36 Ancient Greek Wall Art Pieces

Ancient Greece Architecture Landscape Picture Prints

Nothing says “spa day” like a picture print of the Acropolis in Athens. This gift is perfect for a friend or family member that loves architecture and art. The prints are available in several sizes, so whether you’re buying this as a Christmas present or an anniversary gift, you can be sure it will be used often!

Roman Wolf Head Metal Shield

This Roman-style peltast shield is inspired by the Greek peltasts who were similar to light infantry used in ancient Rome. This shield was crafted using traditional methods and materials from the 15th century, making it a great conversation piece for any history buff.

World Map Poster

This is a high-quality reproduction of the world map created in 1794 by French cartographer Guillaume Delisle. It covers the entire globe and includes all countries ever held by any European power, including Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and much more. A fascinating historical document that’s fun to look at!

Dragons Love Tacos Tapestry

This epic 80×60 inch (20×15 meter) tapestry features a badass dragon devouring a plucky group of heroes. Made from 100% polyester, it’s sure to make any room look and feel like the most exciting place on earth.

Pinecone Gift Box

The gift of a keepsake photo is an excellent way to commemorate this special time. You can choose the size, frame, mat and more in the Customize & Personalize section when purchasing.

Morpheus Wall Art

This 12×16 unframed art print on heavyweight paper is another great gift idea from Wee Blue Coo. Made in Scotland. It’s perfect for a home theater, man cave, teenager’s room, office, or anywhere else you want to add some cool artwork.

Icarus Sculpture

In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of the craftsman Daedalus who, along with his son, escaped from imprisonment on Crete by making wings out of wax and feathers. His father warned him not to fly too close to the sun or he’d melt the wings. Unfortunately, Icarus ignored his father’s warning and flew too close to the setting sun and found himself falling into the sea where a large fish ate him. This sculpture shows Icarus just before he falls into the water.


This 60×40 inch Egyptian Mythology tapestry is made of high-quality polyester and has a smooth finish. It’s lightweight, so it won’t feel bulky on your wall or bed.

Seascape Wall Art

This sea wave canvas print is a great addition to any home. The piece can be hung in the living room, kitchen, dining room or even bathroom. Each panel is sealed with clear packaging for extra protection during shipping but can be easily removed by simply pulling on the seal.

The Parthenon Canvas Prints

These gorgeous prints of the Acropolis are a great addition to any home! They make for one of the best gifts for history lovers and art appreciators. Bring some culture to your walls with these beautiful reproductions that are ready to hang. These Giclee canvas prints feature stunning detail, vibrant colors, and high resolution that will make you feel like you’re right there in Athens!

Santorini Canvas Wall Art

Here is a stunning print of the famous Greek island of Santorini. The artwork measures 12×16 inches, so it is big enough to cover an entire wall in your home or office!


This tapestry makes a great housewarming gift, wedding present, or just an amazing thank you gift for the mom that has everything! It’s made from 100% cotton flannel and is sure to become a family heirloom.

Holy Land Market The Ark of the Covenant Gold Plated Boxed Set

This Holy Land Market The Ark of the Covenant is a beautiful replica of the original wooden chest that held the Ten Commandments and more. It’s covered in solid gold, has diamonds for eyes, and even comes with an explanation card about its significance and history. If you’re looking to give your home theater a little extra pizzazz, then this is one unique gift idea you won’t want to miss out on!

Motivational Prints

These print are a great way to remind your loved one why they do what they do. They are the perfect gift for family, children, friends, colleagues, students and other people you love. Your children, family, colleague and guests will be calm and smiling after seeing such a simplicity of these prints.

Sandro Botticelli Primavera Tapestry

This Sandro Botticelli tapestry is from the “Primavera” series and is one of his most famous works. Depicting the springtime celebration in Florence, it was painted in 1477–1478 and hangs for its first birthday with no sign of wear or tear.

Wall Art

This oil painting is an equestrian portrait representing Napoleon Bonaparte, then First Consul, while he was crossing the St. Bernard Pass. This portrait is a good representation of the romantic hero—the prancing horse gives the impression of flying as it shakes its tail and mane, Bonaparte’s gesture commands and announces victory. The red coat reminds us of Apollo’s cloak which represents power and strength. This canvas print makes a bold statement in your home or office!

Hamsa Hand Wall Art

The Hamsa Hand is an iconic sign of protection, good health, and good fortune. The evil eye is believed to ward off any negativity that may befall the person or family viewing it. This hand-crafted wooden amulet comes ready to hang on your wall; no tools required!

