58 Asian Panel Wall Art Pieces


This is a great gift for your husband who loves to be cool. The fan measures 60 inches when opened and folds up nicely when you’re not using it. It comes with 4 different paintings by artists in the Philippines.

Japanese Art Prints

This set of six prints makes a great gift for the art-loving friend or family member who’s also interested in Japanese culture. Included are iconic cherry blossoms, the great wave poster, koi fish wall art, and a sakura tree poster. Creative and vibrant, these Asian posters and oriental art lets you explore and appreciate the decorated culture of the land of the rising sun.

Teak Wood Wall Art

This beautiful wall art is handmade from teak wood and painted with a brown finish. The artist carves the piece by hand to give it unique detail. Since this item is made to order, no two pieces are ever alike, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Home Decor Wall Art

This set of three canvas prints is a fun and unique way to accent your home. The abstract, modern artwork comes ready to hang on the wall and features vibrant colors that are sure to create a great impression.

Lucky Elephant Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique home decor gift, these lucky elephant wall art is absolutely beautiful and unique. Hand-crafted from teak wood with a gorgeous brown finish. Each piece is different due to the hand-carving process, making it one of a kind!

Tropical Birdhouse

This birdhouse will make a great addition to your garden. Made of teak, it has a metal keyhole for easy installation on a stake (not included) so you can enjoy the birds’ song year-round without having to worry about the house falling down during a storm. A unique gift for anyone with an appreciation of tropical design and/or birdsong.[*]['Size: 35.5"x13.5"x0.5", Weight: 6 lbs', 'Material: Teak Wood', 'Home Décor, Wall Art, Unique Cabinet doors and vanities']

Doppelganger Poster

This high-quality multi-panel poster is printed onto quality 250 gsm thick satin paper. The overall image is made up of 8 separate paper panel sections. When placed together they make up the large image. Size – 118.8 x 84 cm (46.7 x 33 inches).

Cute Beach Decor

This wooden wall art is a beautiful addition to any room in your house. It’s made from teak wood and measures 12 x 17.5 inches, which is larger than you think! The intricate detail on the piece makes it look like it was carved by hand.

Dragon Wall Art

This is a set of three dragon prints that are ready to be mounted on your wall and make a stunning addition to your home décor. The prints measure 16″ by 24″, and each one is printed on durable canvas using the highest quality inks available.

Landscape Themed Wall Art

This set of three canvas prints will look great in any space. Each 12 x 16-inch panel features a different mountain landscape—a mountain lake, snow-capped mountains, and cherry blossoms—and is printed on high-quality canvas with an elegant black border.

Landscape Canvas Prints

The canvas is digitally printed using the latest printing equipments for fine art reproductions. Our product’s quality is high, the materials used are environmentally friendly and each product is made by hand. These prints make a great addition to any room in your home or office!

The Starry Night Canvas Prints

This set of three canvas prints is a great way to add some modern art to your home! The high-quality paper ensures that the images last for many years, and they are ready to be hung up immediately upon delivery.

Rustic Wall Art Set

This set of three canvas prints brings an enchanting aesthetic to your home. This canvas wall art set features a forest setting and pond, in cool and natural hues, across the three canvases, creating a serene landscape. A light gel coating adds a textural element, while 2 D-rings make each canvas easy to hang and arrange on your wall.

Abstract Mountain Landscape Wall Art

This abstract mountain landscape wall art is a beautiful piece that will work well in any home and space. The canvas prints are already stretched on solid wooden frames, gallery wrapped, with hooks and accessories.

Landscape Fan

This vibrant landscape wall fan portrays a busy Thai village during the early morning hours. Beautifully hand-painted, this inspiring scene will create an awesome Asian decorative effect in any room and on any wall. The brilliance of the sun can be seen reflecting in the colorful waters of the river that runs through the village. The sunlight has cast an orange-like glow on the waters, as green lily pads dot the river in the foreground. A boat can be seen docked ashore. The village people can be seen throughout the painting, active with work. Several of the traditional Thai huts are featured in this work.

Thai Lotus Flower Wall Art

This beautiful lotus flower wall art piece makes the perfect addition to your home decor. Made from teak wood, it measures about 12 x 18 inches and is 0.5 inches thick. The artist who made this plaque is from Thailand and has been practicing his craft for ten years.

Sunrise Fan

The sun’s radiant energy turns the sky orange, which is reflected in the waters below. Orange is a warm and stimulating color that will add a burst of energy to any spot in your home, office, or business. The color orange is also associated with concentration, spirituality, and adaptability. In Buddhism, it is viewed as the color of illumination and thought to be the highest state of perfection. The cranes in the scene are a popular motif in Asian art. They symbolize long life and good fortune. Chinese mythology believed the crane to live for 1,000 years. It is also said they mate for life.['60" W x 35" H when fully opened', 'Handcrafted folding frame made from sturdy Thai bamboo.']

Large Teak Carved Wall Art

This hand-carved wall art is created from a teak wood and features Asian designs. It can be used as a display piece or hung on the wall to fill an empty space.

