56 Abstract Wall Art For Living Room Pieces

Abstract Circle Wall Art

Add a little abstract art to your walls with this circle canvas print. It’s an original piece that can be hung straight on the wall or propped up on some bluestone tiles. A perfect minimalist gift for a housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift!

Sunrise Over the Ocean Wall Art

This beautiful abstract coastal landscape is a perfect way to bring some serenity to your home. The various blue hues throughout this abstract sunrise painting reflect the various shades of the sky and clouds with dusty blue, light blue, white, matte gold, and soft gray. Matte gold is painted over the blues, grays, and soft white tones in fluid strokes. Brilliant in both hue and expression, this ocean canvas wall art brings a contemporary style with palpable texture to your space. The entire piece looks like it’s from a sunrise over the sea but let this abstract painting speak to you to form your own interpretation!

Abstract Wall Art Set of 3

This abstract art set of three canvases is a unique addition to any home. The colors are bright and eye-catching with an artistic flair. This would look great in a child’s room or playroom as well! It makes the perfect gift for that friend who has an art gallery in their home!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas print is a unique piece of art that can be displayed in many different places around the house. It pairs well with any color palette or design scheme. Since it is printed on durable canvas, you can be sure it will last for years to come and not need to be replaced often like wall prints do.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas art set is made up of three pieces, each 24″x16″. It’s the perfect minimalist piece to add a pop of color to your room! Each panel has been expertly stretched over a wooden frame and is ready to be hung in your home or office.

Abstract Mountain Watercolor Art Prints

Bring a little mountain charm to your home with these abstract watercolor prints. Printed on canvas, then stretched and stapled to a solid wood frame. The back of each print is also framed so that the piece can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Abstract Blue and Teal Canvas Wall Art Prints

This contemporary abstract canvas art is printed in high definition on premium water-proof canvas. The three pieces are a set and make for an excellent addition to any home decor. Also, each piece comes with hooks for easy hanging and the frame is black flannelette covered in plastic.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Print

This abstract canvas is part of a series that blends realism with abstraction. This piece would look great in a home office or art studio.

Abstract Art Set

This abstract art set features an eclectic mix of geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and abstract designs that prove you can have a little bit of everything in your home. Choose from three sizes and frame them together or separately for a complete look.

Lamborghini VISION NEXT 100 Wall Art

The Lamborghini VISION NEXT 100 wall art is the perfect way to celebrate your love of all things automotive. This 3-piece set includes two taupe canvas panels measuring 15x35 inches and one 35x1.5-inch backing board, all ready to be hung on your walls.

Abstract Canvas Print Wall Art

This abstract canvas print art will look amazing in any room of your home! The vibrant colors and modern design will wow your friends and family, while the hand-stretched canvas on wood makes for a solid piece that’s ready to hang.

Abstract Art Print

This abstract wall art is an excellent addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or office. It’s also a perfect gift idea. This abstract painting is wrapped over a 1.2-inch wooden frame and includes metal hooks which save you a trip to the store.

Abstract Flower Painting

This abstract floral oil painting is the perfect thing to hang on your living room wall to brighten up the space. The artwork features a white flower against a grey background and will look stunning in any home.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This unique abstract canvas wall art will make a statement no matter where you hang it. The high-definition geometry abstract prints on canvas are sure to wow anyone who sees them.

Abstract Art Wall Art

This contemporary art print is an abstract painting of a colorful geometric design. The high-quality picture printing process makes for vibrant colors and clear, crisp lines that bring this abstract to life on the wall. This framed abstract art piece would look great in your living room or as part of a home decor gift set with other prints of similar style.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract cityscape canvas print is a popular choice for any space that could use a little artistic inspiration. This piece features black and white photos of New York City’s iconic places and structures, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and more—all against an attractive grey background.

I Am Proud To Be Me Wall Art

This high-quality canvas print features a quote that sums up so many women’s feelings toward themselves – “I am enough. You are enough. We are enough.” This makes the perfect gift for yourself or a friend who has just entered motherhood and needs to see these words every day with reminders of how special they are!

Abstract Mountain Wall Art

This abstract mountain wall art is a great way to fill that empty spot on your walls. These are canvas prints that are already stretched on solid wooden frames, gallery wrapped, with hooks and accessories, ready to hang. It’s an easy way to jazz up a room without spending tons of money or hiring a professional.

Abstract Mountain Landscape Painting

This mountain landscape abstract painting is an interesting way to add color and art to a room without adding clutter or a focal point. The gray, minimalist style makes it suitable for almost any space. Since the canvas is wrapped in plastic you can easily remove it from the frame if you ever want to sell your home and change up your decor.

Abstract Mountains and Sun and Moon Art Set

A unique gift for your loved one that will remind them to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, to look at the beautiful mountains from afar. This abstract canvas print is an artistic representation of how a mountain range would appear if you were high in the air looking down on it. The mountains are made up of different shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. Also included are small suns set behind some of the peaks which add a nice touch as well as four moons orbiting around other areas of the mountains.

Dramatic Multicolor Canvas Art

This dramatic canvas print wall art will instantly update tired-looking walls to a more vibrant and bold look. Featuring abstract shapes in black, gray, and white against a navy background with pops of red, yellow, blue, and green for interest. It makes the perfect addition to any room in the house!

Abstract Art Prints

This abstract art print makes a great addition to any space. You could hang it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even as a coffee table art. Abstract art is incredibly popular right now and this piece will fit right into any interior!

Abstract Art Prints

This set of three abstract art prints is a great addition to any room. They are made from premium canvas, so they look and feel like real art—but with the added functionality of being able to hang them on the wall! Framed Abstract Canvas Wall Art makes for an excellent gift idea for that friend who’s into minimalism or wants to spruce up their home decor.

Watercolor Flower Wall Art

These watercolor flowers are so realistic they will make you do a double-take. The background is black, which makes the petals look like they’re floating in space. This piece would look great in a living room, bedroom, or nursery.

World Map Canvas Prints

A world map is the best way to show a little girl that the entire world is her oyster. This canvas print makes an ideal gift for a young girl’s room or playroom and can be added to any existing decor. The high-definition printing process ensures vibrant colors and sharp detail, making this piece an eye-catching addition to any space.

Abstract Cubes Canvas Artwork

This set of abstract cubes canvas wall art framed ready to hang giclee printed artwork, eco-ink resolution, printed on water-proof canvas. Every art piece is checked carefully including the art work, the stretcher, and the frame. They are sure to be a showstopper!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract wall art features a golden streak running through it. It’s an awesome piece that will fit in any room of the home or office. This print is offered as a set of five pieces and all are 20 x 16 inches.

Wall Art

This vibrant collage of succulents adds greenery to any space while paying homage to botany’s loveliest plants. The print is available in a 12 x 16-inch size and comes ready for wall display with white plastic nails.

Abstract Art Prints

This set of abstract art prints is a great way to spruce up your home decor. Choose from several different styles and sizes to best fit your space. You can’t go wrong with this popular gift idea for women!

Abstract Art Prints

This abstract artwork is a unique addition to any space. The artist, Giclee, uses an original process that produces stunning clarity and vibrancy across the entire print. Framed in black wood with black hanging hooks already attached., You’ll love this canvas wall art for its modern look as well as how easy it was to install!

Abstract Blue and Brown Wall Art

A high-quality canvas is the foundation of this abstract blue and brown wall art piece. It’s printed with an original photo to create a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll be proud to display.

Abstract Wall Art

This trio of abstract canvas prints will add the perfect pop of color to your space without taking over. They are all 12 x 16 inches, so you can choose which two would look best in your space and then place them together for a dynamic display.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract art print makes a perfect addition to any home or office. It’s a modern piece that is sure to impress your guests with its high-quality and vibrant colors. The canvas material offers superior durability, making it perfect for even the most active of families.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Prints

This abstract canvas print is a great addition to any room in the home. The high-quality giclée printing process creates an image that looks exactly like the original painting. This piece measures 20x40 inches and comes ready to hang on your wall with included hooks!

Abstract Blue Painting with White Textures and Stick People Décor

This abstract painting of teal blue, green, yellow, and black tones is an ideal wall art addition to a home decor. The gray washed-out background adds a nice contrast for the vibrant colors. Also, the smooth and harmonious transition of teal green blue black yellow beige create this canvas print ideal wall art for living rooms, bedroom, dining room, office or hallway.

Turquoise Flower Canvas Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of wall art is sure to be the talk of your friends and neighbors. The large flower paintings are absolutely stunning, and they will do wonders for your home decor.

Flower Art Large Size:16×24×2+16×32×2+16×40 Inch 5Pieces a Set

A set of five large-size giclee canvas prints on porous acid-free paper. This makes the highest quality, most durable print you can get for display in your home or business. The mats are ready to hang with black mounting hooks attached to the back (no nails needed).

I Am Enough Art Print

This canvas measures 16 x 24 inches and is unframed. Artist Susan Lordi uses watercolor and pencil to create this print of a beautiful black woman with short hair holding a mirror in front of her face, looking at herself and thinking “I am enough”. This is an art piece women everywhere can relate to.

Abstract Flower Wall Art

This floral abstract canvas print is a great addition to any home. It’s durable and will not easily fade, which makes it perfect for displaying in the living room, bedroom, baby nursery, child’s playroom or as a work office decor.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Prints

This abstract canvas print set is a great way to add some art to your home without breaking the bank. They are available in three sizes and several colors. Add a little creativity to your life with this beautiful wall decor!

Flickering Flower Modern Abstract Paintings Canvas Wall Art

This is a set of four hand-painted abstract paintings on canvas. The size 30 x 30 cm makes them perfect as a living room decoration, kitchen wall art, bathroom decor or even bedroom wall art. The artwork comes already stretched and ready to be hung on your wall with hooks attached to each panel.

Abstract Oil Painting

With their abstract designs and mesmerizing colors, these oil paintings are great for adding a pop of color to any space. They make the perfect gift for that art-loving friend or family member in your life!

African American Wall Art Portrait Woman Colorful Graffiti Canvas Wall Art Posters Creative Graffiti Black Woman Wall Art Decor for Living Room Bedroom Abstract Young Woman Poster Unframed 16x24inch

A high-quality canvas print that is perfect as a wall decor. It makes a great gift too! This vibrant painting will fit right in with your modern or minimalist style home décor. The abstract painting is an original work of art by Reichert Fine Arts and made to order just for you.

Canvas Wall Art Set

This set of three canvas panels makes a beautiful wall art set that can be displayed separately or together to create the perfect landscape. The abstract modernist design showcases beautiful contrast of different shadeds of blue, grey and yellow in an autumn color theme. The beautiful nature scene is calming and offers a great conversation piece for guests who come over!

Abstract Canvas Prints Wall Art

The canvas prints are printed using high-quality ink and stretched on 1/8” wooden bars. All five pieces are available in three sizes, which can be customized by the buyer. The modern abstract paintings will look great in your home or office!

Leaf Wall Art

These prints are made to last and look great even after multiple children and many moves. The artwork is high-quality canvas, not vinyl or paper so it will last for years to come.

Abstract Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique gift that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg then this abstract canvas print is the perfect present! This high-quality piece of art will add color and style to any room in your house, making it much more exciting than just another wall hanging.

Abstract Wall Art

This set of three abstract canvas prints is a great addition to any home. Whether you use them as wall decor or for the walls in your teenager’s room, they will look amazing! The high-quality printing makes these pieces last longer than regular printed pictures and won’t peel like poster board can sometimes do.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas artwork features a beautiful pink and blue color scheme. It is the perfect piece to add a pop of color to any room in your house.

Abstract Art Prints

If you’re looking for a gift to give your favorite minimalist, this abstract art print set would be perfect! Since the artwork is printed on canvas, it will look beautiful even after years of use.

Black King Men Art Print

A unique and modern gift for any teenager, this canvas print offers a close-up photo of the beloved teenage boy. The high-quality resolution printing makes this piece vibrant and lifelike! Pair it with their desk to complete the set.

Abstract Print Wall Art

This abstract modern print suggests a sky, or perhaps an ocean with sky and sand. Regardless of how you see it, this piece’s silver and blue lines will provide a bright spark with a touch of glam to any room. Hang horizontally or vertically.

Starry Night Cityscape Artwork

This abstract canvas print has a modern twist with five different views of the city at night. Whether you use this piece in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room of the house it will look great and add the perfect touch to any space.

Abstract Tree Canvas Wall Art

Turn that empty space into a statement-making display with this eye-catching vertical autumn wall art, perfect for above your living room mantel or hung in your master suite. This abstract forest canvas painting is handmade and hand-stretched and stapled over pine wood bars in gallery wrap style, a method utilized by artists to present nature landscape canvas artwork in galleries.

Abstract Painting Set of 3

This abstract painting set of three is different from the typical abstract art prints. It’s a unique gift idea that can be used in many ways. You could hang them individually or as a group together to create an artistic vibe in your space. The quality and detail are amazing!

Wall Art

This abstract canvas art is sure to impress. The focal point of this piece is the vibrant red that draws your eyes in, then it brings you to the grey tones which fill in all of the rest of the blank space. This piece would look amazing above a bed or couch in a living room and could be used as décor for any other room too!