Art Prints Set of 6 Motivational Wall Art Quotes

This set of six art prints makes the perfect gift for that friend who could use a little boost to get them out of bed each morning. Each print is printed on high-quality, 14 pt. coated paper and measures 5 x 7 inches.

Hamsa Hand Wall Art

This handmade gorgeous glass wall hanging features a Hamsa hand, lucky fish, and an evil eye. The glass measures 4″ wide and is 9.5″ long with a small Turkish Nazar eye strung on the twine that is so easy to hang on your home or office wall with no tools required.

Ankh Wall Decor

This ankh with winged Isis and cartouche wall decor is a symbolic collectible/talisman for you and your loved ones. The ankh shape symbolizes balance, health, and life in its fullness. This beautiful wall decor also features Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting the goddess Isis, cartouches, feather of Maat, and more. It makes a great decor piece for any wall or for safekeeping!

Family Tree Poster

This family tree poster covers the entire Greek pantheon, from the primordial deities to Zeus and his heirs. The poster includes both the Greek and Roman names for each god and goddess as well as their titles and/or functions.

Wine Wall Sculpture

This statue of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, makes a great addition to your home bar as well as a wonderful conversation piece. The sculpture is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin and topped with an antique stone finish.

Pantocrator Byzantine Icons

The term “pantokrator” means “all-ruler.” It refers to Christ, the Savior of humanity. This icon depicts Christ as God ruling over all things in heaven and on earth. A very powerful image that inspires one to pray for salvation of all people and nations, especially Russia.

Egyptian Tapestry

A unique gift for the history lover and/or Egyptian architecture enthusiast, this high-quality 100% lightweight polyester tapestry is made to last and will become a focal point in any room of the house. Measuring 59″ x 78″ it is sure to take up quite a bit of real estate on your wall!

Fairytale Canvas Prints

This is a set of four gorgeous high-resolution framed canvas prints. They are ready to be hung up on your walls! Choose from several sizes and multiple styles.


This huge tapestry is 80 inches by 60 inches and it’s made of lightweight, durable, machine-washable fabric. The Psychedelic Natural Series tapestry is Made Of Polyester. It has good texture and high definition and vibrant colors that will perfectly beautify your house!

Poseidon Wall Sculpture

The famed Greek god of the sea, Poseidon ruled from his palace beneath the waves in a stunning wall sculpture cast directly from an archaeological find. This moody god is sure to be adored by any fan of classical art and powerful sea deities.

Life-Size Wall Sculpture

This handcrafted wall sculpture is cast from a life size model and painted to look like it’s made of ancient Greek stone. The piece is 22 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 33 inches high. It comes with a plaque that states the materials were used in ancient Greece and weighs 17 pounds.

Fret Mirror Wall Art

This pack of 16 metallic geometrical wall stickers will look amazing in your teenager’s bedroom. The mirror-like finish gives the illusion that you can see yourself reflected in them, but they are not glass so it is more of a visual trick!

Egyptian Tapestry

An Egyptian tapestry is a great addition to any room of the house. It will bring the exotic feel and look of an ancient egyption home decor for your home. The design is inspired by real artifacts found in museums around the world.

Egyptian Tapestry

This tapestry is made of flannel fabric, which makes it lightweight and durable. It’s a great decorative accent for your living room or bedroom!

Mediterranean Wall Art

The water-resistant, eco-ink print with UV protective coating makes this canvas wall art durable and easy to clean. It’s ready to hang but does not include any hanging accessories.

The Storm Wall Art

This is a great gift for anyone that loves the ocean or storms. A beautiful canvas print of a lighthouse amidst crashing waves, it makes for an inspiring home decor piece that’s both coastal and décor-forward.

Beach Wall Art Prints

If you’re looking for beach-themed decor, then these canvas prints make the perfect gift. The artistically captured scenes of waves rolling onto the shoreline, seagulls flying overhead and sunsets over the ocean will be a favorite in your home.

Vintage World Map Prints

Every room in the house should have a world map print! Whether you hang it as art or use it as a wall decor, this vintage world map print is sure to impress and amaze your guests. This high-quality canvas measures 24 x 32 inches and comes with 4 canvases that are ready to be hung.

New York City Wall Art

This beautiful canvas wall art will brighten your home,living room,bedroom,kitchen,bathroom,kids room and office! High definition prints on quality water-proof canvas with vivid color to create the look and feel of the original nature and masterpiece. Each panel canvas has a hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging.