57 Asian Silk Screen Wall Art Pieces

Large Folding Fan

This large wall fan is perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. It’s made from wood and measures 60 inches across when open. The print has been hand-painted, so it’s not a vinyl decal. Available in several different designs, including this one!

Waterfall Wall Art

This beautiful waterfall wall art will look great in any room of the house. It’s a fine piece to add to your home decor for any season but especially for the fall and winter months. This wall decor measures 37 x 12 inches and is made from silk so it’s durable but still looks elegant.

Seven Lucky Koi Fish Canvas Art

This beautiful print depicts seven koi swimming in a shallow pool, their attention momentarily distracted by a ripple on the surface of the water. Celebrated for their beauty, koi have been cultivated for centuries in Japan and China, where they are displayed in ornamental pools. This beautiful canvas wall art features a unique perspective that mimics the surface of one of these koi ponds.

Landscape Painting

This hand-painted black and white landscape oil painting is a great way to add some art to your space without going all out on a big piece. The different climates represented in the various shades of blue make this piece look dynamic, which makes sense since it’s meant to be hanging in someone’s home!

Mountain River Scene Asian Wall Scroll

This gorgeous mountain river scene asian wall scroll is printed using an original artwork and rendered in 3D for a truly lifelike look. The print area measures 12″x36″, and the matte supports up to 84 lbs! It’s made of fade-resistant art silk paper that won’t yellow over time, so it will always look fresh.

Tiger Scroll

This 40″ x 30″ silk scroll painting is a unique way to bring the spirit of traditional Chinese paintings to your home. It’s sure to be a showstopper and conversation starter! Learn about the history and culture of China by viewing this beautiful piece in detail.

Asian Wall Scroll

Bring a touch of the Far East to your home with this Asian lithograph wall scroll displaying a traditional design. Perfect size as a wall decoration or elegant gift, measuring 36″ long x 12″ wide. The lithograph inside the matting measures 17″ x 8.5″. Printed using digital rendering of original artwork, it’s fade- and humidity-resistant rayon (art silk) matted with a brocade for durability. Handsome solid wood scroll bar at bottom, with convenient loop at the top for hanging.

Love Birds Wall Decor

This beautiful and delicate wall art piece is sure to add the perfect touch of elegance to any space. The three sizes offered allow you to choose the best fit for your wall.

Japanese Anime Wall Art

You’ve just got to love the design of this poster. The colors are amazing, and it is so well done. I would say that this poster would be great in any room but especially a teenager’s room or an anime fan’s room!

Mermaid Clock

This gorgeous wall scroll displays a traditional design that’s both elegant and enchanting. Printed using digital rendering of the artist’s original artwork, this vibrant piece will make any room feel like a secluded cove. The perfect gift for anyone who loves beautiful things in their home!

Samurai Wall Art

This is a great wall art piece that will fit right into any home decor. It makes a great gift for that husband of yours who loves history and anime! This print measures 16 x 35 inches and has an ultra-high definition pigment ink printing process exactly as the original artwork by artist Jiro Horikoshi which was used in the 1930’s when this design was originally created for armor.

Wall Hanging

Sometimes the most elegant gifts are the ones that have no words at all. This stunning wall hanging will be a treasured addition to their home decor collection. The best gift is one that they’ll use every day, and this is a must-have for any minimalist or minimalists who live in a place with kids—you can’t go wrong with cuteness!

Coastal Lighthouse Prints

If you’re searching for a unique gift that will be treasured forever, then these coastal lighthouse prints are the perfect item. The high-definition inks injected into each canvas print result in vibrant colors and an ultra-realistic finish that makes them look just like the real thing!

Wall Art Set of Four Chinese Scroll Wall Hanging Art

How many times have you gone into a room and just wanted to take in the whole vibe? This wall hanging scroll can be added to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, dining room, bathroom, or bar. It’s beautiful art that will instantly add charm and beauty to any space!

Clouds Over Sidra Tree Art

This is a set of three, 12 x 16-inch canvases that depict scenes from the book Clouds over Sidra. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves to read!

Psychedelic Wall Hanging

This psychedelic crescent moon and star tapestry is made from a silky polyester blend fabric in Turkey. The material features vibrant colors, crisp lines, and clear image that will provide an elegant look for years to come.

Modern 4-Piece Canvas Wall Art Set

This set of modern canvas wall art prints is stretched on wooden frames and ready to hang in a box. The size is 30 x 30 centimeters, which makes them great for almost any room in your home. They also come with hooks already attached to the back so you can easily hang them up!

Screen Printing Fabric

You can’t talk about screen printing supplies without mentioning this fabric. It is ideal for making t-shirts, bag straps, and even clothing! The high quality polyester filament makes the mesh very strong so your design will hold up to washing and wearing.

