, they would look amazing on any wall in your space.

Photo Coasters

This set of six is printed on heavyweight, textured paper and will look great in a home or office. The set includes four women and two men, all wearing vintage style clothing with lots of grunge details. Perfect for the bohemian in your life!

Set of 4 Zodiac Wall Decor

These beautiful zodiac wall decor posters are a great way to add a little bit of art and personality into your home. Made from 300 gsm offset acid-free paper, each poster comes with double-sided tape on the back for easy hanging.

Hanging Wall Art

This wall art is a great gift for the space-loving moonie. The poster features the moon’s phases in bold earth tones—navy blue, mustard yellow, terracotta, and maroon. A different spin on the usually muted boho-look. Also available as a phone case and shower curtain!

Cancer Zodiac Sign Wall Art

A great gift for a cancer in the home, this print features an outline of the zodiac sign with some really creative words. The perfect combination of art and decor to make any room pop!

Moon Phase Art Print

This moon phase print is a fun way to get your space just how you like it. Printed on high-quality canvas, this piece will look great in any room of the house and even as a unique gift.

Cat Journal

This print set of 6 makes a great gift for any animal lover. The images are printed on high-quality, glossy paper and come ready to frame.

Wood Moon Phase Wall Art

This unique wooden moon phase wall decoration will bring a different feeling to your apartment, house or dorm. The length of the product is 13.1-inches and includes seven different phases of the moon, each one measuring approximately 2.4-inches. When you hang up the moon decorations, you don’t need special tools or worry about damaging your walls. It’s light (less than 1.4 pounds), and we provide a nailed nail, so that you can quickly fix it on the wall.

Moon Phase Wall Art

Give your space a celestial makeover with this moon phase tapestry. Featuring the waxing gibbous and full moon phases, it’s the perfect way to add some pizazz to a room without taking up too much wall space.

Libra Zodiac Sign Wall Art

This Libra zodiac sign print makes a great gift for those in the 12th house of relationships, or for anyone who is looking to upgrade their bedroom wall art. Printed on high-quality Fuji crystal archive paper, this piece is bound to become a mainstay in your home décor!

Moon Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a great way to bring good luck and fortune in your dreams. Also, it’s a beautiful piece of art that will be the center of attention wherever you display it! The gentle dream catchers are not only the best gift for girlfriend, wife’s wedding anniversary, child’s birthday, or Mother’s Day but also the high-quality interesting led wind chimes gardening/home gift for anniversaries.

Moon Phase Tapestry

This moon phase tapestry makes the perfect home decor for a lunar lover. Featuring an intricate pattern inspired by the phases of the moon, this high-quality cotton/linen tapestry is sure to impress! Available in several sizes and colors.

Middle Earth Map Tapestry

The beauty of nature and the wild landscapes in which we live are captured perfectly on this 100% polyester wall tapestry. It makes a wonderful gift for any fan of The Lord Of The Rings or J.R.R. Tolkien’s other works!

Sun and Moon Art Prints

These prints will look great in a nursery or child’s playroom. They will remind them of the wonder of the universe and the power of their minds to control it. The sun shines in an earthy sky, while the moon glows amidst glittering stars—a celestial hand plucks them right out of the sky.

Moon Phase Mirror Set

This moon phase mirror set is made of birch wood and acrylic panels. The five pieces can be easily connected to make a larger image or they can be freely rotated to create various phases. These wall decor accessories will give your home that bohemian, earthy vibe you’ve been going for!

Psychedelic Tapestry

This eye-catching tapestry will add the perfect amount of boho style to your space. Featuring vibrant colors and intricate designs, this psychedelic tapestry makes a great addition to your home decor.

Wall Art Tapestry

This is a super cute tapestry that can be used as decor or to cover a bed. It has different zodiac signs than the one above so it makes for a great gift set!