4-Piece Canvas Print Set

This is a set of four 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inch) high-definition modern green romance canvas paintings wall art prints that are stretched for home decorations. Since the canvas prints are already perfectly stretched on wooden inner frames with hooks mounted on each panel ready to hang out of the box, it’s sure to captivate wherever it’s hung.

Waterfall Canvas Prints

This is a 5-piece canvas print set of a beautiful red waterfall. The prints come in several sizes and are ready to be hung on the wall. Since these are canvas, they’re much lighter than framed art and will look great with any decor.

Wall Art Set

This canvas print is already perfectly stretched on wooden frame with hooks mounted on each panel for easy hanging. It makes a great piece of art that you can display in your man cave, bedroom, dining room, living room or office.

Teak Wood Wall Art

This beautiful teak wood wall art is hand-crafted in Thailand. The plaque measures 24 x 24 inches and weighs about 5.5 pounds, making it a great piece for displaying on a living room or dining room wall.

Teak Wood Wall Art

Add a touch of the tropics to your home with this beautiful teak wood wall art. Made in Thailand, it expresses a wonderful home decorative ambiance and will be cherished for years to come.

Click N’ Color Puzzle

This is a set of three panels that can be hung together or displayed separately. This will look beautiful in any room of the house and makes a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Tutu Beer Still Life Painting

This is a unique way to show off your beer drinking skills and decorate your man cave or brewery with style. This still life painting measures 12″x12″ and is printed on 100% cotton canvas. The frame is black wood, the back of the canvas has been stretched so it will fit in a 12″ x 18″ frame if you prefer to keep it that size.

3-Piece Wall Art Set

This 3-piece wall art set is a great way to jazz up a room with some modern style. The set includes one 16x32 canvas, three black hooks for mounting on the wall, and three clear bags in which to store them when not in use.

Wieco Art Modern Red Plum Blossom 5-Piece Giclee Prints

This high-quality giclee canvas print is a great way to show off your favorite photos. This print delivers vibrant color accuracy on all of our products, making them ideal for both photo walls and gallery walls. Whether you’re looking for a different way to display your favorite memories or just want to add some art to your home, these canvas prints are the perfect solution!

Abstract Flowers Giclee on Canvas Prints

“High-Definition modern canvas print artwork, picture photo printed on high quality canvas. A great gift idea for your relatives and friends.” Wieco Art is one of the largest online suppliers of modern canvas prints, including abstract paintings, acrylic paintings, mixed-media paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings, painting photographs, photo to portrait painting, photo to canvas print and more. Our wall decor category provides high quality yet affordable canvas art. We feature a gallery with thousands of decorative oil paintings for sale and beautiful canvas prints from a multitude of periods and styles including modern art , contemporary art , abstract art , famous art , pop art , and much more . Satisfy all of your fine-art needs!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Artwork

This is a high-definition print of an original watercolor painting. The print is on 100% cotton canvas. This piece is one of three pieces in the set, and each piece has its own unique subject matter that can be combined to make one great mural! A solid wood frame completes the artwork ready for wall mounting.

Starry Night Wall Art Set

“The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh is one of the most recognized works of art in the world. This set features three different scenes from his masterpiece canvas print, including The Starry Night over the Rhone restaurant terrace at night, and two winter views from his home in Arles – The Church at Auvers and Saint Paul de Mausolee.

Bamboo Forest Wall Fan

Deep in the heart of Asia lies a peaceful forest. Inside is the serenity that can often be found in Asia. Soft-moving waterfalls spill their waters and over a scenic brook. A beautiful meadow can be seen nearby while a small flock of birds fly overhead. The peaceful earthy colors of green and blue are painted throughout this gorgeous work of art.

Leaf Wall Art

This set of four botanical prints is a great way to add some greenery to a space that could use it. Since the leaves can be walls together or individually, you can mix and match them any way you’d like for an interesting arrangement.

Cloud Tree Wall Art

This set of three oil paintings is a beautiful reminder that our time together is not measured in years, but in moments. Each painting represents one year of marriage and can be hung side-by-side to create a unique wall decor piece.

Elephant Wall Art

A pair of graceful elephant calves dance and hold their trunks high in this rectangular Teak Wood relief panel. The calves playfully push their trunks together to test their strength. Artisan Thanat masterfully works with chisel and knife to achieve the fine detail of this splendid piece.

Canvas Prints

A set of three canvas prints makes a great gift to give any couple celebrating an anniversary. The beautiful beach landscape wall art would look stunning in their home, and they will be so thankful that you took the time to find them something so special.

Landscape Oil Painting

This hand-painted oil painting is of a traditional Chinese landscape. The artist has captured the scene with delicate brush strokes, giving it that “old master” look! It makes a great home decor piece and would also be nice as a gift for someone moving into an apartment or house.

Mermaid Wall Art

The Zen collection brings you hand-stretched canvas prints, printed with high quality ink that will not fade. These are printed on durable, eco-friendly canvas using premium grade inks. Each print is carefully rolled into a tube before shipping to ensure the best possible presentation and vivid colors.

Wall Art

This unique wall art piece is an easy way to jazz up a room and give it some character. The three panels are ready to be hung on the wall, or you can order them as a set of six if you’d like to create a triptych.

Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossoms Canvas Art

A set of three 16×24 canvas prints makes a great gift for anyone who loves art, nature, or travel. High-quality materials and advanced printing technology combine to create a modern masterpiece.

Wall Hanging Art Set

Make your home look and feel beautiful with this Chinese scroll wall art decor. This is a set of decorative Chinese hanging scroll art that’s perfect for adding to your home or giving as a gift.

Decorative Wall Panel

These beautiful wall panels are handcrafted from eco-friendly Indian wood and finished with a water based urethane. They make for an excellent gift that can be used indoors or out! Choose from several different designs and sizes.

Prayers Answered Wall Art

Koi pond wall art is such a unique and meaningful gift idea. This canvas wraps around your wall to create the illusion of a traditional 4’ x 6” picture frame. The size, shape, and color options available allow you to customize this piece for any space or style that needs a little extra zing!

Wall Art Set of 4 Modern Flower Prints

This set of four vibrant modern flower wall prints is the perfect addition to any home. The lightweight, durable, and pH neutral material makes them perfect for almost any room in the house! They are sure to add a pop of color while still being subtle and elegant.

Elephant Hand Carved Teak Wood Wall Art

The intricate detail of this elephant carving will make anyone speechless. The calves playfully push their trunks together to test their strength. This handcrafted wall art is made from teak wood and measures 12 inches in diameter.

Framed Canvas Prints

This set of five canvas prints is ready to be hung on your wall and adds the perfect artistic atmosphere to any room. The images are printed on high-quality, thick canvas using environmentally friendly inks that are UV-resistant, waterproof, and will not fade over time.

Carp Leaping Dragon Wall Art

This stunning piece of wall art is a great way to add some fun and energy to any room. The five panels are all different scenes from the life of a Chinese dragon, and they come ready to hang in a black frame, making it an easy gift idea for anyone on your list!

Japanese Art Wall Decor Set

This set of six japanese-inspired minimalist art prints makes a great addition to any space! Pair them with their corresponding frames to create a cohesive look that inspires conversation. The perfect gift for your favorite minimalist friend!

Ocean Themed Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift that highlights your chic coastal abode, then this Ocean Themed Canvas Print is just what the decorator ordered! Featuring an adorable couple cuddled on the beach under the stars, this piece can be hung as art in any room of your home.

Ocean Waves Wall Art Set

This ocean wave wall art set is the perfect way to add a touch of coastal charm to your home decor. Each piece measures 24″x40″ and includes five pieces – two 10×16 prints and three 8×20 prints. This canvas print set is printed with high-definition inks that are sure to please!

Family of Elephants Wood Art

Thanat has been drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of his homeland to express his artistic talents for nearly ten years. He has a small workshop in Northern Thailand, where he and other family members practice their craftsmanship. At his workshop, only manual tools are used which helps achieve finely detailed work and artistry.

Abstract Prints

This simple life-themed tropical plant canvas prints is original design, it is unique. pay attention to the size each panel size is 12x12, total 4 piece. These are perfect wall decor for your living room or kitchen and makes a great gift!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract art canvas print is a modern take on the traditional oil painting. The high-quality canvas print uses museum quality oil paints to reproduce vibrant colors and detailed images of original artwork. This abstract art canvas print will be a focal point in your home or office, adding sophistication and class to any space.

Wall Art

This is a set of four oil paintings that are all different sizes and shapes. They were all hand-painted by Wieco Art, one of the largest online suppliers for modern canvas wall art. A perfect gift for someone who has an empty spot on their wall for beautiful artwork!

Buddha Canvas Prints

It’s not just a saying; it’s the truth. These beautiful wall art prints will truly make your home feel more like a home. They are gallery-wrapped so they will last, and each print is individually printed on high-quality canvas to ensure vibrant colors that won’t fade over time.

Abstract Landscape Painting

This abstract landscape painting is a great addition to any space. The unique style of the piece makes it suitable for many different decors. This wall hanging will add the perfect pop of color to your home decor!

Oriental Thicket Wall Art

This is a large wall art that can be used as stunning wall art, an interesting conversation piece, or as a traditional Asian gift. The fan folds up when it’s not in use and comes with its own bamboo stand. It measures 60 inches wide and 35 inches tall when fully opened.

Waterfall Canvas Art

This wall art will look great in any room of your home. Giclee (pronounced jill-kee) prints are created using the latest technology and produce vibrant colors and detail that is impossible with traditional printing methods. Each piece is printed on 100% cotton, acid free canvas. The sturdy frame is made from solid wood and black hooks have been attached to the back for easy hanging.

Magellanic Cloud Wall Art

What’s that, neighbor? The answer to your prayers. Finally an excuse to hang those cute but annoying “Cute Overload” posters all over your place again! This time it’s in the form of stunning wall art for your home that answers a burning celestial question: What is that weird constellation bordering our galaxy? The answer, as far as we can tell, is the Magellanic Cloud. Also known as “The Nucleus,” this dwarf galaxy is a close galactic neighbor of ours and contains at least 100 billion stars. So go ahead and pin something up on your wall because you know nobody will ever ask again… until they do.