Nostalgia Poster

This is a great gift for that college grad who has room to display their accomplishments. The three panels contain inspirational quotes about perseverance, passion, and hard work. This would look great in a dorm or as a housewarming gift!

Ocean Themed Wall Art

This ocean-themed set of canvas prints is a great way to add some color and lightheartedness to a room. It comes in three different sizes so you can choose which one will look best in your home.

Cherry Blossom Art

These traditional Chinese art panels are a great way to add some interest and character to a room. The lacquer work is intricate and beautiful, as the artist was able to depict multiple scenes on each panel. Since they come in sets of six, you won’t be stuck with just one cherry blossom tree!

Fancy Stencils

A border stencil is a great addition to any home decor. They are an easy and affordable way to transform a room that doesn’t have much personality or needs some extra flair. Create your own design with the large range of designs available, including Christmas decorations, Summer time fun, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day hearts! Use them as an accent wall in the living room or bedroom for a burst of color or on the kitchen floor for easy clean-up when you’re having friends over for drinks and dinner!

Landscape Canvas Prints

These canvas prints make the perfect home decor for anyone who loves a good nature picture. Whether it’s a rustic country farmhouse or an urban loft, these canvas artworks will fit right in and add charm to your space! The images are printed on high-quality canvas using superior ink that is guaranteed not to fade for at least 50 years.

Landscape Painting

This is a beautiful landscape painting that could be used in any room of the house. If you’re looking for art for a child’s room, this print may not be suitable as it is quite large and may be too difficult to frame. Since it is made out of silk, it will not fade or lose its color even if it gets wet which makes this an excellent gift for someone who has a home decor-related job!

Peach Blossoms Prints

This set of three prints is the perfect way to display your admiration for her. The high-quality canvas prints come ready to hang, with a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging.

Dragon Wall Hanging

Love dragons? This graceful 15×15 wall hanging is made from 1/4-inch silk fabric and features a traditional design. It’s ready to hang, but we recommend framing it for a more finished look.

Large Wall Fan

This hand-painted wall fan is a beautiful representation of the sunrise over the sea. The sun’s radiant energy turns the sky orange, which is reflected in the waters below. Orange is a warm and stimulating color that will add a burst of energy to any room in your home, office, or business.

Watercolor Landscape with a Boat and Mountains Print

This watercolor landscape print is beautiful. The mountains, lake, and boat are all painted in watercolor to create this calm scene. Add a little color to your home decor with this lovely piece!

Cherry Blossom Garland

Elegant, natural-looking flower decorations are a great way to add some color and life to a space. This cherry blossom garland is made from real flowers that have been hand-tied with japanese crepe paper streamers. The garland measures 5 feet in length, so it can be cut to any desired length.

Gorgeous Asian Wall Scroll

Grace Art is a popular brand of lithograph wall scrolls. This one is from the artist Zhang Xiaogang and displays an autumn scene with yellow mountains in the distance. You could hang it up or just keep it on a table for people to admire.

Wall Scroll

A wall scroll is a beautiful way to add art to your home that will last for generations. This artwork was created by rendering the original artwork using a digital textile printer, followed by hand finishing the matting and other finishing touches. The result is a vibrancy that will leave you breathless.

Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art

This beautiful piece of wall art is a stunning display of the Chinese calligraphy style. The artwork displays three different types of calligraphy in one piece, including seal writing, small character writing, and big character writing. This would look perfect above your bed!

Water Bottle

This is a great solution for parents who have lost keys or get locked out of the house. Just fill it with keys, attach it to a rock and hide the rock somewhere in your yard. If they need to leave quickly, they can grab the key-rock and go.


This super-soft polyester tapestry is made from eco-friendly materials and has a beautiful design that will add charm to any space. It’s perfect as a bedspread, curtain, wall hanging, or table cloth.

Wall Decor

This wall decor is a gorgeous and unique way to add color, life, and character to your space. This can be used in the kitchen or dining room, as well as the living room or bedrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Feng Shui Bedroom Decor

The universe has a perfect balance of yin and yang elements that create harmony. This feng shui item is great for adding any type of décor to your home, especially if you’re looking to add some Asian flair!

Sunset Crane Wall Art

This hand-painted gold leaf wall art evokes the feeling of being in an exotic Asian locale. The piece includes two cranes in a gorgeous orange sunset. This would look great on any Asian-inspired décor such as a Zen room, napping spot for your baby, or dining room.

Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

This gorgeous jewel case is handmade from authentic leather and beautifully hand-painted. The inside of the box is lined with green velvet, and there are two drawers at the bottom for storing accessories like earrings or necklaces. This piece makes a great gift for any vegan who loves to dress up!

Canvas Wall Art

Stretched on durable and shrink-resistant canvas, our artwork offers the best quality available in the industry. Each piece is hand painted and meticulously detailed by professional artists to give you a truly unique wall décor experience.

Wall Hanging

Bring a touch of the Far East to your home with these gorgeous Asian wall scrolls. Each is created by rendering the artist’s original design using a digital textile printer, and then hand finishing the matting and other finishing touches. The result is a vibrancy that will leave you breathless.

Room Dividers

This room divider is a fun way to create privacy in a room while still being able to keep an eye on things from afar. Four panels fold up for easy storage when not in use, and the frame is made of wood with veneer.

Cherry Blossom Art

This vibrant watercolor painting style cherry blossom will look great on your wall! The artwork is printed on canvas and stretched to fit the size of the frame. It comes already hung, so all you have to do is find a place for it!

Teal Bedroom Decor

This is a great gift for the home decor lover. It’s three panels of canvas prints already stretched on solid wooden frames, with hooks and accessories, ready to hang. Pair it up with some neutral colors like these pillows here to create the perfect room makeover!

Coral and Fish Modern Home Decor Wall Art

This canvas print makes a great addition to any home which loves the ocean. The vibrant colors will make this piece pop against any color wall! Whether you hang it on your living room, dining room, or bedroom walls, this artwork is sure to impress everyone who sees it.

This elephant print is an abstract painting, and it would look amazing in your living room! Printed on a waterproof canvas with fade resistant ink, this 24×36 inch wall art is ready to hang.

Room Dividers

This is a cute room divider for small spaces. It can be folded up when not in use and comes with its own carrying case. If you need some more space, check out these ideas!

Watercolor Paintings

This is a beautiful, hand-painted screen print from the Tang Dynasty. It measures 36″x24″ and is printed on silk paper using black ink. There are no two prints exactly alike, making each one a unique work of art.

Folding Screen Room Divider

The room divider is ideal for creating privacy or a cozy space in a living room, family room, den, bedroom, sunroom, kitchen nook or anywhere else you’d like to create some seclusion. This divider easily folds up for storage when guests are over and can be used as both an interior and exterior screen wall.

Feng Shui Wall Art

Celebrate the power of feng shui with this gorgeous wall art. This is a high-quality silk scroll printed on both sides using a digital textile printer. It comes in several sizes and includes hangers for easy installation.

Happy Couple Wall Scroll

This gorgeous wall scroll displays a traditional Chinese painting of a happy couple on their wedding day. The print is rendered using digital reproduction methods and then hand-finished with silk screening, lacquer, and gold leaf accents. The 36” x 12” size makes it an ideal gift for anyone who loves to be surrounded by pretty things!

Over and Over Glue

Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over gives you a temporary bond, so it’s the perfect way to use appliqués over and over. So you can create a themed shirt for the school play, then remove the appliqué after the performance. Or maybe you want to “dress” a sweater for a holiday theme, then wear it plain throughout the season. Sticks to most surfaces, including fabric, wool, paper, metal, glass and plastic.

Folding Fan

This hand-painted, high-quality bamboo wall art makes a great gift for anyone who is into traditional Asian design. The fan measures 40″ wide and 24″ tall when fully opened. It’s perfect as stunning wall art, an interesting conversation piece, or as a traditional Asian gift.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Planter

This eclectic wall art piece will look great in any space. Made of wood and canvas, it is lightweight and easy to hang with its bracket mounting system.

Japanese Wall Art Set

This set of six Japanese-inspired prints is a great addition to any home or office. The prints depict traditional scenes from Japan, including the cherry blossoms, waves at sea, koi in a pond, and sakura (cherry blossom) trees. The colors are vibrant and the pieces are printed on high-quality paper.

Large Wall Fan

Deep in the heart of the Orient lies a peaceful forest. Inside is the serenity that can so often be found in Asia. Soft-moving waterfalls spill their waters and over a scenic brook. A beautiful meadow can be seen nearby while a small flock of birds fly over the brook. The peaceful earthy colors of green and blue are painted throughout this gorgeous work of art, which makes for an ideal gift for anyone who loves wall fans!

Fantasy Valley Fan

This is a great gift for fans of Asian design and culture. The fan has hand-painted art on both sides, depicting a traditional Thai village scene. It opens up to 40″ or 60″ and folds up into a compact bag for easy storage when not in use.

Wall Scroll

Bring a touch of the Far East to your home with this stunning Asian art print. Printed using digital rendering of original artwork, it’s on durable art silk that won’t fade or mildew. It makes an elegant gift for your favorite bibliophile!