54 Agate Slice Wall Art Pieces

Agate Rock Photo

This beautiful rock is a stunning piece of natural art. The photo has been printed on to birch wood and framed in silver to create this unique modern looking piece.

Agate Geode Art

This agate geode art is a unique and stunning piece that will add charm to any room of the home. The frame is made from eco-friendly wood, and there is no glue or nails used in the construction.

Framed Geode Wall Art

This stunning framed wall art piece is made from an agate slice and a wooden frame. The wood frame allows the gorgeous stone to really pop, while also providing stability for the piece. Since it is agate, this is a crystal that can help with stress relief as well as enhancing ones connection to their intuition.

Agate Coasters

Geodes are a true wonder of the world. When a volcano erupts and molten lava freezes stunning geodes are created. These fascinating specimens will be adored by any rock lover, geologist, child, and nature lover.

Agate Geode Tree of Life Art

This tree of life agate art piece is one-of-a-kind. The natural stone represents the roots growing deep and strong, while colorful crystal chips represent the blossoms of life. This makes a great unique gift for those who are fans of astrology or natural healing because it has both in its symbolism.

Agate Geode Art

This beautiful piece of art is a perfect addition to that rustic, earthy home decor your girlfriend loves! It’s handmade from real green agate slices and framed in gorgeous wood.

Agate Picture Frame

It is not recommended to disassemble. Natural Agate Stones Pictures Frame Decor for Home, stained in different colors. There are 3 slices of agate for single color, while 6 slices multi-colors decorative photo frame. Because it is natural agate stone, shape is irregular, unique in around 5-8cm length. Crystal geode drusy can be seen while some does not have, which is normal for natural stones.

Viking Runes Wall Art

This unique wall art piece is both beautiful and inspirational. The frame is made out of eco-friendly wood, the agate slice is from Brazil, hand carves viking runes which represent nature’s secret power. It comes with a hook for easy hanging or you can display it on a tabletop easily with the easel back.

Rockcloud Agate Slices

Every rock collector dreams of a day when they can finally enjoy the specimen. With these slices you can do just that! These are incredibly detailed slices from an actual geode, and each one is unique. The edges are rough to mimic how real agates come out of the ground.

Agate Prints

These gorgeous prints are perfect for adding a pop of color to a neutral room or accenting an area with bold colors. The set of two includes one print in gold and one in grey agate. Choose your frame style from the drop-down menu to complete the look!

Seven-Piece Agate Gemstone Slices

If you’re looking for a unique gift, then these seven-piece agate gemstone slices make an outstanding present! Each slice is drilled at the top so they can be strung together to create a gorgeous pendant.

Natural Agate Photo Prints

These all natural agate photography prints are a great way to add multiple colors to your space. When placed side by side they form one larger image which is a great way to make your room look larger! An awesome gift for the home decorator in your life.

Wall Art

This is a really cool wall art piece that you can put in any room of your house. It’s made from 3 panels, so it will expand as seasons change or when guests come to visit. You can purchase additional panels if you want to create a bigger piece!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract canvas print is a great wall art piece to add to any room of your home. The vibrant colors and modern design will make this artwork stand out in any space. This canvas giclee print is made from an actual painting that measures 45 x 30 inches, so the quality and detail are second to none!

Bright Abstract Wall Art

Capture your imagination with this magnificent, colorful glass art by Jessi Raulet. This vibrant abstract brings an entire color spectrum to your home in bold, broad strokes. Each of the Blake art pieces is printed on glass for a shimmering, eye-catching look to dazzle your family and guests. Printed and framed in the USA in Waunakee, Wisconsin, this fun, contemporary design is the perfect art piece to add to your home decor collection.

Couple Wall Art

This canvas print will make the perfect addition to any room in your home. The vibrant colors and unique design of this piece will wow anyone that sees it.

Geode Coaster Set of 4

Agate slices are the perfect gift for anyone that connects with nature. Newly married? New homeowner? And children will all adore these unique specimens. Decoration, carving, cabing, jewelry or ornaments, wall hanging, wedding centerpiece and bookends – Agate can help calm the mind reduce stress and anxiety improve mood.

Abstract Art Prints

Colorful abstract art is a great way to jazz up your space without taking away from the minimalist style. This set of three prints will look fantastic hanging in any room of your home. Each print measures 16 x 24 inches and includes hooks for easy wall mounting.

Watercolor Landscape Prints

These are some of the most realistic landscape watercolor prints you’ll find anywhere. The artist, Stephane Rasmond, spent months traveling across Europe before painting these scenes that look exactly like his memories. If you like landscapes and want something a little more artistic this is an excellent gift idea!

Glass Frame Wall Art

This is a beautiful piece of art that will be the center of attention in any room. It’s made from agate, which is an elegant and eye-catching stone. Agate contains black iron oxide, making it a very rich earthy brown color. The stones are real so each one is unique.

Agate Trio Art

The natural beauty of these agate geodes is amazing! Each one measures approximately 4 inches across. This makes a great conversation piece and will be the focus of anyone who enters your home.

Watercolor Modern Art Prints

These high-quality, museum-grade canvas prints measure 24 x 36 inches and feature stunning watercolor art that’s perfect for your home or office. Each print is mounted on stretcher bars and framed with a durable wooden frame so it’s ready to hang on your wall.

Golf Ball Wall Art

Golden hour is the time just before sunset, when the light is bright and warm but not hot, eveything looks a little more golden, and it’s generally considered to be one of the most beautiful times of day. This print makes a great addition to a housewarming or wedding gift for those who love golfing as much as they love golden hour!

Agate Stone Slice

This unique decorative piece is a beautiful natural agate stone that has been cut and polished to showcase its swirling pattern. It sits on a metal stand, ready for display. This would make an excellent gift for the nature-inspired person in your life!

Crystal Chandelier Wall Art

This abstract chandelier art print is a great addition to the home decor of any minimalist. The canvas measures 24 x 36 inches, and it’s ready to be hung on the wall with its hanging toolkit included.

Geode Agate Slice Decorations

These beautiful polished agate pieces make a stunning addition to your home or office. Each piece measures approximately 1-3/4″ long and comes in a pack of 12.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas is the perfect piece for brightening up a room or hallway. It’s made from three high-quality canvas panels that are all independently stretched on wooden frames. Once hung, it’s simple to move around as needed if you’re decorating a smaller space.

Abstract Wall Art

This canvas set is made up of three 16×12 inch abstract watercolor landscapes that depict a beach, forest, and mountain landscape. These would look fantastic in anyone’s home!

Agate Coaster Set of 6

This set of agate slices is natural and artificially color enhanced to provide a stylish, outstanding appearance. Each slice measures approximately 1.7-3 inches long and has been dyed in fantastic colors to give the stone more visual appeal. You can use these agate slices as name tags, place cards, or mini food menu boards at your next wedding!

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Vase

This is a beautiful vase made from sea glass found on the beach. The cobalt blue color of the sea glass and white glass make this a simple yet elegant look that any beach lover would appreciate as a piece to add to their home decor.

Rock Paradise Crystal Clusters

This gorgeous stone cluster will add the perfect amount of rustic charm to your home decor and help you feel balanced, centered, and inspired every day. Made from 100% natural stones, each piece is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Agate Slice

A gorgeous piece of agate rock art to add some color and whimsy to your workspace or home. The slice is hand-cut from a large stone, polished, and then laser cut into the shape of a butterfly. A really nice gift for that creative friend who has their heart set on being an Agate Butterfly Rock Star!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful abstract canvas print will look great in any room of the house. It’s made from high-quality canvas with a deep, rich color that won’t fade or peel like others.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract wall art is the perfect way to add a pop of color and pattern to a room that needs some extra decor. Choose from multiple sizes and finishes so you can find one that will fit your space perfectly!

Luminous Canvas Art

This hand-painted canvas wall art set showcases a modern abstract design with a hint of contemporary art. The beautiful contrast of different shades of color makes this wall décor as the perfect mood setter for your living room and home office décor.

Rock Climbing Wall Art

This set of three rock climbing wall art prints measures 12 x 16 inches each and is ready to hang with nails or Command Strips (not included). This piece makes a great gift for that climbing enthusiast in your life!

Artist’s Palette

Matching sets of artist brushes are a popular gift for painters, but they don’t come in a set. This one does! The nine colors in the set include white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange and two types of brushes with different tips – round and flat.

Wall Art

This is a set of three canvas prints that are ready to be hung up. The dimensions are 16 x 32 inches, so they will fit in with most home decor styles. They can also be used as coffee table book covers or flipped over and used as wall art when your guests leave. You could even take a photo off the wall and frame it for a more finished look!

Sunrise and Sunset Canvas Prints

This three-piece canvas set offers up a beautiful sunrise and sunset. It makes the perfect home decor piece for your living room, kitchen, or office! Each panel is 12 x 16 inches and there are three panels in the set.

Dandelion Wall Art Set

No two dandelions are alike, and that’s one of the beauties of nature. These three pieces make a set to show off all their variations. The back of the canvas has been left uncovered so you can easily hang it up. This makes for an easy DIY project if you’re looking for something different for your living room or dining room!

3 Piece Wall Art Set

This abstract artwork set is a great addition to your home decor. It features three geometric shapes that are gold foil embossed on black canvas. Edith Phelps modern contemporary design showcases the asymmetrical approach to build the aesthetic appeal and high quality material for premium quality.

Canvas Wall Art Set

This set of three canvas prints is sure to be a showstopper in any room of the house! The abstract design features blush and grey hues, glitter embellishments, and cardboard backing. Available in a set of three, these canvases are easy to hang to give your space a luxurious accent.

Abstract Blue Wall Art

This abstract blue wall art has a beautiful, modern look that will fit right into your home decor. The canvas triptych is printed on high-quality linen canvas and each piece measures 15″x35″. It makes for an excellent addition to your living room or office décor!

Abstract Wall Art

The best thing about abstract art is that it can be hung virtually anywhere in your home without being overwhelming or distracting. These pieces look great on a teenage girl’s wall, as well as an adult’s minimalist-inspired one. She will love how modern and clean these are while still being bold and colorful enough to be the focus of the room!

Black and White Abstract Prints

These black and white abstract prints would look stunning above your bed. They are ready to frame but come unframed. You can choose which size you prefer by clicking on the price under the image.

Succulents Wall Art Set

This succulent wall art set is a fun and trendy way to spruce up a room! Choose from three different designs, including this one featuring green plants, cacti, and a little mouse enjoying some downtime. Since the pieces are canvas prints already stretched on wooden frames with hooks attached you’ll have an easy time hanging them up.

Living Room Art

This set of three canvas panels is painted to look like a forest, with trees and bushes painted in varying shades of blue, grey, and yellow. The autumn color theme offers calming nuances not only to accent your existing decor, but also to create the perfect ambiance.

Abstract Prints

This is a great gift for the minimalist who enjoys art as much as they like minimalism. The artist, IndigoPattern, uses only primary colors to create abstract patterns on these canvases that are sure to brighten up any space and become the talk of conversation when your friends see them hanging in your home!

Abstract Prints

‘Color is the fastest and most effective way to impact how you feel.’ – Maria Konnikova, New York Times bestselling author of The Confidence Game Abstract art has a powerful ability to transform spaces with its bold colors and rhythms. This set of three abstract prints from SIGNFORD are sure to make an impression!

Subscription Box and Gifts for Mom

This beautiful wall art will be a favorite in her home. YeapLife canvas painting is made of 100% pure cotton canvas, with strong elasticity, clear texture, high-definition printing, non-cracking, tight and thick. The frame is made of natural solid wood and equipped with a metal hook on the back that makes it easy to hang and maintain.

Lily Canvas Wall Art

Flowers are always a good idea for a birthday party, especially lilies. This canvas art can be used as wall decor or to hang on the wall to create an artistic look in your home.

Canvas Print Wall Art

To paraphrase Yogi Bera, “It’s not bragging if it’s true!” This gorgeous canvas print celebrates the stunning colors of spring. Whether you hang it in your living room or bedroom, this vibrant piece will add a burst of color to your space and brighten any day.

Natural Agate 3D Shadow Box Wall Art

This is a beautiful shadow box wall art that showcases natural agate slices. The artwork measures 9 x 9 inches and is made of durable plastic with clear glass in the front for a stunning display.