50 Abstract Circles Wall Art Pieces

Wall Art

Floating abstract canvas art pieces are all the rage right now and this one is no exception. The piece, by Teju Reval, features two circles floating in a field of white that’s surrounded by black lines. It’s sure to be a conversation starter!

Abstract Wall Art

This modern abstract canvas art piece will look great in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom! Makes a perfect gift for the wall decor lover. The high-definition printing process creates rich colors and stunning detail. Whether you are looking for painting ideas or just want to jazz up your space this is one of the best options out there!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas print is a gallery-quality piece that showcases the artist’s mastery of line and color. The piece has been hand-painted with acrylic paints on to 100% cotton canvas, then expertly stretched over a wooden frame. This allows for an incredibly vibrant image while maintaining its shape and durability. It makes for one of the most unique gifts you can get someone who has space in their home decor!

Abstract Blue Wall Art

This abstract canvas print makes a great addition to any room in the house! It’s an artistic take on a popular style, with bright colors and geometric patterns. This piece is made from high-quality material and will be sure to impress!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Grey Geometric Circle Painting Large Size Modern Blocks Pictures Artwork Framed for Living Room Bedroom Home Office Wall Decor, 40”x20” One Panel

This abstract canvas wall art piece is a grey geometric painting with black lines. It measures 40″ x 20″ (100cm) and comes in one panel. The frame is made of gold leaf decorative wood and has metal hooks to easily hang on a wall.

Circle Wall Art

A unique piece of art that is sure to impress your guests. This circle wall art features abstract circles in various colors and sizes, making it a modern take on the classic black and white picture frame. Transform your walls with this trendy home decor!

Abstract Geometry Wall Art Picture Set

This abstract geometry wall art set is a fun and interesting addition to any space. The canvas material makes them perfect for displaying in a home decor or office setting. They are available in several sizes and colors so you can find the right piece to fit your needs!

Abstract Circle Wall Art

This abstract circle canvas print offers a unique way of decorating your walls. This modern wall art features an artistic, vibrant design that will look great in any room of the house. Choose from multiple sizes and colors to best fit your interior decor.

Beige Circle Canvas Painting

This abstract canvas painting is a great addition to any space. The artwork features several circles that are all different sizes and colors, which creates a beautiful image. It’s available in various dimensions so you can have it customized to fit your space perfectly!

Abstract Geometric Wall Art

This abstract geometric wall art adds a modern touch to any space. The vibrant colors and intricate detail of these pieces make them ideal for your home decor. You can hang them individually or as a group, making this an easy and affordable gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Abstract Circle Canvas Art

This is a 60×90 inch abstract painting. The canvas is made of durable heavy material so it’s not going to blow over in the wind or fall down if you have young kids running around the house! The frame is wooden and ready for hanging.

Whole House Wall Art

This abstract metal wall art piece is created by artist Dan Malouf and it measures approximately three feet across. The circles are connected with some areas eclipsed with contrasting cutouts, and it appears to float above the wall. Handcrafted in the USA, this contemporary piece makes a great addition to any room of your home!

Abstract Metal Wall Art

This abstract metal wall art is a unique and stylish way to jazz up a room. Made from premium material, it’s sturdy yet soft to the touch. Conveniently sized at 33 x 23 inches so it can be displayed on its own or added as part of a group!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract wall art is a beautiful blend of color and design. The circles are connected by lines that resemble the stitching on a baseball. Since this style was very popular in the 1960s, it fits right into any home decor from that decade!

Modernist Wall Art

This is a beautiful, modern piece of art that will look great in any room of the home. The circles are made out of silver-toned mirrors and faux diamonds, and they create an optical illusion when viewed from different angles– it kind of looks like something else entirely! This would make a perfect birthday gift for your sister who loves all things girly and pretty.

Wall Mirror

The perfect addition to any home, this Wall Mirror is handcrafted from iron and showcases a modern design. The mirror measures 34.5 in wide by 14.25 in tall and has hooks for hanging on the back.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract print makes a great addition to a minimalist’s collection. Minimalism is all the rage right now, and this print fits right in with the style. It’s an artistic representation of a flower within an abstract formation. The canvas measures 16 x 24 inches so it will look great on any wall size!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract canvas print will add a modern feel to any space. The high-definition giclee prints are on premium canvas and UV resistant and fade resistant so they will last for years to come in your home or office. These canvases make an excellent art gift for that special someone– your spouse, friend, daughter, mother, sister – whomever you choose to give this abstract wall art is sure to impress!

Mid-Century Modern Art Print

This mid-century modern art print is a great gift idea to give that artsy friend in your life who appreciates minimalist design. The circles represent the human connection and how we are all connected through love. This abstract wall art print has neutral colors which work with most decors.

Stone Geometry Canvas Art Print

“This abstract geometry canvas print is a perfect home decor piece for the modern couple. The abstract style canvas art will add some artistic flair to your space without taking away from its functionality. Abstract geometric patterns are everywhere in our world, so this geometric pattern canvas art is an easy way to bring that into your home!

Kandinsky Squares With Concentric Circles Art Print

This is a high-quality Giclée print on canvas. The one thing that makes this wall art stand out from other canvases is the use of concentric circles – an interesting and unique design element. Also, it comes with a hanging kit for easy installation on any wall.

Abstract Marble Wall Art

This abstract marble wall art set is a great way to jazz up a room or hallway in your home. The high-definition print, ready to hang on the wall, makes for an elegant yet modern addition that any family would love!

Canvas Prints

This set of three canvas prints is a great way to brighten up a room without going overboard. The prints are already perfectly stretched on wooden frames with hook mounted on each panel ready to hang. These would look amazing in a child’s playroom!

Blue Waves Ocean Canvas Art

These abstract prints on canvas are printed with vibrant colors, and each measures 30 x 40 centimeters. They make a great addition to any home or office. These ocean waves paintings can also be hung as art wall decor in the living room or bedroom of your house.

Customized Wall Art

This custom wall art is printed using the latest in laser technology. You can customize your artwork with any image or text you want, and it comes with everything needed to hang it up.

Neutral Wall Art

This abstract geometric print is a relaxed decorating style that will look great combined with vintage, boho, and minimalist decor. Arrange this neutral wall decor with other mid-century modern art for an eclectic feel in your home or office!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract wall art is a unique piece that will add the perfect pop of color to any room. It’s made from durable, high-quality canvas with an acrylic coating and gold foil added for an extra shine.

Abstract Wall Art

These black and white abstract paintings are a great addition to any room in the house. The designs are simple, yet elegant and timeless. They will fit in with any style of decor from minimalist to modern or rustic farmhouse. These unframed paintings make a lovely gift as well!

Wall Art

This piece is 34 inches by 12 inches and fits almost any room of your home nicely. It’s made of 100% premium iron and comes with ready-to-hang hangers on the back. The modern design will take you to experience a happy life!

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Get a little crazy with your home decor and hang this abstract metal wall art anywhere you’d like to add an artistic touch. The perfect metal art gift for those who love the arts, abstract designs, mid-century modern decor, or just crazy wall decorations!

Abstract Wall Art Set

A triptych abstract canvas set, the perfect addition to any space. This wall art has a flexible placement, perefect in semi-formal setting to accent your home office or living room.

Abstract Wall Art

This modern abstract canvas print is a great piece to add some color and creativity to a room! It’s made from high-quality material, is hand-stretched on wooden frames, and has an easel back so it can be displayed right away.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract canvas wall art is a great way to jazz up a room with minimal effort. Choose from several sizes and colors for the perfect piece of art to fit your space.

Abstract Blue Artwork Wall Art

This blue abstract artwork canvas is the perfect piece to add some color to a room that needs a pop of art! It’s made from durable and shrink-resistant canvas, so it will last for years and look great no matter how many times you move.

Navy Blue Geometric Modern Wall Art

This navy blue geometric modern art piece is a great addition to any space. It’s easy to hang, measures 30x40 cm, and comes with hooks already installed on the back for an instant look of style!

Circle Pieces Wall Art

This set of three metal circle pieces wall art is a simple and classic addition to any home. The circles are handmade, making them unique and one-of-a-kind. These decorations can be hung indoors or outdoors, looks perfect in the living room, bedroom, office, garden, as well as farmhouse decor.

Botanical Prints

This set of three prints is a great addition to a home office, bedroom, or kitchen. They can also be used as boho wall decor in a living room. Printed on high quality matte finish card stock and unframed these make an excellent gift.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract wall art will add a modern vibe to your space. The artwork features an icy cool contrast of light and dark blue panels that make it perfect for a bedroom or living room.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas print is created with high-quality giclée printing on Artist Canvas, which makes it durable and vibrant. This large wall art piece will fit right in to any room of your home!

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract art canvas print is a great piece to add to a home or office. This high-quality giclee print offers brilliant color reproduction on an artist’s canvas, ready for wall hanging. Each framed panel has been hand-stretched around wooden frames and metal hanging hooks attached.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract metal art is a unique way to add some artistic interest to a room. The piece offers burnished and brushed surfaces, bringing both reflective plus tonal shimmers of gold, white, and grey. Each piece is unique due to its artisanal nature and no two will be exactly alike.

Abstract Wall Art

This abstract canvas print makes a stunning addition to any room of the home. The vibrant colors and realistic artwork will make anyone feel as if they are in the artist’s studio. This is a perfect gift for your family or friends who love art!

Abstract Art Wall Art

This abstract canvas wall art features different shapes and colors that will instantly brighten up a room. The canvas is printed with high-definition ink, which means it’s durable but not sticky or damaged by water. It comes in multiple sizes so you can choose the right one for your space.

Watercolor Wall Art Prints

This set of abstract wall art posters from Haus and Hues uses curves, distorted lines, and saturated colors to create a unique blend of pastel artwork and boho posters for wall. Each modern print depicts nature in saturated watercolor hues and creates an impression that you’re looking out to an abstract world with a fisheye or a binocular’s lens. Incorporating coral and navy wall decor and boho art prints into any space has never been easier and more accessible!

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

The vibrant colors and unique abstract designs of this artist will add depth and character to any space. This abstract canvas print is a stunning addition to your living room, dining room, kitchen, or home office.

Abstract Modern Wall Art Prints

If you’re looking for something a little different, then these abstract modern wall art prints are just what you need! Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including canvas reproductions and framed photographs.

Abstract Art Prints

This gorgeous abstract art print will add the perfect pop of color to your space while still maintaining a minimalist vibe. Choose from multiple sizes and styles, including ones that are ready to hang!

Abstract Wall Art

This is a stunning abstract canvas print that would look amazing in any home, whether it’s a two-story house with a living room on the first floor and bedrooms upstairs or an apartment without much space. This artwork showcases the power of abstraction–bold shapes and colors that call attention to themselves while remaining calm and serene next to each other.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This abstract canvas wall art is a great addition to any space. The overall size of the piece is 80″W x 40″H, which includes two 16×16-inch pieces, two 16×32-inch pieces, and one 32×40-inch piece for a total of five panels. This modern artwork can be hung on the wall or used as a floor mat in an apartment or office space.

Abstract Blue and Yellow Painting

This beautiful abstract painting is sure to impress. It’s an artistic take on the traditional blue and yellow nursery decor. This 40×20-inch canvas will look great above your bed, in your living room, or as a focal piece in your home office.